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  1. CannonBallGuy

    Frontrow and other new software.

    Thanks very much, Matt. That's a great help.
  2. CannonBallGuy

    Frontrow and other new software.

    Hi, I am really interested in the new software for the iMacs. Can anyone tell me what the other software is? And also, what apple computers does it come on? Will it come on a new G5 PowerMac? Thanks in Advance, CBG
  3. CannonBallGuy

    iPod nano

    True. I do like that even something like the nano can hold photos now, but I don't know how much... And 2GB minus my 115MB still leaves plenty of room, right?
  4. CannonBallGuy

    Setting up Safari like search bar on webpages

    If you know anything about webdesiging (which you probably will to implement such a thing on your own website) look at the sites source and css code.
  5. CannonBallGuy

    Is there a Definitive Nano Scratching Solution?

    Thanks for that link. I'll certainly look into cases.
  6. CannonBallGuy

    Mac Games

    I play BZFlag on my iBook all the time. It's a free, online, multi-player, open-source tank game. Awesome.
  7. CannonBallGuy

    iPod nano

    But I only have 2GB of music that I actually listen to. 8) And 2GB is about a day and a half... So even if I listened to my ipod for 24 hours, non stop, there would still be 12 hours of music left... Assuming I don't want to listen to any song more than once - which I will. Then there is the fact that I won't listen to my iPod 24 hours non-stop... Maybe 4 hours a day? tops. So, 36 hours total / 4 hours a day = 9 days if I listen to each song once. Say, I want to listen to each song twice, on average... (some only once, some 10 times or so...) Then, that means I can last 18 days with 2GB. After those 18 days I can put completely different music on. Or atleast I could, if I had any other music to put on there... And all this is not taking into account the fact that I spend hours on end on my iBook every day, and that it would be awfully easy to put more music on (and take some off) every night. Therefore, in theory an eighteenth of 2GB would be enough If I updated it ever night. That is in fact 114MB. :twisted: I'm off now to email Apple telling them to make a 150MB mp3 player that is 4cm wide, 3 cm tall and 0.5cm thick and has a full colour screen. :idea:
  8. CannonBallGuy

    Is there a Definitive Nano Scratching Solution?

    By a case, you mean a solid plastic cover? I get the feeling that that is going to ruin the look and feel of my nano. Is this the only sure-fire way?
  9. CannonBallGuy

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    I'm on an iBook and I'm not a complete fan of the track-pad, so i use the keyboard when ever I can. For example: to switch between app.s I press cmnd + tab and to switch between windows within an app, cmnd + ` I also discovered a few days ago that you can go backwards and forwards through safari's history using cmnd + the left or right arrow keys.
  10. I have heard all sorts of solutions ranging from theinvisibleshield.com to using sandpaper. Does anyone have a definitive solution? Can anyone tell me categorically, what I should do if/when I get a black nano? Thanks in Advance, CBG
  11. CannonBallGuy

    iPod nano

    For me, a 2GB ipod with screen, etc is perfect. 8) I only have 4.15GB total in my itunes, so a 4GM ipod is such a waste as I only actually listen to about half the library. I was tempted by the 1GB shuffle, but without the screen, it just didnt seem impressive enough. But, this 2 GB is perfect, and the nano is so damn sexy too.
  12. CannonBallGuy

    Perfect iPod -Killed!

    Perhaps less nano's sold because everyone has a mini already? :wink: Just my opinion... the nano rocks, even if it scratches. 8)
  13. CannonBallGuy

    Thanks, Adam.

    I love the show and the website. And congratulations on being the 5th best podcast of October so far according to podcast alley. :D/