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  1. I have a 5G ipod and since the last update it has been acting strange in that while i listen to longer podcasts after about 18 - 24 minutes it stop the podcast and jumps to a song. You can imagine how annoying this would be. I usually have to stop the song and go back through the menu to podcast and hit the one that was playing. It picks up right were it left off but the fact that I have to do this at all is very strange. It's as if the ram can only hold a certain amount and once that is full and fully played it jumps to the next thing (which is never next).
  2. Does anyone know of the best update for the 2nd Gen iPods? I bought a used iPod and had the latest update installed (2005/09/23) but was having problems with smart playlists as well as no noticeable difference with sound check. I switched to last years update (2004/08/06) and so far so good but was wondering if there was one between the newest and the old one that was an improvement on the absolute oldest one I have.