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    The many wonderful uses for my iPod, including Podcasts, Podiobooks, and...hmmm...oh yea, music.
  1. Hey guys, I know this is a mac site, but hopefully someone out there will be able to answer my call for help, I don't know what else to do! A relative of mine has totally stuffed up their broadband connection. They had just got ADSL, it was working fine for a few days, but now it won't work at all. We figure the problem is in the PC regocnising the modem. It says that it isn't connected, but we can ping it and it says it is there. The best we can surmise from crosschecking setups is that the computer is somehow changing the IP addresses when it tries to access the modem....We have tried reinstalling software, (several times) and configuring the IP addresses manually, but when we do this somehow the computer switches it back to "configure automatically". They have come crying to me to fix it, and so far I have tried everything and can't make it work. I even called the guy in India from the Telstra helpdesk and he said it must be a problem with the TCP/IP settings. We have tried the modem on my laptop and it works fine there. Any help or advise is much appreciated!
  2. Vanessa

    New TV Shows on iTunes!!!

    Yes I subscribe to Dr Karl and Radio National but Safran is VIDEO content.
  3. Vanessa

    New TV Shows on iTunes!!!

    For all Australians craving video content: John Safran is podcasting his show "Speaking in Tongues" that is shown on SBS free of charge! Yay! Go to: http://www20.sbs.com.au/speakingintongues/ for more info... (Oh and I think in the US there is some porno network that is called SBS or something? Well it's not in Australia. Well; not really anyway...)
  4. Vanessa

    Dead cells on 5G ipod

    A funny story relating to cells in displays: A teacher at my high school (when I was in high school) had a relatively new computer when he noticed that a few of the cells in the screen weren't working. He called the manufactrer and advised them of this, and their reply was that they would replace the machine or have it repaired if there were three or more cells not working. His machine had two cells not working. What was the result? An argument with the company and the teacher trying to devise a way to make one of his cells not work.
  5. I was lucky enough that when I purchased my 3G iPod I bought it online the day before the new models came out. I got a new iPod for the same price as the old ones, which was a saving of about AU$50... Then of course I was annoyed when the pretty coloured ones came out, and now there are pretty video ones. This is what always happens with computer stuff, as soon as you buy it, it's basically old technology. I still love my old iPod though. 8)
  6. Vanessa

    So... where do you listen to MacCast?

    I listen either at work (doing data entry); at uni (between classes, never during them...) or in bed before I sleep if I don't feel like reading.
  7. I remember when I thought 5 gig was huge, so I think in the not too distant future we will definately be seeing some huge hard drives on the iPods. I haven't even filled up my old 20 gig ipod yet; how sad is that!
  8. Vanessa

    Space around click wheel on 5th Gen iPod?

    Do you mean a space between the plastic casing and the actual click wheel? That doesn't sound right...
  9. I have a Windows machine, and my iPod is connected via firewire. My HP Pavilion has 2 firewire ports, so firewire isn't exclusivly a mac thing. It seems apple is being nasty to their loyal customers. Anyone remember when the shuffle came out, that it didn't fit in the eMac USB ports? hmm.
  10. Vanessa


    Dr. Karl on triple j, Slice of Sci-fi, Dragon Page, Late Night Live with Phillip Adams, Twit, Shakespearecast, Earthcore (podiobook), Mugglecast, Sunday Profile, Tikibar, Statler & Waldorf (muppets), Kickass mystic ninjas, The Signal, and the Maccast of course!
  11. Vanessa

    Convert m4a to mp3

    Thanks so much guys. I am slowly learning my way around iTunes! These songs were imported from CDs, and I just put them onto my iPod to listen to. The only trouble is if you want them on something that doesn't support the m4a format (like windows media player) it's gets tricky! Cheers. 8)
  12. Vanessa

    Convert m4a to mp3

    Hi guys Does anyone know if you can convert m4a files to mp3 within itunes? My Dad wants to play songs on his o2 phone/palm thingy and they are in my itunes library as m4a files.
  13. They should have some kind of replacement deal; like: "Trade in your 4g ipod and get a new video ipod!" Wishful thinking from a poor uni student.
  14. Vanessa

    protected WMA > iPod

    If this was me I would just download the music again from a p2p program like limewire. I know that's wrong and illegal, but hey; if you already bought it...
  15. Vanessa

    Ipod "hackable"

    If I already own the DVD box set of a series, like Firefly for example, why can't I put this on my iPod? I have already paid for the product, so I shouldn't have to pay again.