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  1. After looking into it, I have reason to believe it is the Notes feature of the nano that causes the problem. If anybody else is having the same problem, try deleting all the Notes on your iPod and try reconnecting. I believe it is in this generation that Apple has switched from the PortaPlayer system to a new system, which has resulted in some fairly buggy code. Simply in trying to get the Notes on the nano I had to experiment quite a bit, and on occasion my calendars will simply disappear. Hopefully they will work to improve the code on these devices soon, and make the "Classic" features more reliable instead of focussing on the Games etc. Perhaps the hap-hazard job done on notes is an indication that a revised version that synchronizes with Leopard is in the works....
  2. I just recieved my iPod Nano 3G 8GB, and it's been working fine for the first 3 days, but today after Daylight Savings it seems, whenever I connect it to my MacBook it just freezes up on "Connected, Eject before disconnecting". -System Profiler reports the USB device exists -Doesn't show up in iTunes -Doesn't show up in Finder When I disconnect it, it's completely frozen. Nothing responds other than a few clicks when you use the buttons. A reset of the device gets you back, but connecting up results in the same situation. Oddly enough, Disk Mode DOES work. Resetting into Disk Mode lets you connect, sync, and everything, but same old issue when you reset and try to connect in the main Apple GUI. Anybody with this kind of behavior? I've been looking through the forums and there are a lot of people complaining about this generation freezing quite a bit, but not this particular way. Thanks
  3. jole

    UPS delays

    Hello everyone, I just ordered my new red nano and have been tracking it on UPS in canada. For a while it reported that it would be delivered on the 24th, but was still "in transit" between from MOUNT HOPE, ON, CA. That was on the 19th, and it is now the 26th, an entire week later. After the 24th it simply no longer said anything about an estimated delivery date, and now just leaves me waiting for my iPod and no information about if or when it is coming. Should I contact UPS about this? Apple? If so, how? I thought perhaps UPS was holding items so as to release Leopard only on the 26th, but no budging. Anybody have problems with UPS? I believe Apple used to use FedEx but has since changed. Thanks
  4. jole

    iLife 08 / iMovie Downgrade?

    There are significant improvements I found to iMovie '08. It's snappier, but the interface is mind boggling for those familiar with the old interface. I think it's right on that they're trying to be more average joe, which is fine, but things like fading out music is impossible to what I've seen, and it seems like it got a bit rushed out the door. Some interface dialogs look very developer-esque and not ready for prime time. But overall not having to wait for things to render, and the library is a welcome addition, and to me it looks like the codebase is nearer to Final Cut or FCE which means less working with bulky DV streams etc. In general, it's designed from the ground up for HD, which means the few that are blessed with HD camcorders can truly appreciate their quality without waiting painfully for everything to slowly render out.
  5. Hmm still nothing. Also, I'll mention that the following Apps DO work in fullscreen: -iTunes visualizer -Full screen video in iTunes -Keynote Some common factors are: -These apps don't "scale to fullscreen" like QuickTime does, although iPhoto doesn't "scale" either. -These apps Fade or go to black before going full screen Does anyone know the difference in fullscreening methods these applications use so I can target this a bit further?
  6. nvm found it. will try...
  7. I ran all the repair permissions, daily/weekly/monthly cron jobs, and everything else, nothing seemed to help. I can't seem to find a combo update for 10.4.10. I have installed all security and software updates though...
  8. I'm having a weird issue with the SystemUI lately. I can't say exactly when it started happening, it may have been around 10.4.10, but whenever I put iPhoto, QuickTime, or even DVD Player in to full screen mode, the Dock and Menu Bar don't go away. I have experimented with various utilities that hide or transparens-ify my menu bar, but I've uninstalled all of them completely, (including Preference files etc.) and it still sticks. According to various research on the Web, I've found that controls of the SystemUI such as hiding and disabling of the Menu Bar and the Dock are controlled on an Application basis, under what's called a Kiosk development method. Does anyone have these kinds of issues where the Dock/Menu bar don't fade away nicely like they should in Full Screen? Here's a link to a screenshot of iPhoto in Full Screen. (It's not just my Desktop!) http://jnet.ahtr.net/uploads/menubar.png
  9. jole

    Network Storage

    A warning about FAT32, because it's 32-bit, you can't store files over 4GB. I learned this the hard way... If you're going to store massive DVD backups, chances are they're going to go over that limit, so you'll definately want to use a different filesystem.
  10. jole

    Two Displays / Full Screen Question

    I have tried many things and I can't seem to find a way to make iTunes visualize on the second monitor without blanking out the rest.
  11. jole

    Final Cut Express/Macbook problem

    I run FCE on my MacBook, and it runs quite well actually. The trick to getting around the AGP graphics is 1. Go to your Applications folder. 2. Right-click (or Ctrl-Click) Final Cut Express HD and select "Show Package Contents" 3. Go to Contents, and open up Info.plist (it should open in Property List Editor) 4. Hit the little triangle beside "root" 5. Find the value that says "AGP" and change it to "PCI" and save. You may need to restart your computer for these changes to take effect. Also, it doesn't appear that this value is visible in 3.5.1.
  12. jole

    Quicktime Pro and Exporting Streaming Video

    Most streaming video is not savable, hence the streaming.
  13. jole

    iTunes Canada Q1?

    A fellow canadian, I hope Apple does bring some tv content to the music store. I imagine that the CRTC is probably flagging a lot of things Apple tries to do in Canada with music and video content. It may be that they want a certain % of canadian content on the video store...
  14. I don't know if this is worth mentioning, but the difference between 16-bit and 24-bit is negligible to most podcast-listener's ears. The snowball has it's own built in audio interface, and so I don't know how you'd be using a FireWire preamp on that...
  15. jole

    Should I get a Wacom Tablet?

    I got one as a "Bonus" from my boss who didn't use his, and although I will use it on occasion, it it mostly a novelty item if you're not too much a graphic artist. If you have a palm pilot or other PDA you can probably get by with that for signing things etc. Inkwell is neat to play around with, but I could never control my computer that way, much like how most of us probably could never spend the day controlling ours Macs with Voice Command. My 2 cents.