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  1. jazzdj

    Moving your "Libraries"...

    Hey Geeks, As soon as I heard Adam mention this problem with moving your iTunes or iPhoto libraries to another drive and loosing the link with Keynote etc, I thought of a solution that has worked just fine for me for about a year now: Move your entire Users/Home folder to another internal hard drive! I found my iTunes/iPhoto libraries were constantly expanding so I looked for a way to move my entire home folder to another internal hard drive, and I found it! I purchased a 300Gb WD 7200 rpm ATA internal and followed the procedure I found here: http://maczealots.com/articles/home/. I originally ran this procedure under 10.2 and it is still functioning fine under 10.4.3. It has many advantages over having the Users folders on the OS drive not to mention some protection against OS crashes. Of course you do need a mac which can be upgraded internally with the extra hard drive etc (would not trust/recommend this method with a firewire drive). Overall this method gets 5 stars from me ;-)
  2. jazzdj

    Web design/structure, where to start?

    I started with basic HTML, a couple of pages downloaded from virgin.net back in the day! I learned from these the basic rules of HTML and <tags> (before CSS etc). I would also recommend understanding how websites work by viewing the source code; look at websites you like with some special function/design feature and look at the source code to discover how this was done. Try copying and pasting code from different sources and seeing how they work. All designers borrow code from others; unless you come at web design from an uber geek coding point of view! I came to web design from the graphic design route also. I mainly use Dreamweaver now for the imediate visual design wysiwyg aspect, alongside Flash and BBEdit (prefered editor of raw html, php, js pages etc). And recently I have been discovering the Photoshop design route into web pages, and I have been designing sites for 6 years almost! As said before in this post, there are plenty of resources online re raw html coding, examples etc and I also agree with the route of coding html by hand first using BBEdit. But frames and tables are being replaced with CSS so keep that in mind for the future. Dreamweaver IS excellent though... stick with it! Good Luck!
  3. jazzdj

    Networked CD-Drive?

    Depends... How so and why you want to do this, is it JUST for games? Mounting a CD over a network is possible by turning on 'Personal File Sharing' in the SHARING Preference Pane, then conecting to that Mac and chossing the CD name. If you have Toast 6+ you have the option to share a CD/DVD burner over LAN. If you need to share a disk (CD Rom) to run a game, and you only have one copy, you could make a disk image (.dmg) and mount this on the second Mac, although this depends on the Copyright of the game etc, I do not recomend making illegal copies... However, legally as I understand it, you are allowed to make 1 back-up copy of any software you purchase (maybe somebody knows the specifics?). Hope the answer is out there somewhere! PS Like the user name ;-)
  4. jazzdj


    I do not feel Apple's Aperture will see the end of Adobe Photoshop, just as iPhoto did not see the end of iView MediaPro or Extensis Portfolio. In my opinion Aperture is an alternative workflow tool aimed mainly at the Pro/high-end photographer! I feel it would be a great compainion to my iPhoto and Photoshop. Just another excellent addition to the Apple suite of pro tools such as Final Cut, DVDStudio, Motion (eventhough these are industry standards but Adobe After Effects is still in use) etc. This is just my opinion however.
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    Globe design & hosting

    Globe design & hosting Creative Multimedia Design Solutions for All Occasions www.globe-design.co.uk