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    What happens to...

    I was very excited about the new ipod but then got to think about all the old ipod. Whenever a new ipod comes out they take all the olds ones off the shelves. I was wondering what the retail stores do with all those old ipod.
  2. mrbinary

    Speeding it up

    I am useing a powerbook G4 which i bought a year ago. it has 768MB of memory and 17GB of free space on the hard drive.
  3. mrbinary

    Speeding it up

    I am having two problems, the first is that I use an external monitor and keyboard for my powerbook and my keyboard is about half a second off my screen. The second problem is that I cannot seem to speed up my computer. When I go to copy something in a document it take a life time and when I go to open applications it also seems to take a lot longer then it once did.