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  1. yellowbrick

    Adam on the TWiT hot seat

    http://homepage.mac.com/dottyy/PhotoAlbum80.html from the Portable Media Podcast Expo -- see last pic -at least got Adam's backside. Met Adam and got a card and Maccast pin.
  2. Just received mine today - watching Night Stalker and will probably get hooked on getting the rest and also Lost. The viewing is excellent because of the high quality production, audio and video - this works for me! And remember, NO COMMERCIALS. Also got a couple of music videos, Pixar (Twit, Digitallife ipod video versions) and they all played smoothly. And 320 X 240 size? Well, i guess I've been so used to watching movies in that format on the web, that the watching experience isn't unusual. So next time I wait forever in the doctor's office and can't stand reading another magazine, I can reach for a movie....
  3. yellowbrick

    Creating your own videos for the iPod

    we were talking about podcasting! So much has happened in one year -- Even if podcasters don't provide video, some visuals to accompany a podcast (e.g. photos) might be expected by listeners/viewers. (At least Adam you've created enhanced podcasts.) I can barely keep up with the podcasts I've wanted to listen to, now there will be videocasts. [As I'm typing this am waiting to see a CNN Showbiz program on the video iPod, and I think Laporte will be interviewed.]
  4. yellowbrick

    Hello Video iPod

    it's coming folks.... as I finally figured out Azureus bittorrenting I welcome the newest medium--will give visual/audio media creatives an independent platform. Systm and Twit seemed positioned too. What is Bill Gates doing today?
  5. yellowbrick

    Azureus - bittorrent setup on Mac

    Thanks - I guess the tweaking is in the router.
  6. I want to run Azureus behind a Linksys router and have learned I need to disable the "block WAN request" in my Linksys admin setup so that Azureus can use the port (6881? forget the exact #). Will I have to turn off the firewall in Tiger? With that port open and if the firewall is off, will I be susceptible to unwanted traffic?
  7. yellowbrick

    My Tiger Story (a funny read)

    Danny, your cat's body language (flattened ears) says it all ("what's all this fuss about a stupid tiger")!
  8. I just did the Tiger upgrade on my G5 (smooth, 1.5 completion time). I checked Apple forums and see a thread running about mounting Maxtor firewire external drives -- I haven't mounted my external drives yet. Anyone having problems with external firewire connectivity?
  9. A good reason to houseclean your harddrive of any unnnecessary files -- took about 1.5 hrs for Spotlight to index my 30gig powerbook (800mhz); but even while it was doing that I had full access to applications without much performance lag (I was amazed). Spotlight rocks! it is faaast, just as demonstrated in Steve Jobs' keynote demo. I so far haven't run into any application problems. I did the easy Upgrade option as I've never had any problems using it.
  10. yellowbrick

    My Agent 18 Clickshield

    I agree Danny! got one for my iPod Photo since there were not any other cases yet for it; but this Agent 18 is great.