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    DisplayName.plist file opening on boot

    Thanks. It was in there along with Hyperspaces which I recently removed with AppZapper. I removed them both and restarted. Problem solved. Thank you.
  2. Hi Gurus, I have a DisplayNames.plist file that opens up on boot (pops up in textedit). Any idea how I can stop it? It appears to be associated with iWeb. The path is: applications/iweb/contents/resources/themes/goldenrod.webtheme/da.lproj/ Thanks, Greg
  3. I had this very same problem. In iTunes 9 you can manually consolidate files with right click then consolidate. I started doing that alphabetically. The groups that wouldn't transfer for me were D, H and R. These were also the first letters of my three iTunes LPs (The Doors, Highway 61 and The Resistance). I manually backed up the iTunes LP files (not the songs just the 200+ mb file) and removed it from my iTunes account. I then went to File->Library->Organise Library and tried consolidating again. It worked! So long story short, try removing the iTunes LP files from your library and consolidate. Then manually add your iTunes LPs back into your library in the new location. Hope that helps.
  4. Jaste

    Dock program indicator lights missing.

    OK I have no idea what happened but I posted, went for dinner and came back to find program open icons on the dock (after being missing for a week). Weird! Thanks anyway. Greg
  5. I have installed OS X 10.5 on a G5 dual 2.0 GHz that I recently picked up on eBay. The open program indicator lights only appear underneath the finder icon and terminal icon (when I have it open). I don't get the indicator icons/lights to tell me when other programs are open (Mail, iTunes, Pages etc). Have I somehow turned them off? Does anyone know how I can get them back? I have tried changing the size of the dock but that hasn't helped bring them back. Thanks i n advance, Greg
  6. Is there a HDD capacity limit on the Power Mac G5 for SATA drives? Apple's site only lists the physical dimensions and not a limit on actual drive capacities. Should I take that to mean the Mac will recognise any SATA drive I can fit in there? I just wanted to check there was not limit before I go and buy a couple of new drives. Thanks
  7. Jaste

    iTunes Video Playback Problem

    OK so I finally found a fix. Just in case someone else has this problem this is how I did it: Go to: c drive-->Windows-->System32--> Scroll down to the files starting with 'Q' Delete all the files that have 'Quicktime' in the name (I had 2 files) Reinstalled Quicktime (well I ran the installer and selected repair rather than do a full uninstall then reinstall). Now all my videos and podcasts play back correctly. Cheers, Greg
  8. This is kind of a Windows iTunes problem but hopefully someone can help me. I have searched the web to no avail. I purchased some music videos from the iTunes Store on my Mac and transferred them to my girlfriends PC. Some of the videos play back fine but some of them play back with the sound ok but the video scrambled. I thought it might have been a codec issue so I uninstalled the windows version of VLC and DIVX on her machine. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of iTunes and Quicktime. That didn't fix the problem. I am having the same problem with video podcasts. Some play back fine and others have corrupt video with perfect sound. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem and how to fix it? Thanks, Greg
  9. I seem to remember Adam talking about disabling Podcasts from showing up in Library view of iTunes. I have looked through all the options and can't see how to do it myself. Does anyone have a link to show how it is done? I looked at some show notes but can't seem to find which show it was. I know it was after a major revision to iTunes that the podcasts started appearing in the Library view but I can't remember which upgrade it was (which would narrow down the show note search). If anyone could tell me if/how it can be done it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  10. Hi Jesse, Thanks for the reply. That will do the trick for me. Greg
  11. Thanks for the reply. I ended up deleting the entry in the Keychain Access utility then logging onto the network and the new password was saved to the keychain. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated, Greg
  12. Hi Gurus, I have changed the password on my wireless network (but not the SSID). Every time I boot I have to re-enter the new key to be able to connect to the network. How do I get the new key to save on reboot? Thanks in advance, Greg
  13. Thanks for the reply Professor. I guess they are not meant to be there. Greg
  14. Hi Gurus, I am not seeing my favicons (small icons to left of the title of each bookmark) in my drop down 'Bookmarks' menu. If I go to 'manage bookmarks' they appear though. I have looked around all the preferences and can't find an option to turn them on. Does anyone know if they can be displayed? And if so how do I show them? They display correctly in Safari (if that helps). Thanks in advance. Greg
  15. Well from my research I am not sure if favicons are actually meant to show in Firefox OS X version. Does anyone actually have the favicons show in the BOOKMARKS drop down menu under OS X? Thanks, Greg