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    IOmega MiniMax 320Gb Hard Disk with Firewire / USB Hub

    I Bought the 500GB version and and had lots of fan noise so took it back to the apple store and got another one. It had the same problem. So I opened it up (the top just unclips any screwdriver will work just stick it in each of the 2 holes on the bottom). The noise was caused by the fan pressing on the wires that run underneath it. So I unscrewed the fan unplugged all the wires and re-routed the thick wires over the top of the fan. That solved the problem for about a week. Then the noise came back (It got worse the more weight there was on the top of the unit) I opened it up again and took the fan out, this time I changed the switch on the back of the unit from "A" to "M" (Automatic to Manual) so the fan run continuously while I was fixing it. The problem was the little star shaped grid that covers the fan was catching on the fan blades, so I got my cutters out and removed it. Been running fine ever since. Basically IMHO the case has some design flaws for what is supposed to be a stackable device. The top of the case is flexible and the fan is mounted with so little room beneath it that it gets squashed, I suspect that they all suffer from this problem as soon as a mac mini is put on top of them especially if the mac mini has a heavy monitor cable plugged into it. If yours is noisy try it along side your mac mini instead of underneath it, if its a lot quieter then you have the same problem I did, and if it's less than a year old go get your money back, or get the cutters and screwdriver out. Remember if you want to demonstrate the problem in a shop switch the fan to "M" before you get there or you will be waiting for ever for it to warm up, and you will also have to plug it into a mac or PC for it to start up. Alan