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  1. When you type "ls -a" into the Terminal to display all the files in a particular directory it often displays three hidden files - one call ".DS_Store" which I understand but two other simply names "." and ".." which I have not been able to find any information about. Does anyone know what these are?
  2. Hi, I just bought myself an iMac G3 with Panther installed but would really like to run Tiger on it ... I have a copy of Tiger on DVD but Apple have stopped the exchange program for the CD version ... if anyone has the install CD's lying around please get in touch
  3. matt.ledger

    Where can I suggest a band for the podcast?

    Thanks! I messaged Adam and he featured the band on this weeks episode
  4. I just recently started listening to the MacCast - I have been listening to TWiT since the beginning of the year when I bought my first Mac but discovered this one when I was in need of a good Mac podcast and none were available on TWiT ... I searched through the Technology listing's on iTunes but this was the only one that was good enough to come back for more and I have been listening ever since! I particularly like the feature at the end of the podcast for new bands and was wondering where to go to suggest a band ... Three of my friends are in a local band here in the UK and it would be great if they could be considered for the podcast - they recently released their first full album (they've had a few short EP's before but this is their first whole album) ... they do all the work needed themselves - they recorded and mixed the album, designed and made the cover art and then set up a label to release it on, they also designed and built their own website and are in the process of contacting almost every school in the UK to start their School's Tour - I try and do my bit by adding enhanced features to their monthly podcast (links, chapters, pictures etc.) in which they have a similar feature where Kev (the drummer) picks an unsigned band he has been listening to - they've been doing pretty well out of their hard work and even managed to get a half hour set on one of the smaller stages at this years Reading Festival but I try my best to help them get the publicity they deserve ... So, in short - where should I go to suggest a band for the podcast!? Matt
  5. matt.ledger

    Broken iPod's

    If anyone has a broken iPod I would love to hear from you! I have just left school in the UK and am having a year out to go traveling before going to university to study software engineering - I did a few weeks work experience a couple of months ago in a local Apple repair shop where I learnt how to repair all sorts of things - iPod's being the easiest and cheapest to work with I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a bit of extra money on top of my current job (working in Blockbuster doesn't pay massively well!) to help pay for my traveling. So, if anyone has a broken iPod they are willing to part with (or any other Apple product for that matter) please message me, I am of course happy to pay postage costs (even if you live abroad) ... broken screens are the cheapest to repair but pretty much any part can be replaced so any details you can give would be great! Many thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon! Matt