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    mac mini hard drive

    Each model of Mac uses multiple hard disk drives as well as optical drives. Which drive, from which manufacturer you get is pot luck, but the specs will all be at minimum those shown on the Apple website.
  2. houltmac

    new forum

    Which browser are you using and what cookie settings do you have turned on?
  3. houltmac

    new forum

    As always try your caches. I have had no issues at all thus far and I am hammering the forums as much as I can.
  4. houltmac

    Macbook Pro 17' lid flops shut

    I have seen this on nearly every 17" MacBook Pro I have seen; the hinges just aren't tight enough. These hinges are not adjustable however and technically; they work, so why should Apple do anything about it? Well, obviously people with the issue think they should, but you know what I mean. It's tough to give advice really, but we can hope that they get better over time. I don't know why this never happens with 13" or 15" models though.
  5. houltmac

    PMU reset

    Let us know how it goes. It's always interesting to follow up with experiences as well as just letting everyone know it worked out okay in the end.
  6. houltmac

    new forum

    The more I look around the more I like it. The only thing is that it reminds me of MSN Messenger, but you can't have it all... Unless you are Steve Jobs I guess.
  7. houltmac

    macbook or macbook pro

    In contrast to Daniel, I have gone for the MacBook. I don't personally need the graphics power (although being a gamer I go back and forth on whether I can insult my Mac with Windows and gaming) as I mainly use it for surfing the net, text based media, watching video and listening to audio. In short I don't use the power, it's an end user machine for the best part. When I do want to do "Pro" things I generally go for the Mac Pro at work. In terms of carrying around the notebook it's awesome. While it isn't really spec'd that differently from my PowerBook 15" in terms of size and weight it certainly feels like it. I can carry this around all day in a satchel or backpack without issue and it fits in any drawer in the house. I can also feel the resolution difference; not only is the display crisp and rich I seem to be able to fit more on the screen at any one time than ever before. That rocks. Cool, light, good looking, powerful enough for iLife usage, great battery life, full featured Mac... what else can you want?
  8. ca1son is by far the most under-rated, yet most friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person on the forum. Pay respect to the man and just say thanks once in a while.

  9. Adam rocks and more to the point should keep these profile thingies... I like them and I don't know why.

  10. houltmac

    MAIL Bug?

    While I agree with Mark I have just about given up with Mail and sounds. My PowerBook and my MacBook (both running Tiger, although completely different OS') both sound off when they aren't supposed to (viz. Mail has been auto checked but nothing was found)... I can't solve the problem and neither can anyone else after over a year of trying. I suggest giving Tiger a shot for the sake of the Mac, but don't hold your breath for Mail.
  11. houltmac

    macbook screen brightness after restart

    By all means there is a case for changing the logic board again now as this does seem rather strange, but I wonder if it's enough to warranty you loosing your Mac for a few days?
  12. While I understand your frustration, and agree that it's not a great move for those in rural areas, the UK is pretty well covered if you check the Apple website properly. One thing I can say is that AASPs are often much faster in repair turnaround time than Apple was. While it's not ideal for all, remember that this wasn't a part of the contract of AppleCare; it was simply an added service Apple provided. The contract was for parts and labour and with the AppleCare extension it covers the telephone support extension also.
  13. houltmac

    Switching from Admin to regular user...

    It's not all about "hacking"; it's about security. Code cannot be run in certain account types because it's simply not allowed and this can help in any number of situations.
  14. houltmac

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    1. SuperDuper! Simply the greatest backup application ever. Clone your machine automatically with a schedule and make a bootable backup in minutes with smart updates. (Cheap) 2. Flip4Mac Watch Windows Media files on your Mac, especially useful when watching videos online. (Free) 3. VLC Watch just about any video without messing around with CODECS and other geeky stuff. Simple. (Free) 4. Skype Talk with friends online, on a landline, a cell... Talk as much as you want, cheap and mostly free at a really high quality. (Free) 5. AdiumX Chat with IM contacts on MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and all other major networks. 6. SizzlingKeys Control iTunes from anywhere on your Mac. A must for any music loving Mac owner. 7. ShowMacster Share more than just video and audio through iChat. Share photos, QuickTime files and much more. 8, 9 and 10. iLife suite I'll happily take three spaces to fill with iLife rather than waste it on generic stuff that people don't really use. iLife speaks for itself and I don't think there is anything else out there that I would recommend to 80% of new Mac users or more.
  15. I'm not sure it's really that big of a deal. Most people I speak to are much happier to drop their machine in to an AASP (locally) on their way to work one day, then pick it up a couple of days later on their way home and the whole time have contact with the actual engineer working on their repair with a track history that they can see.
  16. houltmac

    mac upgrade tutorials

    As I have said before; iFixit is the best resource online for this kind of thing, but don't take it as gospel. There are many mistakes in there and you should use personal judgement wherever applicable (or contact me for more info).
  17. houltmac

    How to properly value a used mac

    Benefit of the doubt has been given to an honest mistake. Nothing will be gained from deleting the thread however and for now the thread will stand. If any more comments are added then I will delete all comments from 2006 on here.
  18. houltmac

    How many pixels does it take?

    No one can tell you because it's classified by Apple, but there are limits they set depending on the resolution of the display, wether they are grouped, light, dark etc... One pixel will not be enough though; it's within the threashold.
  19. houltmac

    Uninstalling iDVD

    You will be fine. You can either use something like AppZapper or you can simply do a Spotlight search for iDVD and delete all files associated with it (the main app, plists etc.). This will save space and not hurt future installations at all.
  20. houltmac

    Networking Macs

    I couldn't agree more. Where I work everything is wired except the laptop demo machines and laptops that are not at their normal workstations (such as during meetings etc.). The rest of the time we wire everthing as each desk has cable routed to it. This works especially well with our full VOIP system as they can be patched through. As a professional IT solutions expert and repro shop we couldn't live any other way.
  21. houltmac

    LCD TV Advice

    Thanks, I'll bear it in mind.
  22. houltmac

    LCD TV Advice

    I am the new owner of an XBox 360. Currently it's hooked up at work so that I can play on the big screen on the wall, but I'd like to play it at home. I have no idea what I am doing with TV/HT nowadays and haven't looked into all this 720p, 1080i, component vs something else stuff at all. Basically I need your help. Any advice, tips or quick explanations of why you said stuff would be useful. Basically it's just for playing the 360 on, but if I could hook it up to my MacBook for DVDs or general use on occasion then that would be cool too. I need cheap (£600 absolute max although I'd like to spend about half that). I need something around 23-28" to fit on the chest of drawers in my room (rest of the house is far too busy with people) and am not interested in separate surround speakers or anything at all. Thanks guys.
  23. houltmac

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    That is so odd; it's one of my most used apps; I can't live without it. I take it you load the Microsoft bloat-ware (aka. Word) app thing instead right?
  24. houltmac

    Dropped Powerbook.. Need Help!

    Generally the iFixit guides are a good source, although they are full of holes, mistakes and sometimes even tell you to do completely insane things that simply slow you down (I have submitted over a dozen mistakes in the MacBook guide alone). Which G4 is it? 12/15/17"? Titanium/Aluminium? PowerBook models are as follows: 12" DVi 12" 1.33GHz 12" 1.5GHz 15" 15" Gigabit Ethernet 15" DVI 15" 867MHz/1GHz 15" FW800/1.33GHz/1.5GHz 15" 1.5GHz/1.67GHz 15" DL SD (SuperDrive) 17" 17" 1.33GHz/1.5GHz/1.67GHz/DL SD (Grouped models are the same take apart)
  25. houltmac

    Can Intel Macs boot from USB?

    To speed the process up there are some hacks, but USB (even 2.0) is hellishly slow at any rate. The hack speeds things up a little, but it makes it harder to boot. Ignore it and go FireWire for a much more stable, reliable, faster system.