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    So... where do you listen to MacCast?

    Hi Lee, Sadly, she's all shine and rust Actually, that's not true - but she does need a whole new floor, engine and a few other things which basically mean a total rebuild. Once she's done I'm hoping to fit a macmini in there somehow
  2. minorjourney

    So... where do you listen to MacCast?

    Heh... Well, the Rig is certainly bigger!
  3. minorjourney

    Hi Folks!

    Hi Lee! Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys... My 12inch 1.4gig G4 PB doesn't like being kept on for large amounts of time. If I keep it running without a reboot after a few days my wifi connection drops down to a few kb a second. Any ideas? If I reboot my Mac it normally speeds up to the more acceptable 802.11g spec speeds... :/ I have a 2Meg ADSL line. I'm completely flummoxed. I'm running the latest version of OS X and am running a secured connection with TKIP enabled... Cheers Nikki
  5. It's something I've thought a bit about over the past week. These days I work as a peripetetic woodwind instructor working in South Wales, GB. I live in Bristol, England and so make some pretty lengthy trips every day to and from work (and around during the day too) MacCast is there in my list of must-listen to podcasts while I'm in the car, including TWiT and several other geek podcasts. Thing is, my car is rather special. She's a 1965 Morris Minor (See Below). I reckon I must be listening to MacCast in the oldest car in the listener group. Can you beat it with a more bizzare or interesting local for listening to your favourite Mac podcast? (keep it clean of course!) My 40 year old car, complete with iPod, GPS and other good gadgets. Yes, I know it's a windows mobile cell, but when Apple produces one I'll get one, okay?! :D The old gal (called Hebe) in all her glory. She's done about 235,000 miles in her lifetime, and currently does about 3,500 miles a month carrying my musical instruments around wales. MacCast is played every time there's a new one up! Nikki
  6. minorjourney

    Vintage Mac Users

    We've got our old Apple ][e in pride of place in our living room. It gets used from time to time and works fine with our Sony TV. As you can see, the old Apple and Atari (yeah, don't boo at me - I'm a musician and have fond memories of using the old Atari and Cubase) sit nicely below our TV. The more modern XBox and other stuff sit above...because nothing beats sitting cross-legged in front of your old Apple ][e and remembering how to write decent BASIC.
  7. minorjourney

    Hi Folks!

    Hi guys and gals! My Name's Nikki and I've just joined the forums! A former New Media Editor (AKA disc editor) with MacFormat in the UK, I'm always keen to talk about new mac stuff! So anyway - Hi! You can check out a bit more about me by visitng my blog at http://www.aminorjourney.co.uk/wordpress