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  1. Word processing? Buy pages and a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad and be done with it. It'll be faster than the G3.
  2. I had no choice, as it's kinda my job to test these things. It's ok. The new wallpapers are the best bit. Notification centre is annoying, I wish I could work a way to get it out of my menubar.
  3. I'm sorry, but thats wrong. I use the same 10.7.4 image on every mac I come across (except the latest mid 2012 laptops, which I expect will be merged into the main OS branch in 10.7.5). Apart from a few random byhosts preferences, you'll be fine. If you can get a thunderbolt external, you might not even notice the difference. I wouldn't do this (I use a combination of dropbox and git to keep my machines in sync). but it would work if one of the newest machines wasn't involved.
  4. I've had an Eastpak backpack for several years in quite a few different colours - perfect size for me.
  5. Based on the teardown at iFixit, you wont' be able to upgrade the RAM yourself. Just like the Air, RAM is soldered to the logic board, so will need to be ordered when the mac is bought.
  6. It's your network. iCloud is working fine here! (Some might say it's Olympics karma )
  7. I can't recommend google apps enough. I use it for my own email and we use it at work (disclaimer: the company I work for is also a google apps reseller, but that's only because we believe in the product).
  8. I have a drobo hooked up to my mac mini that runs plex and I love it. However, if I were going for a NAS, I'd buy a Synology. I've had great success with these in the past (particularly in iSCSI mode hooked up as DAS to a mac with the GlobalSAN iSCSI initiator). I went for a pre-built solution mainly because I didn't have the time or inclination to put together my own solution (I do that kind of thing every day at work). Having said that, you can get a fully populated 20Tb synology for £2500, which is a bit of a bargain I recon.
  9. We've put SSD's in the second optical bay of new mac pros - we use this adapter
  10. Honestly couldn't care less what it's called. It could be called iPieceOfPoop and it would still be awesome. I love mine.
  11. The errors look like they were web-related. I recon apple's server's went down (again!). If you give it a go in a day or so, it should be fine.
  12. No, it's been there pretty much forever.
  13. You could just restore your backup every day? A bit laborious, but I can't think of any other way.
  14. When you say you've bridged the airports, do you mean you've set them up in a WDS configuration? If so, you're going to halve wireless bandwidth for each device you have joining the WDS network (roughly). Would it be possible to run a cable from your main router to the second access point? If not, you need to keep the number of access points to a minimum - fewer, more powerful access points would be much better than several cheaper ones. Finally, I find that the apple base stations are over priced for what you get (unless you actually use the router functionality - I don't). I've been using Cisco WAP4410N's for quite a while and have been really impressed with their coverage - they're roughly the same cost as an airport extreme (actually a little bit cheaper here in the UK).
  15. I've installed several of these (10+), with the USB 3 base, and have had no problems on either 10.7 or 10.6 (both server variants rather than client, but I doubt that makes any difference).