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  1. Hi fellow mac users I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem.. I was wondering how to delete unwanted information(files etc.) after you delete a program. Because I know that after deleting programs such as 'Aquisition' there are still residual information such as search keywords wandering around in my computer. How would I get rid of em? Thx :]
  2. yoops

    Disk Utility Internal Error

    do you supposed apple will release an update to fix this problem... hopefully >< because i wish to wait till apple does something about it. if not ill go and delete chess i guess (dammn!)
  3. yoops

    Disk Utility Internal Error

    I have a powerbook g4 (aluminum) v10.3.9
  4. Yeah thats the problem... somebody help me!
  5. is it available for Mac OSX ? bitcomet is also my choice for a BT client but there isnt one for mac sadly
  6. corrent me if Im wrong but wouldnt azureus use up more system memory since its a java based client? can somebody shed some light on this it would be great!
  7. yoops

    Icons problem

    man i cant find the original icon
  8. yoops

    Icons problem

    ah thx alot guys i guess i would have to try to find the original icon. you guys are great
  9. yoops

    Icons problem

    I didn't use any programs to change the icon i did this a looong time ago while I was mesing around and I chose a random icon I made and I did copy paste i think when I clicked on get info and it changed and I never knew how to change it back. so yeah
  10. yoops

    Icons problem

    Hey fellow mac users! I'm typing from southern california and I own a powerbook 15' g4 superdrive. I am also an art student . now for my problem.. thats what my hd icon currently looks like and I wish to change it back to its default and I dont know how =.
  11. yoops

    Need help with icons

    I apologize if my previous post was viewed as offensive in any way I just thought that my question would best be answered in the tips and tricks forum. Ill delete my post and paste this somewhere else thanks.