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  1. goodwinlabs

    12inch iBook and extras

    I'm selling my 12inch iBook g4 (latest revision). You can read about it here. If anyone here wants it, I'd be willing to package it up and mail it out for payment via paypal or some sort. Just email me if you're interested.
  2. goodwinlabs

    Open Source Web Design for OSX

    vim found here: http://macvim.org/OSX/index.php to edit gimp http://www.gimp.org to make your mock-ups and references or inkscape http://www.inkscape.org or even Seashore (based on Gimp, made more native for osx http://seashore.sourceforge.net/. you don't need software to design web pages, don't let anyone fool you.[/url]
  3. goodwinlabs

    The 1 Screen shot thread 2 rule them all

    http://flickr.com/photos/goodwinlabs/88094955/ There's my background, complete with notes via flickr to explain parts of it. There's a bigger version, but the standard view there has the notes on it
  4. So yeah, I got my ibook last night, and I love it so much. The interface is so wonderful (my high school back home had macs in the lab, we got to play with osX when it first came out, but this is much nicer now) and I am so very happy. Everyone in my dorm comes by and they're amazed at how small the 12inch ibook is and it has already proven terribly useful in getting my presentation for my class today (big end of semester one) and I would have done so much more running around and beating my head against my desktop (who does his job well, but can't come with me to help out). The only thing yet to determine is wether or not my new baby can handle playing WoW. It's been patching all day cause the download is slow with the school's firewall messing with the bittorrent WoW uses and whatnot. So soon I should be able to check, and if that works well, then I shall be set. Just curous, what sort of apps would be handy (and not expensive) to use on my ibook? so far I installed: firefox, iWork, adium, colloquy, and skype.
  5. So yeah, I go to purchase my new ibook on teusday eve: 12inch ibook, with 1G ram total and just the standard 40G hd So for this ibook, I will want a mouse of some sort (3button and so forth) for use when I'm doing modelling/painting/WoW (the type of thing a trackpad won't do for). I also would like to get a hard drive enclosure to use on of my pre-exsisting hard drives (I have one sata and one standard ata, I can use either for this) for an external to take music and whatnot with me when I go places (like home for winter break). So yeah, what's a good mouse? The laptop has bluetooth of course, but I've been told bluetooth mice are laggy. I've also heard things about wireless mice that don't use bluetooth. Is any of this true? and what sort of mouse would be good? (one thing I can't stand is them laptop mice that are smaller than normal mice) And who makes a good hard drive enclosure? ibooks don't do firewire 800 I guess, so having that as one of the connections would be a waste. I also don't want to get something that dies easy, so if you all have had stuff die on you, lemme know.
  6. I'm going to soon be a mac users (just waiting for the check to get here) and I want to migrate as much as I can from my linux desktop to this new laptop so that the desktop can do more server things without me bothering it for things like email/podcasts. I have this list of software I currently use regularly on my desktop and I have some mac equivalents I already knew about, but if an of you could fill in the empty holes or name better solutions, I'd appreciate it! Apps I use in Linux: => Mac Equiv: Firefox => Firefox/Safari Ethereal (traffic monitor) => Ethereal Gaim => i-chat a/v / Adium Evolution => ical/mail/address book Liferea (aggregator) => Skype => Skype X-chat (irc chat client) => Bluefish (html/css/etc editor) => Openoffice => NeoOffice/Openoffice Wings3d => Wings3d Inkscape (svg editor) => Totem => Quicktime/VLC Sound Juicer => itunes Rhythmbox => itunes Audacity => Audacity I'd rather not have to buy any software to do things, although I will probably get the iWork package (unless you all suggest otherwise) because keynote and such look quite nice. Thanks!
  7. Is there any other difference between the ibook and the powerbook (both 12inch models) other than the different video chip? Also, maybe I'm seeing things wrong, but does the ibook have more battery life than the powerbook 12inch?
  8. The Freshman 15 It's a pretty ghetto podcast (itunes won't be able to pull the episodes because the mp3's aren't in an enclosure in the rss feed, they're just links on free blogger blog to mp3's stored on the php/mysql/cgi-free space the school provides for students), but it's worth listening to. And each episode is only 15 mins or less, so it's not like it will take long. Thanks!