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  1. OK, this question is a little detailed and complex, but if anyone has any considered thoughts, I'd sure appreciate them. So....I grabbed the Student Union deal to break into the MacWorld with an iBook and 60 GB iPod (large music/photo collection). But also intend to start a regular podcast (and/or a vidcast), and had become resigned to needing to buy a second device (Sony Minidisc or Eridol SR1) to record CD-quality audio on the go. NOW Apple's released the 5G model which is basically (once the software and mic input options become clearer) a podcast recording studio without needing a second device with me. And I'd still rather only deal with one device. So.... ...considering putting the old (new) iPod up on eBay and then buying the new with the diff. But then I have this OTHER issue. I'm buying a new external hard drive to back up my 200 GB's of data files on my Windows PC, and that drive cannot be partitioned so that I can ALSO use it to back up my Mac. In other words you can't have an HFS section on a drive for the Mac and an NTFS section for the PC. I thought of mirroring my Mac data files into a folder, since there's far fewer of them, but, THAT would require formatting the drive as FAT 32. And you can't back up files bigger than 4GB on a FAT 32 drive with Retrospect. So THEN I decided I needed TWO external HD's. And THEN realized I already had a second one -- my new (old) iPod. Kind of an expensive 60 GB ext HD, but also a back up iPod in a pinch. Any comments on the best/most cost effective ways to get the backup I need and the new (new) iPod I HAVE to have?? :?: And specifically, if I enable the iPod for hard drive use on the iBook can I ALSO use PART of it as a regular iPod photo at the same time?? :?:
  2. Adam, I don't know what brand of camera your correspondent was using, but Panasonic goes OUT OF THEIR WAY to tell you that BOTH the Camera and the Computer have to be turned off to guarantee a safe hook up of Firewire. This is mentioned MULTIPLE times in the manual and in a separate "Caution!" document. They even give an order of connection BESIDES THAT. --Connect the FW/DV cable to the computer first --Connect the FW/DV cable to the Camera second. --Turn on the computer BEFORE turning on the camera --Finally, turn on the camera. (For PC's the same precautions apply when connecting via USB 2.0 to the Panasonic supplied software) They also say not to DISconnect the DV cable until the camera is turned off. So hope that's useful info, but it leads to MY question: Turning the camera on and off is no biggie, but rebooting is a pain. So if you can find out if putting the computer into sleep mode (e.g., by closing my iBook's lid) is AS SAFE AS actually turning it off in terms of this issue, I'd be most appreciative. Keep up the good work. You're a public service to Mac Users. Jim K. :wink:
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    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Well, guess I'll partly answer my own post, since I'm seeing more and more info about how to podcast on the net. :oops: http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/home has much useful new info. http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/popup-quick...3DA2ED3A06.app3 focuses on how to publish a podcast through Feedburner. Podcasting news.com is in general a good resource on the whole topic. http://www.podcastingnews.com/ http://www.podcastingnews.com/articles/How...to-Podcast.html has an article about making your first podcast. http://www.podcastingnews.com/articles/Mak...st_Blogger.html has a detailed article about starting a podcast using Blogger, which it says is not the blog of choice for podcasting. WordPress, Typepad and Moveable Type are other choices -- these are discussed as blogging tools at: http://www.macworld.com/2005/10/features/b...rblog/index.php While http://www.podcastingnews.com/articles/Get..._With_Podc.html has an article about setting up and using iPodder. http://www.windowsdevcenter.com/pub/a/wind...ts_with_pc.html has one of the best articles I've found. It's PC-based, but everything in the article applies to Macs, and makes some of the undefined terms in other articles clearer. https://www.libsyn.com/index.php?&mode=logout&message= is another good resource of both services and how to use them. You can't and obviously don't need to do all these things and use all these tools, and all the workflows are slightly different, but you WILL begin to get a sense of how to publish a podcast from the sum of them. I'm still a little confused about the need for a separate server apart from a hosted blog to hold the mp3's, but maybe Libsyn is the answer for that??? In any case, nothing in any of the above links is excessively costly to utilize and many are free. Jim K.
  4. Adam, FYI I clicked your podcast alley vote link from my MS Entourage, then got a mail from Podcastalley with a link to click, which resulted in the following message: "Vote Does Not Exist in Database." Then, I tried pasting the link. Same message. Then I needed to do something on my PC, and just as a lark, clicked the eMail again (from inside Outlook Express). And the vote was counted. I have no idea what this means, but just giving you the heads up.
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    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Totally understand the first part and am recording high quality audio into GBand -- but it's the "additional stuff" part that still throws me. I've been to many sites that go into great detail about how to record the sound file and then like it was obvious, they say something like you wrap the file in an enclosure, get it turned into an RSS feed, add show notes and images off to iTunes. Uhhhhh...... ....OK...... :?: :?: :?: For many of us there are GREAT LEAPS twixt save the file in GBand and its appearance in iTunes with all those other mysterious things accomplished!! And no one I've found, not Mac Audio Guy, not Apple's site, or several others has made these latter production steps comprehensible. (And I've spent time on Libsyn and Feedburner as well and run a blog http://1poetrygroup.blogspot.com. But even after 20 years of computing, I'm finding some of their pages to be gobbledygook.) Whoever does demystify the "additional stuff" will be bringing a lot of voices into this brave new broadcasting (or narrowcasting) world.