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  1. I'm not sure how many of you know the Amiga and its history, but i've been an avid fan of it as well as mac for years. If you have a mac Mini G4 and want to try an awesome reimplementation of the AmigaOS in Native PPC its now available for all models of the PPC versions of the Mini. The demo is free and can be installed with OS X as a dual boot. Sadly the registration is 150 euros, but you will get free updates with that. MorphOS is the AmigaOS evolved, it will run native MorphOS applications as well as classic Amiga applications and games as long as it didnt hit the custom chips the classic amiga used. In other words if it was a later amiga game or application it will work most of the time. Check out the MorphOS user forums at http://www.morphzone.org and if you want to download the iso and try it out its available at http://www.morphos-team.net/downloads.html Also if your wanting to keep OS X and dual boot you can follow this guide: http://dreamolers.binaryriot.org/dualboot.pdf Please check it out and spread the word to other mini G4 users!
  2. Acill

    Flash movies to ipod

    Tried isquint and it didnt understand the files. I use it for most everything else though with no problems.
  3. Rythm has a "y" in it and in that case its not.
  4. Acill

    Flash movies to ipod

    I am looking for a way to convert some flash (.swf) animations to ipod format. I can play them in Quicktime with no problem now, but if I convert ehm I get no sound when I play them after. Any advice would be great help.
  5. I am in the process of building a home page for the family using iWeb. Its looking nice, but the thing I just cant figure out is how to make multiple pages in each area and multiple or any photo albums in the photo section. I ave seen some people sites that do this so I know it can be done. The docs in iWeb are very lacking in this department. Here is what I have so far. HOME - Photos - Sean - Hannah - Jennifer - Paul - Blog What I want to do is in the PHOTO section have a thumbnail say "Trip to the moon" and when a user clicks it they are taken to the album of that and see all the pictures. I also want the family members section to be able to have some multiple page stuff in them. So if my mother goes to Hanna's page she can click on some things and open a page to her stuff through that page. I want to do all this without adding more links to the top menu bar on our site. I can get it working if I make a new photo page, but then that top bar looks bad and fills up with links. I am posting the site to my .mac acount and just using my domain to redirect to it. take a look at http://www.rezendes.org for what i have so far. ANY HELP AT ALL WOULD BE HUGE!!! Thanks again. -Paul R.
  6. Well its true, the just announced the video ipods and several new products including a new iBook and iMac.
  7. Acill

    Well here is my story

    Well where to start? I guess I can go way back. I was a C64 user for some time. Not to much to talk about, it was a fun machine and I learned a lot. From there I got the Amiga 1000 when it hit the shelf in 1985. I loved that Machine and loved the Amiga still to this day. I had that A1000 for a long time and made it do much more then they ever intended it to do with some major hardware hacks. When the A3000 came out I sold off the A1000 and got one. I had that machine all the way up 2003. It was also upgraded to its max potential with a tower conversion, PCI slots, a 604e PPC accelerator, ethernet, video card, sound card ect. VERY cool machine. It was sold in 2003 after I felt it just couldnt keep up any longer, though it is still a very good machine that do do most anything. It was sold to get a Pegasos II. That is a modern G4 powered Amiga like machine that runs a total from the ground up Amiga compatable OS called MorphOS. Check out www.pegasosPPC.com for more info on that machine. Now I got my first Mac shortly after the Ti Powerbooks came out. I never liked Macs much before OS X. They were much less powerfull then the Amiga during the 68k CPU days and most of us Amiga users just were mad we didnt get the support like Apple got from the software developers. So anyway he had a 500MHZ Pismo to get rid of after getting the Ti. I decided OS X looked cool and got the Pismo, fell in love with it and sold it a few months later for a Powerbook. From there I bought a used Gigabit Ethernet G4 logicboard, a CPU, B&W case and the rest of what I needed and built a cool home made G4 out of it all. Worked well for a long time. When the G5 2.5 dual came out I had to have one. So I got one the first day they came out here in San Diego at the Apple Store. Sold the G4 Powermac and the Ti Book for a ibook G4 933 at the Apple store (got the ibook new) I had a TON of problems with that sucker. I figured having a G5 the ibook would be fine for being portable and it was faster then my 500MHZ Ti book. Well a few month later Apple gave me a 1.33 iBook to replace the 933. I sold that and now have a 1.67 Powerbook which I love. So to sum it up, I was NEVER a PC user and am 100% dedicated to the Mac now with my Pegasos as a fun to have machine (which can run OS X through MaconLinux!) I would love to meet up with some other Mac users here in San Diego. I only know a few and I got them all to become switchers in the last year.
  8. Acill

    OSX on windows

    Well you do what you want, but until you get a Mac and can use it on a day to day basic you will never understand. If I had the choice I would never touch a Windows machine. At work I have no choice since they wont let me use a Mac on the Network. I do use it Stand alone though.