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  1. Graham

    iBook G3 upgrading to Mac OS X

    Word processing? Buy pages and a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad and be done with it. It'll be faster than the G3.
  2. Graham

    Mountain Lion

    I had no choice, as it's kinda my job to test these things. It's ok. The new wallpapers are the best bit. Notification centre is annoying, I wish I could work a way to get it out of my menubar.
  3. I'm sorry, but thats wrong. I use the same 10.7.4 image on every mac I come across (except the latest mid 2012 laptops, which I expect will be merged into the main OS branch in 10.7.5). Apart from a few random byhosts preferences, you'll be fine. If you can get a thunderbolt external, you might not even notice the difference. I wouldn't do this (I use a combination of dropbox and git to keep my machines in sync). but it would work if one of the newest machines wasn't involved.
  4. Graham

    Best 13" MBP backpack?

    I've had an Eastpak backpack for several years in quite a few different colours - perfect size for me. http://www.eastpak.com/uk-en/floid-herringbone-blend.html
  5. Graham

    Rumored MacBook Pro memory change?

    Based on the teardown at iFixit, you wont' be able to upgrade the RAM yourself. Just like the Air, RAM is soldered to the logic board, so will need to be ordered when the mac is bought.
  6. Graham

    iCloud not working in UK

    It's your network. iCloud is working fine here! (Some might say it's Olympics karma )
  7. Graham

    Email hosting?

    I can't recommend google apps enough. I use it for my own email and we use it at work (disclaimer: the company I work for is also a google apps reseller, but that's only because we believe in the product).
  8. Graham

    Hard Drive, Drobo or NAS ?

    I have a drobo hooked up to my mac mini that runs plex and I love it. However, if I were going for a NAS, I'd buy a Synology. I've had great success with these in the past (particularly in iSCSI mode hooked up as DAS to a mac with the GlobalSAN iSCSI initiator). I went for a pre-built solution mainly because I didn't have the time or inclination to put together my own solution (I do that kind of thing every day at work). Having said that, you can get a fully populated 20Tb synology for £2500, which is a bit of a bargain I recon.
  9. Graham

    256GB SSD in a Mac Pro?

    We've put SSD's in the second optical bay of new mac pros - we use this adapter http://eshop.macsales.com/owcpages/multimount/
  10. Graham

    iPhone 4S thoughts

    Honestly couldn't care less what it's called. It could be called iPieceOfPoop and it would still be awesome. I love mine.
  11. Graham

    iOS5 - Do you have it, does it work?

    The errors look like they were web-related. I recon apple's server's went down (again!). If you give it a go in a day or so, it should be fine.
  12. Graham

    Log in after wake up?

    No, it's been there pretty much forever.
  13. Graham

    iPad Deep Freeze?

    You could just restore your backup every day? A bit laborious, but I can't think of any other way.
  14. Graham

    Airport Express or Airport Extreme

    When you say you've bridged the airports, do you mean you've set them up in a WDS configuration? If so, you're going to halve wireless bandwidth for each device you have joining the WDS network (roughly). Would it be possible to run a cable from your main router to the second access point? If not, you need to keep the number of access points to a minimum - fewer, more powerful access points would be much better than several cheaper ones. Finally, I find that the apple base stations are over priced for what you get (unless you actually use the router functionality - I don't). I've been using Cisco WAP4410N's for quite a while and have been really impressed with their coverage - they're roughly the same cost as an airport extreme (actually a little bit cheaper here in the UK).
  15. Graham

    Free Agent GoFlex 2 Terabyte HD

    I've installed several of these (10+), with the USB 3 base, and have had no problems on either 10.7 or 10.6 (both server variants rather than client, but I doubt that makes any difference).
  16. Graham

    Password Management

    What about an encrypted disk image with a text file in? I've seen this used in quite a few "enterprise" situations...
  17. Graham

    who is getting a new kitty?

    It definitely boots from a USB thumb drive - that's how I upgraded one of my macs (shortly before going back to 10.6.8 due to the same bugs being in 10.7 that have been there since the first developer release - oh well, I guess IT professionals who sell apple products aren't high on apple's list of people they care about).
  18. Graham


    " Far as I know, there is no Mac software out there outside the OS that will auto launch on ANY user acct" FYI, this is easily achievable with Launchd - the software will run as root, even at the login screen. This is how the majority of the services on OS X server start.
  19. Graham

    Users disappear

    Sounds like a bug that was fixed in 10.6.4 (I think) - have you run software update?
  20. Graham

    MACDefender - DEFENceless?

    FYI, Apple is supposedly putting a removal tool for MacDefender in 10.6.8. But yes, running as an admin user day to day for most people is plain stupid. We strongly urge all our clients to run as standard users.
  21. Graham

    Yojimbo, alternative

    Second vote for Evernote over here. I couldn't live without it - the paid version is totally worth it, but I lived with the free one for a few years.
  22. Yup, I'd say it sounds like your dns isn't perfect somewhere. Looking forward to hearing your results (although thankfully I have very little to do with windows servers nowadays).
  23. Graham

    Open link in non-default browser

    You can just drag the link to the safari icon.
  24. Graham

    Time Machine issues

    It sounds like the drive is on it's way out. I'd just replace it before it goes completely - you might also want to look into another backup solution as time machine is, well, rubbish. I've ditched time machine completely in favour of crashplan for my automated backups (I'm still using superduper for my bootable backups). I'm backing up to crashplan central and then all my macs to my mac mini (which also works over the internet if the laptops are out and about). If you just want to back up to a local drive or another mac, you only need the free version.
  25. Graham

    HOW TO: disable flash

    There's also the option of ClickToFlash (http://clicktoflash.com), which will allow you to see flash only when you want to.