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    Combining Mulitiple MP3 files

    Yeah, there is my application. It is not as glamorous as others, but I have a file that is way over 8 hours due to it. http://www.rnolds.com/courtney/audiobookcreator.html However, mine saves it as a .m4b file (AAC encoded.)
  2. cbriarnold

    How to backup/make a image of the ipod?

    One thing to note is that External drives have drivers built into them. I know that when I hook my iPod up to my systems, there is no way to see the audio saved on it using iTunes. I would suppose this is due to the driver that Apple would provide on their device. There is probably a way to get around it, but I have not heard of it before. Most people just keep a backup of their music.
  3. cbriarnold

    Convert m4a to mp3

    Sure can. You will need to go to your preferences. Go to the advanced section. then go to the importing section. In there change 'Import using' to MP3 Encoder. Click ok. Now right click on the song you wish to convert and in the list you will have an option to convert selection to MP3.
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    Ok. I finished the UI. It has a small bug in it that I have not been able to find a suitable answer from anyone on. When the audio's are being merged, the UI will be busy and you cannot quit the application (unless you force quit it). In the .dmg file I provided a read me file. I created it a couple of days ago and I need to revise it and clean it up. But the setup answers are currently in that document. FYI, the larger the final audio file will be, the longer the merging process will take. Enjoy, Courtney http://www.rnolds.com/courtney/audiobookcreator.html
  5. Ok, I wish to know if someone who has a video iPod has tested how it reacts when you are scrubbing through a .m4b file that you have ran the chapter tool on. For example, if you download the eMacCast, you will see the correct way. When you go to scrub through the audio, the chapter titles will appear above the lines where they belong. However, if you create an audio using the chapter tool on a Gen 4 iPod and then scrub through it (without podcasting it), the title will not appear above the chapter when scrubbing.
  6. cbriarnold

    Remove Laser Engraving from iPod

    maybe there are some dead iPods that you can purchase off of eBay and take the back off of one of those for your new iPod.
  7. cbriarnold

    my take on Free Ipods

    Well, my take is that the conga line that I posted a link to will also give other people a chance to get their free ipods. And when you use it, you will get placed on the conga line so that you will be able to benefit from other people being references for you. In the long run, not everyone will be able to get a free ipod. Because at some point, there will not be people left that have not done this program or the people who are left will be too afraid to trust the system and everyone else that has not finished getting their ipod will be out of luck. Myself, I am still waiting for freepay to give me credit for my order after a month of waiting. I am not going to refer my family and friends until I can trust the system will work correctly on a single offer. I am not putting any trust into this system until it has proven that it can track a single offer on the very first step of getting an ipod.
  8. cbriarnold

    my take on Free Ipods

    Don't follow his link given above. I don't believe that this post should be alowed on this forum since it is being used to coax people into helping him complete his offer only. And if more than 8 people complete his offer, then every person after that eighth person does not attribute to anyone's new ipod. (yes I said 8, he is doing premiumipods now, which is 8 people instead of 5 for normal ipods) I found this nice page below that provides many people the chance to get their ipods and other stuff. This is beneficial for everyone, not just the one. http://things4free.home.comcast.net/[/url]
  9. cbriarnold


    That sounds like a bookmark to me, and if you change the name of a single audio file to .m4b, that single audio file automatically bookmarks. Which is very useful, if you do not want to remember to put a bookmark down when you need one.
  10. cbriarnold


    Definitely bookmarks. I have been working on a tool that will make converting audiobooks to .m4b easy, but I haven't posted it on the internet for free use yet. It works great. There just isn't a GUI for you to use. If you would like me to send you a copy or give you a link to it when it is ready, send me a PM with your e-mail address.
  11. I am sorry, but I am unaware what the issue is with Apple's audiobooks. If you could elaborate or point me to a location where it is documented, then maybe I may have some input.
  12. cbriarnold

    Enhanced Podcasting (i.e. creation of)

    Victory! The solution is that you have to download the file as a podcast. There is some special undocumented feature that makes the titles appear when scrubbing through an audio only after it has been downloaded as a podcast. Maybe it is a firmware condition. I will have to run a few more tests. But I do appreciate all your help. I am very glad that I was finally able to figure out what is going on. I obviously do not know why it is going on, but that is for Apple to know and me to find out(maybe).[/b]
  13. Hello everyone, I have recently been converting a number of my audiobooks into the chapterized .m4b files. During this move, I noticed a wonderful feature that is on the Enhanced Maccast. When I scrub through the chapters in the podcast(on a 4th Gen iPod Photo), there are certain chapters that have a title that appear above the scrubbing bar where the scrub is located. However, when I try and create chapters using Apple's Chapter Tool, none of my chapters have a title above the bar. Is there another tool that does this correctly? Or am I not adding in all the information. Here is a sample xml file that I am using. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <chapters version="1"> <chapter starttime="00:00:00"> <title>Half Title Page</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:00:06"> <title>Title Page</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:02:06"> <title>Introduction</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:05:50"> <title>The Testimony Of Three Witnesses</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:07:57"> <title>The Testimony Of Eight Witnesses</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:09:14"> <title>Testimony Of The Prophet Joseph Smith</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:19:21"> <title>A Brief Explanation</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:23:15"> <title>Order Of Books</title> </chapter> <chapter starttime="00:24:42"> <title>Book Summary - First Nephi</title> </chapter> </chapters>
  14. cbriarnold

    Enhanced Podcasting (i.e. creation of)

    Sql4umitch, do you use any other tools when enhancing the podcast? Or do you only create the .xml file and then run the ChapterTool command line app? Also, I tried using the ChapterToolMe application and it had the same problem. I wonder if the resulting AAC file has to be posted as a podcast and downloaded from the web accordingly to actually work. I will be trying this over the next couple of days to see if that will resolve my issues.
  15. cbriarnold

    Enhanced Podcasting (i.e. creation of)

    Actually. I have created my own tool. What you do is, you import all the audio you need in the audiobook into iTunes. Then create a playlist with the audios in the order you desire. Export the playlist as an xml file and run my tool. My tool will take those files and create another file that is a merged version of those files in .m4a format. Then it will run the ChapterTool utility, passing in a xml file it generates with the information from the exported playlist. It is really a simple program, but I want it to show the chapter headings above the chapter mark as you are scrubbing through it.
  16. cbriarnold

    Enhanced Podcasting (i.e. creation of)

    Thanks for the reply. I am going to try converting the maccast with this much information to see if it works for me. If it doesn't maybe there is a different version of the ChapterTool then the one I am using.
  17. cbriarnold

    Enhanced Podcasting (i.e. creation of)

    No error messages. I understand you prepare the enhanced maccast. If I could take a gander at one of your xml files, maybe there is something that I am doing different
  18. cbriarnold

    "Just For You" - ???

    Sorry, I don't know what this "just for you" is. Can someone send me a link?