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    diskutil resizeVolume

    When it comes to resizing or otherwise messing with partitions there is only one answer: backup and start over. Use something like SuperDuper! to get all the data off in a bootable state, boot to that backup, re-partition your drive from scratch in Disk Utility (this will erase all data) and then "backup" back to the drive (restore). It's the only safe way and if anyone else tells you it's not then they haven't done it enough.
  2. houltmac

    iTunes CD Rip issue

    Have they tried re-installing iTunes? I'd make a backup of the library folder first though.
  3. houltmac

    MacBook Problems!!!

    You could try that, but I am telling you now that that is one unhealthy battery.
  4. houltmac

    Jobs: Thoughts on Music

    Okay, I am sure by now many of you, like me, have just about gotten the links pouring in through your RSS feeds. How many of you read it beginning to end? The further you read, the better it gets. I really am dumbfounded but it seems like Steve Jobs is trying to cause a stir in his own back yard. In essence, and in quote, the piece reads like this: Now there is a lot to read into this, even I can and I'm not psychologist, but the sentiment is there for all to see. What Steve Jobs is saying in no subtle way here is that DRM isn't working, it's hurting everyone; furthermore DRM licensing won't work and won't be done; in the end Apple wants to abolish DRM and they want our help. I don't think there is a way of reading that wrong and now I don't think I will sleep tonight. This is huge in that it isn't a secretly leaked internal e-mail, it's a public statement by the head of the largest online distributor in the world. Can this be real? Was Apple Hot News "hacked"? I certainly hope not. I don't have much to add here, I think Steve covered it all. What does everyone think about this one?
  5. houltmac

    MacBook HD Replacement

    Adam Just thought I'd offer the solution to the MacBook HD replacement issue you mentioned on the show. When you pull the drive out of the slot you will need to use a torx screw driver to remove the 4 pegs from the existing drive and use them for the replacement drive to line it up and keep it in place. After you have taken these out of the old drive you will notice that the EMI shield (thin metal sheath) will fall off, with the tab attached. Put this on the new drive (just fits under the drive) and hold it on using the same pegs that will hold the drive in the slot. There is nothing special about the drives shipped by Apple, they simply have the EMI shield and 4 pegs attached. Care should be taken when removing the EMI of course, simply don't touch the board on the underside of either drive as this will likely kill the drive instantly. Use anti-static precautions whenever possible. The guy who has his drive stuck will now have to take his MacBook to one of the usual places to have the top case removed in order to allow removal of the drive. Getting a new EMI shield and pegs will be a little tougher, but AASPs may be able to help. This obviously isn't covered by warranty and will be charged but should only take 10-30 minutes depending on the speed of the technician. The Geek Stuff: For those who actually care, it's a T8 Torx head on the pins believe it or not.
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    Jobs: Thoughts on Music

    You are kidding me right? Did you read the story at all? Open DRM is a complete oxymoron. It's impossible. It won't work. It would be the armageddon of the music industry. It's not even an option. A complete lack of DRM however would be stepping back in line with customer expectation, the previous and otherwise current practices of the industry and make more money for everyone involved (viz. won't waste money for everyone involved).
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    MacBook Problems!!!

    There are a couple of issues becoming apparent with MacBook batteries, all of which your local Apple Store/AASP should be familiar with. I wouldn't worry about troubleshooting further, it's a waste of time as they will have to do it again for you anyway. It may not be the battery so it's worth getting it checked thoroughly.
  8. houltmac

    MacBook HD Replacement

    A set of small torx (16-6 or similar) and a set of small assorted screwdrivers (including at least two different Philips #0's) is all you need for most gadgets, so it's a worthwhile investment and quite available. I suggest Maplin in the UK.
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    Jobs: Thoughts on Music

    I think you need to read the piece, that's the whole point of it. I agree that licensing won't work, and DRM doesn't really lock anyone into a device; such insinuations are ridiculous.
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    AirPort Extreme Base Station Shipping Early!

    I received mine today, verified it worked at work but haven't set it up yet. More this weekend when my all-new setup starts to come together.
  11. houltmac

    Jobs: Thoughts on Music

    Frankly I don't think it matters where it's from. One deal will lead to another, enevitably it has to. Like Daniel said, it's about your dad, not SonyBMG. It's the principle that if every American who voted against Bush back in the day got off their ass at his presidency announcement and stood shouting outside the whitehouse there would be no "President Bush". Same theory applies here and this could just be the kick-off. Game on!
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    Jobs: Thoughts on Music

    True, but as the article also says, what else is DRM'd? CDs certainly aren't so why the hell are online store downloads?
  13. houltmac

    Transfer Apple Care

    This is correct. Although AppleCare is registered to a certain person, address, contact number etc. it's all determined on the serial number of the machine for off-site work. If you have sold a Mac covered for on-site repair under AppleCare then the repair can only be carried out on-site at the address the serial/AppleCare number is registered to. Your best bet is to call Apple directly if you want to make sure the APP is carried over to the new owner correctly. I have never had to do it myself, so I can't say who should initiate it but I would imagine it would need to be you giving them the new owners details as it's your details they have on record. As I said, if it's only ever going to be taken into an Apple Store/AASP for repair then it's a null point anyway (unless of course they need to call AppleCare at any point [to use the technical support line for example], in which case they would need to give the name and address registered via AppleCare to that serial number.
  14. houltmac

    Optimising my dekstop

    VirtueDesktops is my favorite, at least until Leopard comes out.
  15. houltmac


    While I have never had a need to research this at all I have one comment to make: don't trust anything or anyone when it comes to partitioning. Back everything up first, partition however you want with Disk Utility (from your OS X boot disk) and clone back over. Anything else is simply ludicrous and you will loose data.
  16. houltmac

    MacBook for sale

    I just have to point out that this is pure bull. Sorry.
  17. houltmac


    There are many Apple Centres in the UK, however none of them are owned and run by Apple. This is the difference between an Apple Store and an Apple Centre. Apple has some input in the design and implementation of an Apple Centre, but it's an independent company, business and store, simply with some extra Apple recognition. This recognition also comes with a lot of pitfalls that many companies tend not to want, however they also let Apple down when people think they "are Apple". I'd generally pay attention to sign-age etc. in these places. If the store doesn't blow you away it's not an Apple Store. Be careful.
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    So what's a DMG file

    While xerent is completely correct, I would have to warn against Sparse DMG's for certian uses. While it may seem like a great option (and often is), it can also prevent you from performing certain actions. This is especially true of backup. When you backup using SuperDuper! and many other applications they will allow you to backup, but not completely restore from a Sparse image. You can also migrate from a RO-DMG, but not from a Sparse. Food for thought; think before you act.
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    It's generally accepted that when Apple release a new OS it replaces the previous OS in every way. Price stays the same, all new models ship with it and retail box space is replaced with the new boxes also. I can tell you with almost complete certainty it will be £89 retail box, that will be the only version (barring the copies shipping with new machines and the Server edition).
  20. houltmac

    Broadband Anywhere

    Hey all I was watching an old episode of Diggnation where IBM/Lenovo sent Kevin the coolest non-Apple notebook computer in the world, the T-60 series I believe. One of the things that I am truly envious of is Kevins ability to add a card to get broadband access "anywhere on Earth". While this isn't something I really need, it's certainly something I may need in the future and want now. I can see two things getting in the way however: 1. The MacBook I have doesn't have any expansion ports and I really don't want to have big boxes plugged into crappy USB2.0 ports, or even in my FireWire 400 port. I may be changing my MacBook when Leopard comes out if there is something new in the Apple line-up which may mean I get expansion back in the future, but in the mean time I don't. 2. I haven't really looked into wireless "anywhere" broadband at all before, but am finding it hard to find anything on Google, especially in the UK. if anyone has any insight into this topic then please please please let me know. I am dying to look into this further over the next week and any help I can get would be awesome.
  21. Everybody does them, well now it's our turn. Here are some of my "must-have" and apps for Mac OS X. Any more recommendations, please leave in a comment because I for one am always on the lookout. Networking Azureus: A great little BitTorrent client for video podcast download. Camino: A good browser to check compatibility or for IE specific sites. Chicken of the VNC: The VNC client for the Mac. Cyberduck: My personal favorite FTP client for the Mac. DropCopy: A tiny app which allows you to drag and drop to any folder on a network. Very handy. Firefox: Everyone has to have Firefox, it's simply a must although I don't use it as a day to day browser. Flock: Keep up to date with the people pushing browsers forward. Teleport: Switch from Mac to Mac in a flash, a virtual KVM switch which works great. RSS NewsFire: If for some reason you don't like RSS in Safari then NewsFire is a great alternative. IM AduimX: Multi protocol IM client that looks and works great. By far the best for Mac. Chax: A must have add on for iChat, simply makes it better. Tabs, auto-accept... That isn't enough? iGlasses: Make sure people can see you with the iSight enhancements this brings. Awesome software. ShowMacster: If you video conference in iChat then you must have this software. There is a small fee ( US$20.08 ), but it's well worth it. Share movies, images, sound and even moving screen capture within your video conference. X-Chat Aqua: The best IRC client I have found for the Mac. Video DVD2One: A must if you want to compress DVD sizes. Handbrake: Allows DVDs to be backed up as they should. MacTheRipper: Allows DVDs to be backed up as they should. MPEG Streamclip: Convert video codecs, very handy little tool. RealPlayer: If you visit the BBC website, you can't live without this one. Flip4Mac: Watch Windows Media files from within QuickTime. Audio Audacity: Open source recording and editing software. Audio Hijack Pro: Get sound from any application or input easily. iPodDisk: Copy music to your Mac, from your iPod. iTunes-LAME: Allows you to play iTMS music on another device besides your Mac or iPod. PearLyrics: No longer available through normal channels this widget displays lyrics for the playing track from iTunes or through Google. Senuti: Another way to copy music to your Mac, from your iPod. SizzlingKeys: Control iTunes anywhere, any time. Keyboard shortcut preference, simple but oh so effective. SoundSource: Menu bar application which allows full control over your sound including inputs. Programming Xcode: Straight off your OSX disk Xcode can be a real help to non-developers with it's little add on features. I will write an article about this one day. Utilities Character Widget: Access special characters (such as ? or ™) easily without having to remember the key combination. Growl: Customizable alerts to build into anything and everything. Mail.Appetizer: View your mail without ever checking it. Mail alerts done properly. MenuMeters: Activity Monitor in your menu bar. SnapzProX: Video screen capture at it's best on OS X. (US$29.99/69.99) StuffIt: Essential for compressing and decompressing files when using e-mail or the internet. SuperDuper: Backup program that can be used to sync. Works great and has an incremental setting. Other BackLight: Predefined slideshows with Ken Burns effect or screensavers as your desktop. DeskShade: Playing movies on your desktop, lock features and more as security measures. MacTracker: Know all there is to know about any Mac ever! Mouseposé: Highlight your cursor for people to see (show off in other words). Very useful for tutorials. SnapShooter: Screenshots prettied up, very effective though.
  22. houltmac

    Discussion: ipTV

    There has been a lot of talk about the state of ipTV, or more simply, video content online over the past year. For the sake of this writing I will simply include all video podcasts, vodcasts, vidcasts, streamed video shows and the like into a single unified group, excluding only the likes of YouTube and Revvr who's basis is something quite different. Some people are doing it well, some are not doing it so well, but for me no one has done it quite right yet, and here is why. By far my favorite internet based video show is Diggnation with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. The reasons for this are vast. I really enjoy the topic, which goes without saying as a Digg.com user and technology geek; really though it's all about show format. I enjoy watching a show with minimum advertising for starters. I understand the current need for funding in such projects and some revenue has to come through advertising as the world stands today, but the ads are minimal, do not interupt content and most excitingly do not effect the show. Kevin Rose has quoted many times that all the ad contract says is that they will read the copy during the show and that if they have a negative story or opinion about the product or service being advertised they will air it none the less. A big difference from the openly biased media we have lived with for the past hundred years or so. The essence of the show is that two guys will sit on a couch and talk about stories. With such an open format there is a decent quality of production, but it doesn't limit out off camera comments, spur of the moment re-direction, open opinion or re-direction. This connects me to the show, the hosts and the "crew" in ways the likes of the BBC and CNN will seemingly never allow. Having a policy where by the video is released online to subscribers (around $5/pcm) on Saturdays and to everyone on Tuesdays allows me to choose to help fund the show. I have incentive, but all in all it's not locking me down, I can still see the show later if I want. Which brings up the point about downloading .vs streaming. Not only can I stream the video in a web browser and see a full show archive there in, but I can also download the shows and keep them on my local drive at a higher quality (generally 640*480px in a range of codecs which can scale really well). I generally choose to download the shows and archive them myself for future reference, meaning that not only am I generating revenue by watching the show, but Revision3 (the broadcasting company) can also say without a doubt that I will probably watch each show at least twice and thus see the ads at least twice. Allowing me to download on Saturday a non DRM'ed show is taking a very Apple approach. Much like Apple allows me to install Mac OS X on any Mac, knowing that I have to have bought a Mac from them to install it onto, Revision3 understand that I could pass the show around before general release, but I would have to have subscribed to the show in the first place so it wouldn't make much sense. Open, trusting and somewhat common sense litterate. The shows are generally around 30-60 minutes in length which is familiar to me from my traditional TV days while not overloading me or making me feel I have been short changed. The only thing I would change really would be the amount of content released. Both Kevin and Alex have said a number of times that there is a lot of un-edited footage from past shows, between shows and other events the crew have been to that has never been released, and despite this acknowledgment there still hasn't been a release. Revision3 has a further 10 shows to their name and that means that I could have around 2 shows a day to watch, more than adequate. I however, like most viewers I would imagine, am only interested in a few of them. To fill my want for more I would like to see a more regular release cycle and/or more shows (something the company has been promising for a long time). This is a much better example than some start-ups who are offering only "when we feel like it" (generally 2-3 week) release cycles of shows in low resolution which don't scale so well (or massive resolution that eats my bandwidth and my CPU cycles) at only 5-10 minute lengths, about things I could as easily have read online (and usually have), with over the top production qualities and out of date news. There are many of these services which allow only for streaming or downloads and give me no other option as well as filling many other pitfalls of the medium as is finds it's way today. To these companies I would offer the advice of checking out Revision3 and why they do so well (it's not all about Kevin, Alex or Digg.com) as well as BBC's revival of the show Top Gear a few years back. Sometimes focusing on the content and delivery draws you away from thinking about how you should be handling your content and delivery. ipTV certainly has a long way to go, but the more people think about the viewers (the reason for the start of this "revolution" in the first instance) and put out content that viewers actually want to watch, the more chance we have of turning this whole media juggernaut on it's head for better.
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    RSS Updates

    It's nothing to do with the machine, it's the software and the server setup. I currently have .Mac set to every hour and I am getting RSS through no problem. I know Automatic mode won't allow RSS and I think one of the others also.
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    Imported profile slower on Intel Mac?

    I've never had such a problem, it may simply be that some permissions need repairing. Try that and then restart the machine.
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    december customization