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  1. jazzmac


    Does anyone know if a Dell Windows XP CD will work with Bootcamp?
  2. jazzmac


    Its fixed. I want to sell it so I don't have to put more money in to it. Thanks for the help My machines are pulling over a grand for brand new ones on ebay. Silly people. I am going to list it here later this month and see what happens.
  3. jazzmac


    I have had my iMac G5 for about two years and one month now. And just recently my operating system (tiger 10.4.9) crashed, after installing Security update 2007-4. Since then they have released an update the day after I upgrade. Figures I wait for a while then upgrade and I still don't win. Nevermind that. After over $100 at a repair shop, because everything I tired didn't work and Apple support wouldn't help. I have decided to sell my beautiful hard working machine and buy anew. Well this is where I need help deciding. I already know what I want a Macbook. Here are the specs: 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 2x512 200GB Serial ATA @ 4200 rpm SuperDrive 8x (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) Keyboard/Mac OS - U.S. English AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook/iBook - Auto-enroll AirPort Extreme Card & Bluetooth All for 1539.00...a little lower than the average consumer because I am going to be a college student this coming Aug. Verses what I have now: Machine Name: iMac G5 Machine Model: PowerMac8,2 CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (3.0) Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 2 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 512 MB My question is How much could I get for my used iMac? Should I sell on eBay? Or try do it locally? Thanks for the help... Adam
  4. jazzmac

    Shipping an iMac G5

    Yea. It is almost two years old this coming May. And still in Mint condition. So I don't have the original box. Thanks for the tips. And I will ship with FedEx.
  5. jazzmac

    Shipping an iMac G5

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if you can give me any tips for shipping my iMac G5 from Arizona to Pennsylvania. Thanks
  6. jazzmac

    WWDC 2006

    Does any know of any mirrors to the WWDC 2006. I have been trying for the last 5 hours and all it says is "Due to exceptional demand, your request can not could not be completed at this time. Please try again later."
  7. jazzmac

    questioning itunes

    I have doing poking around my own network lately, and found an option to montior activity that is going though my DSL router. And metrics.apple.com came though. I thought this was odd. Therefore I did some poking around Google.com and come up with this answer: source:http://scriban.com/movabletype_archives/002235.shtml Now let be the first to say, i was the one of the first to turn off miniStore. I didn't like the idea, since i didn't buy much music off iTunes Music Store. But my question is with the music storee not being used and the miniStore not on. Why is it still talking? And ideas?
  8. Hey, Im looking for Freeware applications for editing Video. Doesn't have to be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. jazzmac


    Im looking to get into photography as a hobbie. Can anyone recommend camera's? ( just a hint, i know nothing so please explain you would choose the name and the camera.) I prefer digital or regular 35mm. Thanks in advance.
  10. jazzmac

    Star Wars IV in Terminal

    To access, Open terminal type emacs then press escape + X ( at the same time) then type tetris or pong
  11. jazzmac

    iMac Broke?

    I had no key functions, nothing worked while booting. Im a seasoned Mac geek i knew the shortcuts. However, what did work was I plugged a USB KeyBoard into the mac after booting where the login screen should of been and, after 5 mins of the spinning beach ball; the login screen popped up. I guess patients worked in this case. Thanks.
  12. jazzmac

    iMac Broke?

    Hey, As i was pulling my iMac G5 closer to my view, the power cord got caught andf shut off. While turning it back on I have no login in screen. Just a blank blue screen and with just a mouse. I tried booting from a CD/DVD tiger disc that came with my iMac G5, but no luck it won' boot from a cd. I tried resetting the PRAM/NVRAM no luck. No keybroad functions at all. Anyhing I can do?
  13. jazzmac

    Newsvine Invites to MacCast listeners!

    Hit me up Matt. Thanks Jazz
  14. jazzmac

    WMA & itunes

    1: No codex for the mac to support *.wma. 2: There is a program out there, not Flip4Mac, a little shareware program. Search Apple Third Party DL's area. And you will find it. I've used it for all the Wma's i had when I switched, and it worked fine.
  15. jazzmac

    I don't get any sound in flash player.

    Start garageband and quit garageband, if that doesn't work, let me know there is some other tricks you can do.