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    PMU reset

    It's quite possible that you have inadvertently shorted the MLB (Main Logic Board) when resetting the SMU. It's probably going to need to be checked out by Apple or an AASP but I for one wouldn't mention the SMU/PMU if it's under warranty.
  2. houltmac

    MB battery dying

    Get this checked out. You may well need a new battery, but I know in the UK at least they are on massive backorder so check before leaving if you could just leave the battery and work off mains if/when they order you a battery.
  3. houltmac

    Dropped Powerbook.. Need Help!

    If you are on Skype then I'll be on for around 20-30 mins, get hold of me there. Otherwise send me a PM and we'll sort you out (remember, I am a professional )
  4. houltmac

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    Comic Life, Microsoft Office, OmniOutliner, Quicken, Sherlock, and Stickies from that list but I also think the small game bundle is a waste. I also hate Multi-Language and Drivers installing by default; I always take them out.
  5. houltmac

    Can Intel Macs boot from USB?

    The simple answer is no. While this is not entirely true it's not nice. You will want to search around on Google for a few hours or perhaps OSXHints.com. It can be done but it's time consuming and certainly not pretty. I'd just give in and get a tiny FW external HDD or NetBoot depending on your situation.
  6. houltmac

    Mini as a Windows only PC

    I've really never looked into it (sounds like madness to me) but as far as I know the best you can do is to make a 2.5GB (to make sure) OS X install and partition using BootCamp and then simply choose to default boot to Windows. Once Windows is installed however I'm not sure why you couldn't use an open partition utility re-partition the entire drive as whatever you want to use for Windows... Still sounds like madness to me though.
  7. houltmac

    Software freeze

    That would all depend on the nature of the freeze. Try hitting Command Option and Escape, if this doesn't work do all you can to switch to Finder and do the same. Often times if this doesn't work then you will have no choice. It's better to hard reset (hold down the power button until it turns off) than yank the power cord though.
  8. houltmac

    External Hard Drive Recommendations?

    The drives they use are from other hardware manufacturers, however their own hardware (the casing, the IO and power boards etc. are of exceptional quality and the drives they buy in are generally very well made and reliable also.
  9. I believe Rogue Amoeba's Detour software allows for this, but I haven't used it in months. Worth checking out.
  10. houltmac

    iMac won't remember screen geometry

    Try resetting the PRAM, repairing permissions and Archive Installing Panther; this will cut out those possibilities although it could be the display or logic board that are being the pain. It could also be something like the battery on the logic board has gone, so if all else fails see if you can get one from an AASP.
  11. houltmac

    External Hard Drive Recommendations?

    Completely depending how you want to use the drive (portable, desktop for docking etc.) I would say it's a tough one to answer were it not for one company; LaCie. They have drives to suit all needs on their website and are re-sold everywhere. I personally have dozens of d2 TIE drives both at home and work and they have never let me down, the Porsche drives are also very good. In terms of 2x250GB or 1x500GB... It doesn't really matter in theory, but I'd be inclined to get more smaller drives simply because if they fail you still have others, you don't loose all your data etc. It just make logical sense to me and it's how I have worked since loosing 100GB of music and video a few years ago (that's when you form an opinion on the matter).
  12. houltmac

    MacBook volume problem

    Sounds like a hardware problem to me. I would take it to an Apple Store/AASP and they will likely try a new logic board. (I have had similar issues with my MacBook also).
  13. houltmac

    Zooming mighty mouse

    It needs to be turned on in System Preferences is all. What versions of the OS are you running? It's a relatively new feature.
  14. houltmac

    Bloggers wanted!

    Any which way this has been paid way more attention than it deserves, especially considering it's in the wrong forum (wouldn't this be a Job Opportunity?)
  15. houltmac

    Zooming mighty mouse

    I love how you called it a "middle nipple scroller thingy"; that really made my day. This can be achieved through any mouse (with a scroll of some kind) or trackpad, but it is very cool.
  16. houltmac

    macbook useage time

    Neither my personal PowerBook nor MacBook has ever been shut down, simply restarted once or twice a week to clear some cache's etc. There really isn't a heat problem with the MacBooks and if you experience "RSS" then you should then take it to Apple. Until then ignore all you know (or think you know) about MacBook heat-sinks. There is a lot more to it than has been posted online and it's not something to worry about until it happens because likelihood is you don't have it. Heatsinks in MacBooks all do their job and do it very well.
  17. houltmac

    Switching from Admin to regular user...

    If you have an external storage device (such as an external hard drive) then that is the easiest way. If not then you can drag all the files and folders you want to transfer into your Public folder in your home folder as this is accessible by all users. Of course the easiest option is to create a new user, make them an Admin account and turn off your own admin features in System Preferences.
  18. You want the same audio to play through both or two different audio files?
  19. houltmac

    Macbook Firmware Update

    I have had no issues and have seen no issues either. The update has seemed quite stable to me.
  20. houltmac

    The ultimate Mac collection

    See for yourself... I love and hate this guy all at the same time: [Flickr Photo Set]
  21. houltmac

    Mac Freeware Finds

    I certainly will be checking. Great idea and I hope to use it a lot.
  22. Generally I wouldn't advise it. While it may not do the battery that much harm it's certainly not good for it. Plug it in when you need to charge or sync it, but apart from that leave it in your pocket (I leave mine in my coat as it's nicely padded and lined and goes everywhere with me).
  23. houltmac

    Shuffle Replacement Part Question

    Contact your local Apple Store or AASP, they may be able to help. Outside of that I doubt you will find one unless someone is willing to donate.
  24. houltmac

    Switcher With Questions!

    1. Honestly I am still baffled by all these comments about the Black MacBook. They are a fine machine with a fine finish. Nothing to worry about here in my experience. 2. There were a couple of issues, but they are mostly resolved. They had the RSS issue (resolved) which is covered should it happen, battery issues (covered) and also a few charger issues (again, covered). You will be okay, I don't see anything to worry about. 3. While I haven't tried it, 1GB should be fine for these games. As always, if you can afford two then all the better.
  25. houltmac

    The Professor

    A good man, wish he was still around. I should probably e-mail him again, it's been a while.