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  1. Greggball

    Can not print to a shared printer

    Thanks chaps, Am afraid I can't really use the old mac mini as it's too be sold. I did check the Print Queue on both computers and they are clear. When I print on the MacBook (after a reboot both machines) it says it's printing 100% then it goes busy, retry, retry, etc.
  2. Hi Everyone, I had my Mum and Dad setup with the following: Mac Mini (PowerPC G4) Mac OS Tiger (10.4) MacBook Mac OS Snow Leopard (10.6) The Mac Mini has a USB HP Photosmart C5200 attached and this was setup to be shared, and the Macbook could print across the network. However I got them a newer Mac mini (2010 - last of the DVD drives) with Mountain Lion installed, too replace the old Mac mini. Local printing works fine, I switched off the Firewall and setup the printer / scanner to be shared for everyone. But the MacBook will not print, just says it's busy. Am using the IP address of the Mac Mini to send to the printer, as Macbook does find any printers. Any advice, without replacing the printer to a wireless version or upgrading/downgrading OS? Many thanks Gregg
  3. Greggball

    Mac Mini Combo Drive just ejects DVD's

    I thought put's a CD lens cleaning disc in slot loading drive was not good? In the end I bought an external DVD burner powered by USB, fairly cheap as well.
  4. Well it's coming up to the Mac Mini's 3 year birthday and it's still working a treat. Except it has now decided not load DVD films anymore. It takes the DVD makes a couple of noises and then ejects. I have rebooted still the same thing. It takes the Leopard DVD no problem though. My MacBook doesn't have a problem with any of DVD films. It's a tad annoying as it's my media centre player hooked up to my TV. Is it a new mac mini or be brave and try and replace the Combo drive? Any suggestions would be welcome Cheers Gregg
  5. Greggball

    Shortcuts on Desktop

    Use Spotlight or put your fav apps in the dock. So much quick than shortcuts on a desktop.
  6. Greggball

    Default Screen Resolution

    Hi Everyone, I have had my Mac Mini hooked upto my Sony HD TV for a year or so now. But if the Mac Mini boots while the TV is switched off it defaults to 800x600. This wasn't a problem before but iTunes now insists upon a higher resolution and this seemed to crash my EyeTV (TV recorder app). Obviously once I turn the TV on and then switch on the Mac Mini it's fine. This is a pain as the Mini will switch itself on when a recording is due during the night. Is it possible to keep the default screen resolution of the TV regardless if the TV is on or not? Pretty obvious I know but I think OS X Leopard can be a bit too clever... Many thanks in advance Gregg
  7. Greggball

    MacBook cracked case

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2 year old MacBook which is great especially after switching the 80Gb 5400rpm stock hard drive for a 320Gb 7200rpm. Well I didn't bother with Applecare, but the case is cracked in the widely reported right hand side of the keyboard bezel. Could I get this fixed for free? I live nowhere near an Apple store. Or is it a DIY job? Anyone?
  8. Greggball

    iPhone Development

    Hi Everyone, Like many other people in the world, I love my iPhone and see the potential to develop an app that may provide extra income. I have downloaded the SDK to try and figure how I could write an app. But my days of simple C+ development where 10 years ago and long forgotten. I found the online guides provided by Apple to be too much for me to take in. I have have googled for Books for iPhone SDK but I not sure which book would be for, let's face it, a beginner! Any suggestions for any Books would be welcome. Of course learning the SDK will delay my million dollar app... Thanks in Advanced Gregg
  9. Am surprised nobody has put anything up about the Apple announcement on Tuesday, so here is my take on the announcement from a UK point of view: MacBook Air was revised better graphics processor, but it's still expensive and a fashion statement. (sorry) MacBook, this is were I get confused. First the black MacBook is gone. The white MacBook is now the starting point of the MacBook range it has the same spec as before (2.1 CPU, onboard Intel GMA graphics, 1Gb RAM, 120Gb Drive) and it is the cheapest at $999 a full $100 cheaper in the US. However this looks like a bit of a fire sale to get rid of old stock, plus in the UK the price has actually gone up from £699 to £719. Not a lot but it's an increase which is a bit of shame. However there two other models which are in aluminum case, it's thinner, same CPU's (2.0/2.4GHz), same RAM 2Gb / 4Gb, but the graphics is the new 9400m GT NVidia chip which will improve things. A glass button less touch pad with upto four finger gestures. Plus the keyboard is backlit. Oh and Firewire is not present on these new MacBooks. All MacBooks come with the standard 13.3" screen, of which the white is glossy, while the new models are glass (glossy). Prices for the new models have risen on both sides of the pond. Here in the UK, what was £829 is now £949 and what was £999 is now £1149. Personally the new models look nice but I would wait to find out what the new glass trackpad is like and if the NVidia chipset boosts performance. If you have firewire then you may want the older style MacBook or go for the MacBook Pro. Personally I would browse the refurb store of older MacBooks or MacBook Pro instead of buying a entry level one, at least you will get a discount. Anyway Steve & Co also presented us with the New MacBook Pro. Once again only two of the three models got re-newed. If your looking for a new 17" MacBook Pro you will have to wait, it has slight refresh, I think. The new two models are both 15" screen which are glass and no Matt versions available. Both come in the new thinner aluminium case, and have the glass button less trackpad. You can now easily swap the hard drive on the MacBook Pro (which I assume couldn't before) and there are options for Solid State Drive (which cost a pretty penny or two). Unlike the new MacBooks the pro does have a firewire 800 port and like the MacBooks they have a mini DVI port for external monitors. The new models come with 2.4/2.53Ghz CPU's, 2Gb / 4Gb Ram. Plus these have the 9600M GT nVidia chips for graphics which boast significant performance increase in Photoshop / Aperture. Once again these look very nice but are expensive. If you want 17" or a matt screen check out the refurb store. Otherwise these will set you back £1,399 and £1749 So overall these MacBook / MacBook Pros look great, run great but you will pay a premium for the new models. And if your in the US, then the new entry MacBook is a bit cheaper. I know we pay more here in the UK, always have and always will. And I know Apple products always are at a premium but if they had kept the entry MacBook the same price, then I think potential customers in the UK would be less annoyed about the premium of the new designs. I think my nearly 2 year old white MacBook (in a Green SpecTec case) is fine for my web browsing, simple photo / video editing needs. So I'll be waiting for the next refresh maybe MacWorld 2010. Remember once you have a Mac you never go back and that price isn't everything, but quality is.
  10. Greggball

    Top Tip for UK Mac users

    Thanks for the top tip Ramtha. I bought my folk a Mac Mini G4 coming upto two years ago (second hand) and I wondered about suggesting Skype (video) but was unsure about webcams for mac. Does it have a builtin microphone? Can you tell me if you tried it on mac with a PowerPC processor? Good stuff..
  11. Greggball

    O2 offering pre-order iPhone

    Well got an email this morning offering the option to Pre-Order a 8Gb iPhone & Accessories for Contract only. You can pre-order online and it will be delivered on 11th July. However it does say while stocks last. No 16Gb on offer. Personally probably willing to wait and go in Store. Free delivery but it will require a signature...
  12. Greggball

    3G iPhone on O2 in the UK

    Yes heard about the leaked prices and also heard that £300 for the 8Gb model and get 6 months of unlimited data, then it's £10 per month there after. So contract. £99 + (18 months @ £30) = £639 or PayG. £300 + (12 months @ £10) + say £50 top-up for calls and texts = £470 As I say I don't text that much and talk even less. or as my wife says, don't get one and save even more...
  13. Greggball

    3G iPhone on O2 in the UK

    Hi Everyone, This is a bit focused on the UK as that is where am from. I have a Motorola v3 Razr on Vodafone pay as you go. I don't chat a lot on the phone, but I do text quite often and certainly would be interested of web surfing and email. I held off the first iPhone for the following reasons: First it was the price to buy and then sign up to a contract at £30 (about $50 to $60) per month. I mean I only spend about £50 a year at the moment. Secondly Edge network, would result in slow web browsing. So with the announcement of 3G iPhone that solve one of the problems and I noticed O2 is thinking of doing Pay as you go. So my questions are now, how much is the new phone? I would probably pay £200 for 8Gb model, maybe £275 for 16Gb model Is O2 any good in terms of services and reception, I live in Newcastle, I would think reception is good. Details are unclear at the moment but I wonder if any features would be disabled on the Pay as you go (visual voicemail), also what are data rates (speed & £)? I have a iPod 5.5 but an iPhone would mean my wife could have this instead of an old iPod Mini. Any thoughts anyone......
  14. Greggball

    iTunes films - Widescreen

    It downloaded now and it's displays in a letterbox view.... So a widescreen TV means nothing and obviously it's the same on my widescreen Macbook. Any suggestions???
  15. Greggball

    iTunes films - Widescreen

    Well I have gone for it, I will let you know the result....