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  1. jkolnick

    AppleID issues

    Hi Gang; I seem to always have some sort of AppleID issue when I log in. Is there a Apple support number or e-mail I can send them. Also the key change keeps coming up and interupting my typing. I do not use keychain, how do I disable this? It is really irritating. Thanks Jerry
  2. jkolnick

    how to authorize ipad on new computer

    thanks for the reply but for now I have too much on the iPad to bak up to the cloud. So I need to do something else. Jerry
  3. Hi Gang: before moving to Malaysia I sold off my iMac and purchased a Macbook Pro 17". I had my iPad Synced with the iMac and now I need to sync to my Macbook Pro. I can I do this? Thanks Jerry
  4. jkolnick

    Lion and Keychain issue

    Hi Gang; Ever since I upgraded to Lion I keep having the Keychain dialog box come up all the time. In Safari, FaceTime and other apps. This is rather annoying. How can I get this this to stop. Thanks; Jerry
  5. jkolnick

    Lion & Quicktime

    Hi; Is it me or there others out there that have installed Lion and now cannot play Quicktime X?
  6. jkolnick

    Lion & photoshop CS5

    I have just downloaded Lion and installed it. Now I need to know how to creative a bootable Lion Disk for backup.
  7. jkolnick

    Lion & photoshop CS5

    I have a copy Lion but I am not sure how to install it. Do you need to boot your HD under the Lion disk? Do you need a serial number? Thanks
  8. jkolnick

    Lion & photoshop CS5

    Thank you for your reply. Do you know if there are any issues with HP printers, especially the C4250 Printer/Scanner?
  9. jkolnick

    Lion & photoshop CS5

    Hi; I am planning to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion and I have two questions. 1. will Photoshop CS5 still work? This is important to me since I am a photographer. 2. What is the best way to install it? Any tricks or quarks I should know about? I have an iMac 27 in with 4GB of RAM Thanks Jerry
  10. jkolnick

    iCloud and photos

    I found out that I need Lion to make it work on the Mac, unless there is a work around, I am going to have to wait until I start traveling before I upgrade.
  11. jkolnick

    iCloud and photos

    Hi Gang; Has anyone tried using iCloud to transfer photographs from your iPad to your iPhoto?
  12. jkolnick

    iOS5 - Do you have it, does it work?

    Hay guys have you had time to work with iCloud? I just updated to iOS 5 and set up iCloud. When I backed up the first time it used up almost all my 5 gigs. How do I clear it out? Thanks guys.
  13. jkolnick

    Free Agent GoFlex 2 Terabyte HD

    OK I will try this again, not to confuse you. I always use the MAC utility format drives. after I formatted the drive I then copied over my data from a 1 terabyte drive. I have not erase my original drive and will not until I know that this new drive is working properly. The reason I purchase this new drive to move my photography work over the new drive and then reformat the 1 Terabyte drive then move data over from my 2 smaller drives.
  14. jkolnick

    Free Agent GoFlex 2 Terabyte HD

    Well I went back to Costco a returned the drive. I bought the same drive at Staples. Same Price. I formatted it Extended Journaled. Now when I open the drive and click on a folder I just get the spinning gear. What gives? Two drives with no luck.
  15. jkolnick

    Free Agent GoFlex 2 Terabyte HD

    I will take it back to Costco, but I Really would like a FIrewire Drive. ANy good suggestions that are under $100.