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  1. It was also a pain for me when I wanted to cancel. I was on the .co.uk store too and I ended up having to call them on the phone to cancel
  2. Apple Matt


    All true. Spore will not be for the older power PCs and it also doesn't run on macbooks (so says a macbook user, ie me. The creature creator doesn't even work properly). So if you REALLY want spore, Mac or Macbook Pro for you
  3. Apple Matt

    .mac log in problems

    Well, false alarms from me, it looks like it's back up again now (.mac) just with a slightly newer "Soon to be Mobile Me" banner before you log in. I also want me some push email I should be getting a new iphone on release and I already have a 16gb touch.
  4. Apple Matt

    .mac log in problems

    UPDATE: I'm now getting an official apple "This service is temporally unavailable" message. I wonder if we could be lucky and Mobile Me could be on it's way today?
  5. Apple Matt

    .mac log in problems

    It seems to be down for me today, the login page just times out from both the PCs in my office. So, is it a local problem here or is anyone else having problems?
  6. Apple Matt

    Macbook Optical Drive Woes

    Ok, I got myself a shiny new Macbook last year I love the thing to pieces, use it a lot. I have the full extended Applecare on it, hoping never to use it but alas after a few months my optical drive starts to make a funny noise. Pretty quickly it starts to not recognise discs and just spit them out. Anyway, trip to my local apple care dealer (the nearest official mac store to me is a fair way away) who happily fix the thing in 3 days under apple care, yey! (it would have been finished in 2 but they say they got a replacement drive from apple that was DOA). They also tell me that they broke my case top when looking at the drive as i suffered from having one of the batch of macbooks that had the cracking top defect, they would order me in the part and replace it. Anyway, all happy & light for a few months until, HEY! Wait a minute, it's doing it AGAIN! Oh well, I guess I'm just unlucky, a bad drive to replace a bad drive, another trip to said store (due to work i hadn't been able to get the case fixed yet so it killed two birds with one stone), a week and a half wait this time (I use my laptop for work so that's PAINFUL) but in the end, yey working laptop again. Phewww. Story over? No, a couple of months later and yet again the drive is playing up, it still reads some discs at the moment but now it won't recognise blank media at all (brands that worked up until recently AND pretty much every other brand I've been able to beg & borrow from other people). Do I have any options apart from just playing the apple care game? I feel like I'm stuck in Groundhog day. (and for extra info, I don't use the macbook in any situation where it may be jolted, etc while the drives are in use or anything like that. I'm not a heavy disc user, i just backup the odd thing now and again and watch the odd dvd. The macbook is usually either sat on a desk or on my lap when in use, nothing out of the ordinary)
  7. Apple Matt

    iPod touch

    Well, I'll throw in my tuppence worth. I got mine just after Christmas and I couldn't be more pleased. It replaced my stolen 5th gen ipod video so it was an upgrade in many ways but a downgrade in capacity. First things first, have I jailbroken it? Well, yes, yes I have. I have it jailbroken and on 1.1.2. and i must say that half the things I do on it at least are using the 3rd party apps I've found. Would i still buy it if I couldn't jailbreak it? Well, yes but not for the price they are here in the UK (£269, which is around $540 for the 16gb). I've had no troubles so far. The back scratches just as much as all the old ipods (you just have to look at it and it scratches) but the front screen, heck, you couldn't scratch it if you tried (seriously, take your keys to it, I bet you can't scratch it). The only thing I miss is that i want a compatible in line remote for it. I used to change tracks on my 5th gen by leaving it unlocked in my pocket and just feeling for the controls, it's a pain to have to reach into my pocket and get the thing out to change anything now, especially if it's raining or sumsuch.
  8. Another tip if you don't want to hide all the drives is to instead give the drive a nice icon. I have a temp folder on my desktop that I use to hold files I'm working on at the time. So to make it less ugly I've given it a fun icon I found at pixelgirlpresents (or it may have been at iconfactory). It may not be hidden then but at least it isn't an ugly disk icon
  9. Apple Matt

    Backing up iphoto images

    I usually use Toast to backup the iPhoto Library (which is usually located in your pictures folder) to DVD. my library is now just over 12GB so it spans it over a few discs. I then just restore it and all fun and good. If you want to do backups of specific events then (as mentioned by Graham) you can right click on the library file and choose "Show package content"
  10. Apple Matt

    Enable Disk Use - iPod Touch

    That's something to do with how the touch arranges it's data. It has two partitions if you will, one for apps and the OS and the rest for media. There is an app out there that lets you store stuff in the media partition and just link to it from the apps partition (like an alias) but i forget what it is, anyone know?
  11. Apple Matt

    select disk to boot from?

    Try clicking something else in that box (say network startup) then clicking straight back on your HDD. Then click the restart button below to see if that does anything. It may not but it's worth a try.
  12. Apple Matt

    Time machine error?

    Does it say anything apart from the fact that it is unable to complete the update? As always check your drive and connections, make sure they're all working correctly.
  13. Apple Matt

    Web Hosting

    Yep, as Graham says the best thing is usually to use the free stuff your isp gives you (if they do). If you do ever go into full on hosting I also recommend Bluehost, been with them 2 years now, no problems.
  14. Apple Matt

    Remote desktop access

    Ok. I'm at work on my lunch break so I decided to log onto my macbook and make sure the torrents that are running are going ok and maybe addone I forgot to add (I'm downloading Heroes if anyone is wondering, i bought S1 on iTunes but seen as NBC aren't playing ball they don't get my cash any more [at least until the S2 DVDs get released in the UK anyhow]). Anyway, the important thing is my macbook is over 10 miles away, on my bookcase at home. Want to be able to do this? Well, there are many ways to do it (maybe if there's an easier way people could reply to this post and suggest) but I use logmein.com It works for windows based machines as well as macs (althoutgh I find their mac client faster). All you have to do is sign up for a free account and then sign up each machine as a machine on your account from the machine itself (and download a small program). Then you can have a virtual desktop of that machine from anywhere else on the web as long as the machine is on and connected to the net. You have to type in a password for your account AND a passowrd for each specific machine too but it's fast enough. You can also get a paid account which allows you to do things like direct file transfers and stuff but I've never seen the need to bother. Anyhow, just a heads up, I'm sure a few of you know about it but i thought I'd share.
  15. Apple Matt

    Making stacks more pretty

    As we all know and love it is very easy to change icons for just about everything in OS X, my Tiger dock looked great as i had all custom icons for my icons. It was however huge as I use quite a fair few programs. Along comes Leopard and Hurrah! Stacks! instead of a full row of icons I can have 4 or 5 stacks for catagories and have all my program links in there. But alas, the icon for each stack is by default all of the icons in that stack piled atop of each other. No problem i thought, I can simply do a custom icon for each stack and it will look all pretty again. But no, you can't get up a "more info" pane on a stack. Ok, I thought, all my stacks are based on folders in my apps folder, I'll simply put a custom icon on the folder, that should do it...... nope, it doesn't. So, I turn to you all in maccastland, any ideas for this, is there a "way round" yet? And a secondary question of, am I the only person vain enough to care? (I do wonder at times ) (I did ask this the day after Leopard was released to no avail, cross fingers we have more luck now) Edit: I do realise that there is a half work around for this where you can add an item (a folder or text file) and name it 000 or aaa before making sure your stack is set to sort by alphabetical order then change the icon of that file to what you want to use. It works well if the icon you want to use doesn't have that much of a transparent area but if it does you can still see all the other icons behind it and it looks quite messy. Maybe the next version of Candybar will have something snazzy to help us do this properly.