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    USB Drive permissions problem

    i've solved the issue by entering a few commands that I've got from the other forum now you can blame me for the fact that I don't remember what they were
  2. sMiK

    USB Drive permissions problem

    I did repair the disk and it went ok but there's the thing that I can't repair permissions on it... now trying to get access to disk warrior Edit; how can I check the partition map?
  3. sMiK

    USB Drive permissions problem

    so how do I ignore the permissions then?
  4. sMiK

    USB Drive permissions problem

    ok here we go. Now that's the way it looks: even worse now
  5. Hello, I recently sold my iMac and bought a macbook pro. I used a USB external HDD as well. So now all folders on that drive can only be accessed by software like Transmission and not only if I go to file info and set myself into the list. Which is kind of annoying especially when I create a new folder and it automatically doesn't allow me to use it in all ways. I thought repairing permissions would fix the problem but the option is unavailable in Disk Utility. So basically how do I get things back the way they used to be? What's weird as well when I go to info of folders I see this: is it the founder or owner problem of the disk or something?
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    Google anything you can highlight

    so many amazing new things in osx after windows