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  1. pmsalves

    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Hi Here is my audio setup for VOip and production of audio for my home made DVDs Tapco Link.usb Behringer c-3 condenser mic. I spent 230 euros with such setup + cables following the advices of the seller in a well considered professional audio shop. I didn't want to spend not more that 200 euros but this setup sounds much better than a quality headset. The major advantage of tapco is that is simple and includes a very nice software package Traktion2. Is a quite different of Garaband but is extremely powerful. In my test I still need to improve the sound quality by including a pop filter and play with the compressor/gate setting in-software. Cheers, pedro
  2. Dear Friends I looking for feedback on Processor upgrade cards for Power Mac G4. I have a second hand recently bought 733 MHz G4, 133MHz botherboard card and I would like to upgrade it to 1.6-1.8 GHz processor. There many options in the market (Gigabit, Powerlogic, Sonnet, DayStar). However all show different methods of instalation (ones more easy others more complicated and prone to error). There are also dual processor cards. As I intend manly to use this machine in video encoding (final cut express, photoshop, and toast to build by DVD) and also some cocoa programming which processor card you would suggest and whether dual processor cards are really usefull for my needs. Thanks for all feedback. Best Pedro
  3. pmsalves

    iDVD alternative

    Hi I have a iBook G3 to which I bought an external DVD-RW drive. I am looking for an alternative to iDVD to build by DVDs with more options than Toast Titanium. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks Pedro
  4. Hi I have a question about the performance of USB WIFI devices such the ones recently described in maccast (DLink DWL-122 and Hawking Technology HWL2A USB WiFi Adapter) through USB1.1 versus the performance of Airport card for eg. ibook G3. I would like to buy the card but the usb devices look also nice. Please post your thoughs. Many thanks Pedro