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    Who still uses their old Mac?

    There is still something about my PowerBook which I can't let go of, much as I really need to sell it.
  2. houltmac

    Mac Videos

    I think you are thinking of MacTV. They changed sites and have been having a rough time of it recently so I don't think http://jemca.watchmactv.com/ will work for a while. In the mean time I believe the iTunes feed is active if you search for it.
  3. I really don't recommend resizing partitions on any drive, on any OS, for any reason. This is a dangerous thing to do (especially on a 500GN drive) as you have a fair chance of loosing all your data no matter what the blurb on the tool you use says. Don't trust it is my advice. Use Disk Utility to re-partition the drive the first time and after that get another drive, partition at will and then move things over; using the first drive as a clean one which can then be re-partitioned without chance of data loss. It's the best advice I can give after more than 10 years of fiercely partitioning all manner of drives.
  4. houltmac

    Please invite me to GMail!

    PM me your current e-mail address and I will send you an invite right away.
  5. houltmac

    Really simple microphone question

    Some mics will just work, some will need a driver. Check out the manufacturers website for drivers and an FAQ (these people aren't generally biased against Macs like say ISPs and networking companies are).
  6. houltmac

    eMacCast does not show as Audiobook

    It's tagged as being a podcast, so it will only show as being such. There is a detailed explanation on the forums somewhere from this week (I believe car1son wrote it although I may be wrong) which should help figure things out.
  7. houltmac

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    I have installed BootCamp on probably 2-3 hundred machines over the past months, on every Intel Mac ever sold thus far and I have not as yet had a single problem so I find that very interesting.
  8. houltmac

    Import Mail

    If you want to move ALL Mail data from one machine to another simply grab the following move to the corresponding location on the other Mac: User/Library/Mail (grab the whole folder) User/Library/Preferences/com.apple.mail.plist
  9. houltmac

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    They did indeed change some specs during the release of the 24". This is in no way an indication of when the next change will come, Apple have a history of multiple iMac revisions during the next three months. My point really though is that the rumors go for as long as it takes, it happens eventually, two weeks pass and the cycle starts again. Ignore it completely unless there is truly strong evidence it will happen soon and make sure you buy from the Apple Store if in doubt as Apple offer a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee so you can basically upgrade within 14 days.
  10. houltmac

    Best way of making processor hot

    I really can't imagine anyone considering this course of action. I can only advise against it as it will not only kill your Mac, but it could potentially be a danger to your health. Not only will this cause all manner of micro-system damage but it could also be a fire hazard (which isn't Apples fault; this is not what Macs were designed for).
  11. houltmac

    Free SW with new Mac Pro?

    In both cases we are talking about a completely different thing. This is 2006. This is Intel Macs. This is Tiger. Please try to stick to the topic at hand.
  12. houltmac

    Fed up with this 24" imac.

    If you are having issues then try finding an Apple Authorized Service Provider; they will perform repairs and so on under the warranty. They will provide you with advice and for a small fee get things like BootCamp working properly. I know this because I work for one. 38 AASPs in and around Southampton can be found here.
  13. houltmac

    Sleep light on iBook G3

    It could be a multitude of things. Depending on the exact model, and assuming you are used to taking apart laptops (and know the dangers involved) then look for the following when you take it apart: The reed switch and magnet are properly positioned and working. The catch is working properly and nothing is stuck in it. The logic board shows no signs of wear and tear.
  14. houltmac

    Black or White?

    Simply inaccurate. I have to contest the general impression the above posts are exhaling. Neither the Black nor White MacBooks have a bad finish in either the long nor the short term. The white doesn't show body oils as easily granted, but the black doesn't flack (viz. flake) either. Both are sturdy finishes and any issues with the white "yellowing" were sorted months ago. I really wouldn't take these "reasons" into consideration. The real question is how much can the difference buy you and do you require the other upgrades the black model offers. In short I think that the upgrades themselves are rediculous for the money. If you really need to squeeze every last drop out of the CPU (doubtful), could do with the SuperDrive and like the black then go for the Black model (assuming under those conditions you are happy to pay the extra and can afford any other upgrades you may want). In all other cases I have to suggest the 1.83GHz model. Here you have a fine machine to say the least. It's "very Mac", very fast, upgradable (RAM, HDD etc.) and otherwise fully featured. For the cost of the "BlackBook" I have a system that far better suits my needs, I didn't waste money on a 20GB upgrade, SuperDrive or anything else I wouldn't use on a 2.0GHz model. The choice is yours, but I strongly suggest not to take the finish into account. To quantify: This is based on the idea that you will clean them, everything gets dirty, especially when you use it so much and it moves from place to place. It's also based on the idea that you won't mis-treat it. My basis is pretty sound seeing as my company must look after hundreds of MacBooks; I have one myself (as do most of the guys here) and we look after business and education customers around the country as well as having a showroom demo model which is pretty well abused.
  15. houltmac

    Restoring a HD without Restore CD's

    If all else fails then contact me, we might be able to work something out.
  16. houltmac

    Should I wait to buy an iMac?

    There is little anyone can say that Adam hasn't said and you haven't heard. The decision is yours. I seriously doubt Leopard will be available before the very end of Q1 judging by where it was a few weeks ago. iMacs (like all Macs right now) are not far off a speed bump, but then they never are. You have to buy sometime or else you never will. If iLife '07 is that important then wait, but it's only going to be a few dollars anyway. I don't see a reason to wait, but then I'm not you. I doubt you will get any more advice than that. Good luck, and I hope you make the right decision for you.
  17. houltmac

    Restoring a HD without Restore CD's

    Not having an OS installed however will be worse than the already bad situation of not having OS disks when you come to sell it. Tiger may well be a worthwhile investment for a good condition PBG412.
  18. houltmac

    Restoring a HD without Restore CD's

    You can try an Apple Store or AASP, they may do so for a fee. Otherwise you would need to buy a new copy of Tiger (£89). Where abouts in the UK are you?
  19. houltmac

    What time is best?

    Now. Leopard is due for release in the Spring, I really don't see it at MacWorld or anything and at the end of the day it costs 10 minutes and $100 to upgrade. Not a problem.
  20. houltmac

    Free SW with new Mac Pro?

    Looking at the demo machines today revealed the same thing on all models; they all have those two apps. I didn't realize because the first boot of my lovely MacBook was to the OS X Install DVD anyway
  21. houltmac

    MacBook Pro not charging!!

    Indeed I would think this is a similar issue to the ones reported elsewhere and that some of my friends have experienced. I would suggest contacting Apple or an AASP. They will likely allow you to keep the MacBook Pro after a 5 minute test, and they will simply keep the charger. Apple Stores will usually have chargers in stock, if they don't then you will likely get one in 24 to 48 hours anyway. In terms of the juice spill; they will know and this isn't covered by warranty. If you want a replacement then there will be a charge. Don't clean it yourself though; you could damage the logic board (again, this would be your fault and you would have to pay for it) and that could be hundreds of dollars.
  22. houltmac

    Uploading Pix to posts

    There are two ways: 1. Click Add Reply or New Topic and underneath your post choose to attach a file, make this file the image. 2. Upload them to an account at say Flickr or a similar site and then grab the URL (address of the image itself). To post the image in your message here enclose the URL in the BBEdit tag img as follows: [img=www.flickr.com/username/photos/image001.jpg]
  23. houltmac

    DVDs Won't Read - Keep Ejecting

    Odds are that it is one of the following: 1. Lens does indeed need cleaning; you can buy kits for this from any local computer/electronic store. 2. The drive is a CD-ROM/CD-RW drive and doesn't support DVDs. Check System Profiler to verify this is a DVD enabled drive. 3. The drive is simply not working properly. There is really nothing you can do about this but replace the drive. Rob one from another Mac, buy one from Apple or some kind of Apple reseller (you can't use just any drive) to solve this one; it's very simple to replace.
  24. houltmac

    Swapping Hard Drives Around.

    The real question is the last sentence in Josh' statement. This is simple and very do-able, but how depends largely on whether you have both drives in use with data on them you want to keep at the moment.
  25. houltmac

    Startup Disk Full? No...

    Have you tried resetting your PRAM and using something like DiskWarrior to rebuild your directories?