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  1. arkstfan

    Crossover for Mac

    If you are still around let us know how it went. I just bought a MacBook for my son and then discovered that he needs a Win only software package for his Algebra class. I'm going to set him up this weekend using a Crossover trial install but have a sinking feeling I'm about to buy XP and either run bootcamp, Parallels or Fusion.
  2. arkstfan

    Migration assistant Q

    Ended up at the Apple store in Memphis. It was an extra two hours of driving but sooooooo much more fun than ordering online. Took my firewire back up with me to my son's dorm room, told him to plug it in, ran migration assistant and 2 hours later his home account is sitting in front of him. Thanks for the reassurance.
  3. arkstfan

    Migration assistant Q

    Thanks. I've got around 140 gigs used on my iMac due to movies and such in my account (and a linux partition as well) but he's basically only going to be taking his photos, iTunes library, and other misc so he should start out with at least half the drive empty. I've been looking at the education discount, may end up using the Apple store rather than MacMall (love them!)
  4. arkstfan

    Migration assistant Q

    I'm ordering a Mac Book for my son as he heads off to college (how did he or I get so old?). He has a user account on my iMac G4. I just want to move his account to the Mac Book when it arrives and not my account or that of my wife and daughter. Can MA handle that fairly easily?
  5. arkstfan

    Legit Cheap Software?

    From the site I'd say that it smells pretty illegal when they don't offer a license and you can't get any tech support.
  6. arkstfan

    I wish there was a Nano 6gb

    And my wife won't be able to find that when she looks for it. She loses her nano in her bag enough as it is.
  7. arkstfan

    Video iPod Rumor

    I think folks are barking in the wrong direction on the "video" iPod. Touch screen would get messy and scratching will be an issue. Controls on the back aren't going to do it either. My guess is that when the day comes it'll have the Apple cool factor so... Turn the conventional 5th G iPod on its side. Increase the screen to a wide format and then down in one corner (probably lower right) a small click wheel, probably about half the size of the wheel on the Nano. Want a real cool factor, add a second small screen above the small click wheel. Why a second screen? Well number one reason is to be able to deactivate the large screen when you aren't watching video in order to increase battery life. Reason #2 is to be able to have the "what's playing" information and time remaining information available at all times if you want it without interfering with the watching experience. Reason #3 is to be able to use it as a preview screen for doing slideshows or presentations.
  8. arkstfan

    I wish there was a Nano 6gb

    I'm sticking with my mini because I don't want to have to pare down my playlists from 6 gig to 4.
  9. Yeah the first few weeks after I got my romping huge 40 meg hard drive many, many years ago.
  10. Maybe they ought to do what I do. Check eBay, even if I don't buy there I still check in to see what used prices are. The price is what the market will bear.
  11. arkstfan

    New iMac

    So much for me being at the cutting edge of iMacs I was tickled back in the spring to get the "new" iMac with built-in air port and bluetooth. Truth is I'm still tickled. My next purchase (other than more iPods) will be an Apple laptop with Intel chips.
  12. arkstfan

    Hello Video iPod

    The niche for the "video" iPod is going to be people who commute by bus or train. Those who fly and get stuck waiting in airports and on planes. Those who travel and spend a lot of time in hotels. Parents will want them to either plug into the in-vehicle video system (need to be able to convert "S" to RCA in most cases) or to let the kids hold it and watch in the back seat. Smaller niche will be office workers catching up on last night's show(s) on lunch break. I don't see great potential for the commuter who drives, the person working in the yard or at the gym working out. They will use it for audio (if they are driving I HOPE they are using it for audio!). The beauty of the new iPod is that at the heart music is still what it is about. The video capability is an "extra" for those other uses. The big deal will be making it easy to dump last night's DVR additions to the iPod or dumping a few hours of Cartoon Network to the iPod.
  13. arkstfan

    Hello Video iPod

    My son has been itching to scrap his Dell DJ for an iPod nano (especially since I dumped our windoze machine for an iMac forcing him to use a laptop to sync). If there is an easy way to convert S video to RCA jacks I might just spring for the new iPod come Christmas so he can carry video into our van on trips and play it through the van's entertainment system.