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    Mac (English) Keyboards

    I have been doing some research on the Mac keyboard and I have to say I am at a bit of a loss for an explination to Apples keyboard layout. The famous "sign my keyboard" story tells of Steve Jobs refusing to sign a keyboard until he had ripped off all the 'useless Windows' keys including all the "F keys". Well the F keys are still there; infact F12 is one of his favourite keys. Instead they have decided to hide characters that common sense says they would promote such as the # key (for CSS coding etc.) from English users at least. Such keys can be found using the number keys combined with the option (alt) key and there seem to be many. Does anyone have an explanation for this rational? Also; Option (Alt) + 3 = # which is odd since Option (Alt) + 4 = ¢ to match it's usual $ with shift.
  2. houltmac

    Luckiest Switcher Ever?

    Thank you. I will try and write some more on my experiances with Mac so far later.
  3. houltmac

    Wireless Bridge Adapter

    Have you gone to your System Preferances>Netowrk>Assist Me...? This will talk you through getting your computer connected ("talking") to the wireless router; then you can configure the router through your browser (eg. Safari) by typing in it's IP address to find it's own setup utility (for security, sharinig the router to more than your computer, port configuration etc.).
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    New PowerMac G5s ?

    Why would it be an iPod? Where is the point in confusing or tearing the public that have found their number 1 Christmas gift (again) and had their digital and professional lifestyles decided for them with such penash and elegance. I don't think another iPod could do anything but hurt Apple right now. I would also like to suggest that people possibly forget or at least distrust all "sources" right now as they are obviously only going to be either wild speculation or what Steve wants you to think. Personally I hope it's something that no one else has thought of yet; like some truly ground-breaking software and a new piece of hardware to run it on; something more related to Apple Computers.
  5. houltmac

    Opening Micro$oft Publisher Documets on a Mac

    I have also done some research on this and can only agree with pastorjeff2000; you will need to use Virtual PC (or other PC emulation software) to run Publisher in order to access these files. I(/we) may be wrong as I for one am a recent mac switcher, however from my 30 mins Googling this seems to be the only option. (BTW; they are indeed stored as *.pub extensions)