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  1. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my iPhone 3GS back. After downloading the latest update (3.0.1) I keep getting the connect to iTunes icons on the phone and iTunes cannot restore the phone., I get the 3014 error. HELP!!! Rod
  2. Well, I finally sourced the Macally iVoice Pro in Oz (Australia). It is wonderful and works with Skype. I am astonished how well it works with the "iTouch" Now, I am looking for more recording apps for the 1st Gen. Anyone have an idea/ideas? Rod
  3. Roddles

    Microphone for iPod Touch

    Apparently, according to the websites of a few iPod Touch recorder Developers, the latest firmware allowed for microphones in the dock connector. They also mentioned that their apps worked with the Macally iVoice. Rod
  4. I am looking at getting a Macally iVoice Pro. I have tried a looking on the web, but no luck in Australia. OWC in the US only seems to have the discontinued iVoice 111. Actually any good Microphone for the iPod touch 1st Gen would be of interest. Any ideas? TIA Rod
  5. Roddles

    Photo Printers

    I know this can be a difficult topic, but I am interested in a high quality photo printer. Sometime ago I had an Epson 1200, it was great, but died just after it ran out of warrantee! I am also considering a colour laser. Are there any that have made the leap to photo quality? Anyhow, go for it! What are the best quality and reliable photo printers out there. Many thanks Rod
  6. Roddles

    Opening Micro$oft Publisher Documets on a Mac

    Thanks for the help. I'll think about rienstaling MacOs 9 and Pagemaker so I can open the files. :roll: Rod
  7. G'day fom Australia, Does anybody know of any free ways to open a Publisher file on a Mac? Regards Rod