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    PMU reset

    I wasn't aware that it wasn't at factory specifications, sorry for the confusion.
  2. houltmac

    Core 2 Duo Mac Mini soon?

    Actually you can't, it's not that easy. The Mac mini's are soldered CPU's which means you would have to make a Mac mini specified main logic board with original chips etc., write your own custom drivers and tweak Mac OS X Tiger and it's installer as well as the firmware and more. So no, you can't really.
  3. houltmac

    Switcher With Questions!

    iLife, a trial of iWork and a trial of MS Office are all bundled with every single new Mac currently shipping. The installers are all contained on the installation disks that came with the Mac (the grey ones) along side OS X Tiger. To install separately you can Archive and Install Tiger and choose to install whichever bundled apps/"features" you want also.
  4. houltmac

    Organizing .dmg files?

    @Cameraman: You didn't delete them too quickly, what you did was create a link to the applications contained within them. What you should do is as follows: 1. Download the *.dmg file 2. Mount the *.dmg file by double clicking it 3. Double click the installer if it says installer, if not then drag the file to your Applications folder 4. Close the window, unmount the file by dragging it to the trash and delete the *.dmg file 5. Drag the application from the Applications folder to the dock 6. Click the dock icon to launch the application
  5. Good luck with the show, I will be keeping an eye on it for sure.
  6. It may be time to Archive and Install. Search the forums for instructions or PM me, but that would be my first step (nice and quick and easy).
  7. houltmac

    Imac extreme card to macbook wireless?

    What exactly the setup is isn't clear, but if you are trying to connect the 24" to anything with Airport and it's slow then it could be that the cables need switching. For this you will need to take it into an Apple Store or AASP. If it's anything else then I think we will need clarification on the exact setup you have (not the machines, but how they are connected).
  8. houltmac

    C2D Macbook or CD Macbook Pro?

    Disco is adding support for "smoke" for MacBooks "soon"
  9. houltmac

    Leopard Musings

    I have to agree with Daniel; it goes against the point of the Dashboard in the first instance. It would also raise concerns about RAM (as mentioned above) as well as the bandwidth issue. Any widget that shows information not stored on your computer (I'd guess around 95-99% of them out there) requires a small amount of bandwidth and your ISP simply can't provide that kind of piping on current technologies.
  10. houltmac

    If your gonna switch, do it right!

    Very similar to myself in that it was actually a girlfriend who got me into looking at Macs, I used to work with Windows based PCs and now I work as a workshop manager for an AASP in England. Good story man, welcome to the forums and I hope you stick around (I might have someone to play with in the "we work with Apple products" space).
  11. houltmac

    Is my Alt (option) key 'dead'?

    That I can't comment on, but I think you know what I am thinking then.
  12. houltmac

    Is my Alt (option) key 'dead'?

    At least they can get you a new top case, we in the UK are having more difficulty.
  13. houltmac

    C2D Macbook or CD Macbook Pro?

    I have the white 1.83 model so I could afford 2GB RAM and I am uber happy with it. It doesn't scratch (I don't abuse mine though so perhaps that has something to do with the wingers) and it looks great. The additional money... was that a fitting charge? We fit MacBook RAM as a matter of courtesy at work, but Apples RAM prices are madness. We generally buy in known good RAM modules on the cheap and fit them ourselves as it's so much cheaper. I personally got mine form the heavily recommended Crucial as always. Backing up to the original topic, I don't think you will be hurt by the MB graphics at all. I haven't tried any games on here yet (I'll get around to it one day, but am far too busy at work at the moment) but I do use CS2 and iMovie... phenomenal. Of course the MBP will do a better job, but this is more than twice as fast at rendering a 1 hour movie than my PB15" so no complaints here. Heavy/business users think again, but home/power users will be more than happy with the MacBook as a main machine in my experience.
  14. houltmac

    C2D Macbook or CD Macbook Pro?

    Unless you have a specific need that you haven't mentioned (CS2, high end video, gaming or the like) then it's gotta be the MacBook without a doubt. It will blow the MBP away.
  15. houltmac

    The Professor

    He's around, he's just not around here much anymore. He moves around a lot too, visiting people and places for fun and for work but he's still based at the same place however.
  16. houltmac

    Leopard Theory

    The tough thing to get across in Leopard is that while the "bling" (viz. "new" technologies) has mostly been covered there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of small things that will help get things done. Tons of small improvement, getting rid of annoyances and generally refining Tiger in many ways. I am so excited I am saving for another new Mac as soon as Leopard ships with machines.
  17. houltmac

    Formac HDD not working with firewire

    If you have something else you can try in the FireWire port then go for it, but it's almost certainly going to be a main logic board replacement on the MacBook. Take it into an Apple Store or AASP whenever you can.
  18. houltmac

    Memory(RAM) on Mac Mini the same as MacBooks?

    It's not a bad price, but then again it's not a good product. Upgrades should always be in 1GB module increments so you have the option of further upgrade without wasting the money you have already spend by needing to remove the RAM you last bought. The choice is yours, but be sure you won't sell the machine or upgrade it until it's no longer worth anything at all if you are going to add 2x512MB RAM modules.
  19. houltmac

    Core 2 Duo Mac Mini soon?

    I can't say it's likely not to happen soon, but I'm wondering if it's not time for a revamp of the Mini in January. With the release of the iTV and the sluggish change to the Mini it's about time I think... Who really knows, but I'm expecting something before Leopard.
  20. houltmac

    Leopard Theory

    Interesting observation.
  21. houltmac

    How to upgrade OSX ?

    I'd always backup and then Erase and Install, then use the Migration Assistant to move your personal stuff back over. It's much smoother, easier and more efficient that way. I talk from experience.
  22. houltmac

    osx included with systems

    To put a final end to this debate, here is the answer: The disks that came with your Mac (the grey ones) will only work with that model of Mac. They won' work with anything close and they won't work with just any Mac for sure. This isn't limited to PPC vs. Intel Macs because the disks also contain fragments of firmware which is hardware specific. Bang, your answer. In terms of Intel and PPC (which we have already established won't work), you can't even hack a disk to work because the Intel disks (and Tiger OS for Intel period) is not Universal, nor is a Universal copy ever going to hit the market (no machine will be Intel and not come with at least Tiger, this will change for Leopard of course). The builds of Tiger on disks shipped with Intel based Macs are Intel only builds with firmware attached. In short, don't even think about one bundled disk on any more than the one computer it came with, go buy and retail copy of Tiger and don't loose your Intel bundled disks.
  23. houltmac

    PBG4 Idle Dimming

    I'd try resetting the PRAM and also reading the article here just in case you can find a correlation.
  24. houltmac

    MacWorld Keynote

    5PM, the night before wouldn't be absurd; seriously.
  25. houltmac

    iBook G3 battery Dead

    It could be a multitude of things, but most likely either the battery itself is simply dead (most likely) or far far worse; the logic board is going/gone. I have seen the logic board in G3 iBooks go three times this week out of no-where. It's expensive so brace yourself for worst case scenario if you take it to Apple or an AASP.