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  1. JazzAddict

    Comparing Headphones

    The Sennheiser PX100s are actually quite sexy. They are not bulky studio phones. They are as sleek as 'over the ear' phones get. The PX250s aren't as sexy, but that's the price you pay for noise reduction. ~Eric P.S. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but I also have a disdain for Bose products. I have never tried the Quiet Comforts. If I was a welder... I might.
  2. JazzAddict

    Internet Service

    I have fiber running to my house. I get my service from Surewest. I live in Sacramento county. It's fast, but not because the fiber. Because the provider. I pay for 5Mb/s, although I think you can bump it up to 10Mb/s for some $. I'm not sure what the maximum bandwidth for fiber is, but its surely a lot more than 10Mb/s. I think they just rolled out fiber (or glass as they call it) in preperation for the future. One thing that sucks about my provider is that they definitly throttle bit torrent traffic. My bit torrent download/upload speeds consistently suck, and I'm sure it's not anything on my end. My ports are configured correctly, and all other traffic blazes. Regardless, everything is bottlenecked by whoever I'm downloading content from. I'm rarely aloted more than 1Mb/s from content providers such as itunes. ~Eric
  3. The chapter browser seems to be missing in itunes 7. Can anyone clue me in on where it is, or how to browse through enhanced podcasts in itunes 7? Thanks! nevermind!!!
  4. JazzAddict

    Comparing Headphones

    I am a semi-audiophile. I think the best ipod phones on the market are the Sennheiser PX 100, or the PX250. Excellent quality. Steamrolls the iphones. $50. Here's a decent article on the subject. The author praises the Koss KSC75's which are great phones, but they are kinda ugly. Probably the only good of anything Koss ever put out.
  5. JazzAddict

    Move Movies to TV Shows

    Thanks! Should of been a no brainer. Is there a way to do that with multiple videos simultaneously?
  6. JazzAddict

    Move Movies to TV Shows

    Does anyone know how to move videos from the 'Movies' Library to the 'TV Shows' Library. I tried messing around with Genres, but I can't figure out how to do it. Might I need AtomicParsley to get the job done?
  7. JazzAddict

    iTunes 7

    I tried it out gapless playback with Dark Side of The Moon, 'Speak>Breath>On the Run,' and even after enabling gapless playback for the album, it still has a slight hiccup in the transition. Not much better than without gapless playback. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. JazzAddict

    iTunes 7

    Yep, I'm having all kinds of problems with covers. I was about to start hacking my compilations by tagging them different and disabling "group compilations when browsing" in prefs, but I think I'll wait to see if this gets fixed. No big deal because I don't care for the "Cover Flow" view anyway. iTunes isn't doing a great job finding album covers. Is there a way to have it find a certain album cover instead of scanning the whole Library?
  9. JazzAddict

    iTunes 7

    Anybody notice that there is a new tag in view options called "album artist". At least I think it's new. What do you think its intended use is. I have a large classical music collection, so I'm always happy to see new tags to plug more info into. I'm just trying to figure out how to add "Album Artist" to my tagging system. Any ideas?
  10. JazzAddict

    Sata 2

    What is SATA 2? I am looking to stick a new drive in my machine (specs in my signature), but I'm not sure if it's compatible with SATA 2 or how I could figure that out. Thanks
  11. JazzAddict

    External HD

    I went through your dilema around a year ago, but I've since freed myself from all Windoze useage. I ended up having to use MacDrive on my PC's. It might help you out. http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive6/ ~Eric
  12. JazzAddict

    Screen Capture Location

    Does anyone know of a terminal command that will allow me to choose the save location of OS X screenshots? Do any of you Onyx users know if Onyx does this? I have Cocktail, and it will let me change the screen capture file type, but not the location. Thanx!
  13. JazzAddict

    Question about Hyperlinks

    I'm sort of confused about Hyperlinks. What is the difference between a hyperlink and regular URL link. I want to be able to create links in text documents that support hyperlinks to link to things in mac os x, such as address book entries, files in the finder, ical events. I know many of these things have file paths, but I'm confused about how to link to them, can they be linked to, what Applications can do this, how can I find the file path for such things. Excuse my complete lack of knowledge on this. Any help would be sweet!
  14. JazzAddict

    Audio editing software recommendations

    Adam uses Bias's Sound Soap to clean up audio. $99, though I could not tell from the website if it was Universal yet. I'm not sure about it's editing features, but its noise reduction features are considered the best. Bias's premier audio apllication, "Peak" just became a Universal .app, but I'm not sure how many of SoundSoap's noise reduction features it contains. I'm not the biggest fan of Peak as I find it unintuitive, but others feel it is the best audio .app in all the land. To each his own. It has great editing features, but I can't say whether they'll meet your specific needs. If Soundsoap does turn out to be Universal, you can clean the audio in there and then do your editing in your program of choice. Check it out. Again, sorry about my previous post. I was either stoned, tired, or stoned and tired. Peace http://www.bias-inc.com/ http://www.bias-inc.com/products/soundsoap/