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  1. inis

    I wish there was a Nano 6gb

    depends who is buying it. You woudnt believe how cheap it really is for apple to buy flash memory.
  2. inis

    New Video Card for G5

    I worded my response wrong. i was just simply pointing out that there are plenty of cards available for both PCI-X and PCI-E G5's. Not that there are PCI-X cards out there. obviously you have to use PCI, and obviously PCI-E will not work.
  3. inis

    Can someone explain this?

    I wouldnt dream of doing any research at an apple store. you have no clue how much crap is on those computers, etc. If you want comparison results, just save your self some time and search online.
  4. inis

    I wish there was a Nano 6gb

    Yes. Apple has the ability to release a 64gig nano at this very moment if they want to. Samsung makes up to 32gig pieces of NAND that can easily be put in place of the current sticks. I was working on doing this for a while. its not difficult at all. The only hard part is getting your hands on some. Its almost impossible because its all beeen bought up by bigger companies. Guess who we have to thank for that.
  5. Is it common for HD's to fail? yes. lol. It is inevitable. I dont think Lacie has any worse reputationt than anyone else though. Torbin, depending on how bad you want the data, there are always like professional recovery services, but you might end up paying over $1K to get it back.
  6. inis

    Water Inside Powerbook

    what were you cleaning it with that actually allowed water to get on it? I assume itt will just dry eventually. If you take it into apple with water in it, im not so sure they would help you.
  7. inis

    New Video Card for G5

    Yes, people make both PCI-X and PCI-Express cards for the G5. Apple usually has some online. otherwise just search compusa or something. Honestly in that price range you are going to be pretty restricted. Its not like you could recommend one vs. another.
  8. inis

    iPod or PSP

    you do realize that you arent carrying around any dics? that all your videos are just stored on the memory card?
  9. inis

    Remove vocals from audio track?

    its pretty complicated. And you will never be able to get it 100%. I would suggest first just simply searching the web for acapellas. There are usually some pretty hufe bit torrent sites with plenty of them.
  10. inis

    hack a Combo Drive

    what do you possibly mean by hack? it sounds like you are referring to the posibility that the superdrive and combodrive are the same, but that apple chose to restrict one somehow.
  11. I would critisize apple if only so many people in the world didnt buy the accessories. They know that theey are doing. Sure, people on heere that are educated and into apple wouldnt waste money on them, but just talk to somone that works at one of the stores. Do you have any idea how many millions of people buy iPods and get a shit load of accessories right at the store? The general public is pretty ignortant. More proff that it works is the fact that they only pull this crap on iPods. The reason they dont make $500 bags for powerbooks is because there are not alot of middle school kids, and soccer moms buying them. So the marketing for such a product would be wasted on a 20-40 year old male with a slight amount of tech savy.
  12. I cant believe a computer of any kind is havin any problems. I was sure that the worrld was perfect. i guess i was wrong. lol. just take it in. shit happens. welcome to reality.
  13. inis

    My love for Apple is wavering...

    Most people that back up dells support have only dealt with it once or twice. Or know about it through a "friend". If you work with dell for more than a couple issues, you are guaranteed to get screwed more times than not.
  14. inis

    Propellerhead and Intel, not looking good.

    There is a preference that selects how much of yyour computer (%) you can dvote to the software. It is usually set at 50% when you first install reason. Try that. but other than that, alot of people are not having god luck on intel macs. there is no UB planned at this time. I wouldnt expect to see it until reason 4, which could be easily over a year.
  15. ya, you could probably also sell it in its current state for something. That might help out with the costs of a new one. Might even pay for a case for the new one