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  1. gjlowe

    iTunes 7

    So when iTunes determines the gapless playback information (which takes FOREVER), is it actually making any alterations to the files, or is it storing all of this information in some .xml file somewhere?
  2. gjlowe

    Apple Store Down

    Now both the ITMS and Apple Online Store are down. I couldn't see this one coming...
  3. gjlowe

    ipod to itunes seamless listening

    But is this only for bookmarkable AAC files?
  4. Ok, I am sorry if this is somewhere in a thread already, but I am not sure how to search for it, and when I tried, nothing came up. My question is whether there is a way to pick up an audio track right where you left off from your iPod to iTunes. For example, if I am listening to the MacCast on my iPod in my car, and I am half way done, then I get home, and go inside...is there a way to dock my iPod and have iTunes pick up at that bookmark for the file and play the MacCast from that point? As a caveat, I am on a Windows machine still....