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  1. MartinAustin

    Recommended Reading: Mac Bathroom Reader

    I just finished this book (actually, I read it cover to cover over two days time), and I think it is a great read for anyone who is a fan of Macs (any of those here?). I doubt a new copy could be found anywhere, but used copies are lurking out there. GREAT READ! http://www.amazon.com/Mac-Bathroom-Reader-...7803&sr=8-1 Enjoy.
  2. MartinAustin

    Bill's First Mac

    Actually, Bill Gates was a huge supporter of the Apple back in the day. Apple agreed to give Microsoft the rights to use certain GUI elements from its SOS (Sophisticated Operating System) in exchange for Bill delaying the Windows 2.1 release of Excel by a year, and continuing the development on the Apple platform.
  3. MartinAustin

    Blogging my switch

    Hi all, I recently got a 15" PowerBook G4, and I am loving it. I am writing a blog to document the switch, covering features that I like, features that I don't, workarounds I find, and programs that I love. Feel free to check it out and comment! http://switcher.martinaustin.net Peace!
  4. MartinAustin

    Windoze users hate iMacs and so does Diggnation!!!

    i don't seem to have that issue with USB drives. Plug it in, it pops up saying hardware is ready to use, and that's it. When you're done, you remove the drive from the port (not eject it), and that's it. Plug it back in and it shows in Windows Explorer. But I get your points, and I get others points as well. To each their own, but for me, I'm going to get a Mac laptop and keep my Windows desktop. I don't think I'll ever be a Mac only person, nor do I ever want to be a Windows only person again.
  5. MartinAustin


    SUPER BUST A MOVE! No joke, that's a fun game, heh. Barring that, I'd go with Halo 2 for the multiplayer (Hell, you can get Halo CE, Halo 2 and the Map Pack for $59.99 at Target). Some liked Elder Scrolls, I thought it sucked hard. Psychonaughts is an excellent platformer. PGR2 is good.
  6. MartinAustin

    New Name for the Intel PowerMac

    I just wish Apple would come with a name for it already. I can't tell you how much it grates on me to see "IntelliMac" or "MacIntel" or any other idiotic moniker that folks on the internet are calling it. At least Adam has been kind enough to my ears to say "Intel-based Macintoshes" ... so thanks Adam!
  7. MartinAustin

    Windoze users hate iMacs and so does Diggnation!!!

    I'm a Windows user and I don't hate Macs. It's some Mac users I can't stomach. And if you're one of them that think you're better than another person because of the computer you use, I'm talking about you. Not to sound cliche, but can't we all just get along? I'm all for freedom of speech and the right to your own opinion, but when you take those liberties away from others by not respecting theirs, we have a problem. This is in no way targeted toward any users here or elsewhere on the interweb. Just my thoughts and I was in a ranting mood. Long live Mac and Windows!
  8. Personally, I can see Apple trying to lower production costs by using a thinner layer of protective coating on the Nano. I'm not sure one way or another, but the cavalier attitude of "Put it in a case, stop whining" isn't very compassionate. Especially if you consider the market these MP3 players are for. Unlike you and others here, not everyone is a technowhiz and understands the intricacies of each industry that Apple draws on to make a Nano. Just my $0.02.
  9. MartinAustin

    Web design/structure, where to start?

    I agree with everyone else here. I will say, though, that you are better off utilizing CSS-P for your positioning, as it is the future standard. However, learning to position using tables is a good thing as well.
  10. MartinAustin

    Free Blogs

    Hey Matt -- Believe it or not, I like that layout much better than the other one. Nice and simple, as a Mac should be As for the CSS, look for the following: A:link A:active A:hover A:visited Make sure the color property is the same on each (and add a different color to the A:hover if you want that effect) and you should be good to go. blockquote Again, change the color attribute to that of your liking. You can find a good listing of color keywords at http://tntluoma.com/sidebars/triplecolors/.
  11. MartinAustin

    Free Blogs

    I'll gladly offer my help Matt. Don't get frustrated ... back in '94 it was plenty easy to learn this stuff, as there was only HTML 2.0. Now, there are a plethora of options and languages to learn, and it takes time. WordPress uses XHTML, CSS1 / CSS2 / CSSP, and PHP/MySQL. Now that's a pretty tall order for your first lesson! I don't currently have AIM, but I'll download Trillian and we can setup a time to chat and I'll help you get your problems sorted out. By the way, Notepad (yes, I use Windows) is my editor of choice. That WYSIWYG editors just aren't cultured enough yet for my tastes (read: They produce a lot of unnecessary code). And for whomever voted for phpBB being the most popular and utilized forum software available, you just might be surprised to find out it is actually vBulletin. There is reason you have to purchase a license, and yet you still see it so often. Send me a message with your contact info Matt, and keep the faith mate.
  12. MartinAustin

    Mac Emulator for Pc

    I love how you lump everyone in the same group ... just like that! I plan on switching to a Mac soon, and it's people like you that make me slightly embarassed to do so. Try this: Think Different.
  13. MartinAustin

    Skinning windows to look like a mac

    I've done it with my PC, and got rid of it soon after, as the number of programs required to do it is many, and the execution is laughable. It may LOOK right, but it sure as hell doesn't function the same. So I'll just wait till a brighter day when I can afford a Mac. And to those that would call it lame, think of what you would do in our shoes.
  14. When I view the status on my 4G 20GB iPod Color, it always says 16.7GB free, though I know this is not the case. Anyone know what to do about this? Thanks,
  15. MartinAustin

    ThinkFree Office

    how about google earth for mac. Being that both the Mac and Windows versions are in Beta, I can't say I'd count this application as a shortcoming. A good example though, if they don't iron out the connectivity bugs, and how it miraculously interferes with Windows wireless networking. Perhaps I should also add that I am currently a Windows user, though looking to purchase a Mac soon. So I can't really speak to Mac shortcomings.