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  1. So I got a iMac 2007 with 3 GB of ram. This machine has always been updated to the latest os and getting slower after each update. Now the machine has been slowed down to the point it's barely usable. I want to downgrade all the way to snow leopard since that seems to be preferable for these older machines. So I created a bootable partition with the snow leopard install cd on a partition on an external hard drive I have but when I boot up the partition I get a message that " Mac os X can't be installed on this computer" and I only get an option to restart or restore from a time machine. I can't open up disk utility or any other app during the install since they are all greyed out and the only thing i can do is press restart. Any tips?
  2. Börkur Jónsson

    Is there an app on the mac that can ...

    Sync a certain local folder with a folder on a server in the cloud. I have ftp and ssh access to this folder. I realise this is possible through command line tools such as rsync and sshfs and more. But I'm looking for a easy realiable gui option. Extra feature would be that the app would kicktstart a backup when contents change in the local folder similar to dropbox. Thinking about it I'm generally asking for a dropbox replica that you can use for your own private server. Any tips?
  3. Börkur Jónsson

    Font mixup on downloaded files in safari

    Hi I'm a University student in Iceland. When I download files from the school education system the Font of the file's are scewed. The original name is: and When the file is downloaded the name is: Any way to fix this ?
  4. Börkur Jónsson

    Font mixup on downloaded files in safari

    The font mixup was also visible in mail. I changed the fonts used in mail to Windows-1252 with the following command. However this only partly fixed the problem. defaults write com.apple.mail NSPreferredMailCharset "Windows-1252" As you can see in the picture the fonts are messed up on the upper side but not on the email preview pane. Can someone explain this ?
  5. Börkur Jónsson

    Font mixup on downloaded files in safari

    The input was already set to icelandic.
  6. Börkur Jónsson

    Font mixup on downloaded files in safari

    how can I find out which type they are using ?
  7. Börkur Jónsson

    Swetty palms while on my macbook pro.

    I'm gettin more and more frustrated with my palms sweating all up while doing longer sessions on my macbook pro. I now have to go wash my hands around every 30 mins or so. Do other people feel this aswell? If so do you have any different experiences with other models? This is my first mac so I can't really tell. Regards, Börkur
  8. Börkur Jónsson

    Swetty palms while on my macbook pro.

    Sttrek341, when did you buy yours ?
  9. Börkur Jónsson

    Swetty palms while on my macbook pro.

    I ready abit about that, I think it only applies to the macbooks and not the macbooks pro's. The Pro's have a sturdier finnish it seams.
  10. Börkur Jónsson

    Switcher needs help

    O.k so my mom recently got a mac and I promised to help her move things over. Now I'm having trouble with the email part, I have been successfull in moving over her email and her contacts but I'm having trouble with moving over the contacts groups. I moved the Contacts over through the use of Mozilla Thunderbird which was the only solution that actually didn't give me garbled letters. (We live in Iceland and have several non-US characters that some solutions couldn'thandle.) I've google'ing for a solution regarding this but found nothing. Anybody here got experience with this ? Best Regards, Börkur
  11. Börkur Jónsson

    Switcher needs help

    I'm sry on the pc there was office 2003. exporting to csv didn't work cause of special icelandic letters.
  12. Börkur Jónsson

    Problems with a Canon printer in Leopard

    Hi I'm having some trouble getting my Canon Laser Shot LBP-1120 to work with Leopard. To start with the driver for this printer has only been available on a the japaneese canon site. However once u figure out where to click to download the installation is pretty straight forward even though you dont understand the language. Now when Leopard first came out I tried getting those drivers again and installed them, however they didn't work so I waited around for the new Leopard update and came across it today, the download can be reached HERE and the original download page is HERE So then I downloaded the new drivers and installed and the printer still doesnt work. I think I know why though since after poking around I think that the OS is still using the old drivers so therefore I come for your help with either: 1. remove the old drivers or.. 2. Tell Leopard to use the new and improved for leopard driver. Can someone point me in the right direction regarding this ?
  13. Börkur Jónsson

    Safari sometimes opens up a new browser window when I start a download.

    Yeah, well I seem to remember reading somewhere there was a fix for this but I had no luck finding it earlier today. Maybe I'm wrong but i some1 know's otherwise please raise your hand !
  14. On some websites, when I download a file a new a new browser window pops up and then the download starts leaving the new browser window empty and not much use except being annoying. Any tips on how to fix this?