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  1. I called the apple store (the 800 number) and after being put on eternal hold (15 min ) after asking the rep the question, I got hung up on. Is there anything that would work for this? Would I need to buy another extreme? If thats the case It would be cheaper for me to just buy the needed wireless adapters for my 360 and TivoHD. is there a less expensive bridge that would work? I could allways stream my music through the 360.
  2. I'm wondering if I the airport express will meet my needs. Currently I have an iMac which is wired to my Airport Extreme and I connect via wireless my macbook pro and 3 tivos (soon to be 4) What I would like to do, if is possible, is buy an airport express and plug in down stairs by my TV. I would like to connect a small 5 port hub to the express and through that hub connect a Tivo and my Xbox360, and possibly an AppleTV when that time comes. So can I connect a normal 10/100 5 port hub to the Airport express and have the express connect wireless to the airport extreme upstairs for getting the devices connected through the hub onto the internet? Thanks Brad
  3. OddPrime

    When to buy (black imacs)

    Figured I should give this an update now that I have all my new equipment I got the iMac 24" with 2GB of ram from macconnection.com I had a wonderful expeince with them and will do business again with them. I also picked up the Spyder 2 suite monitor calibration tool from macconnection. I also picked up a 15" macbook pro refurbished from apple, which just came in about an hour ago, and is sitting on the battery charger, I cant wait to start it up and start to play. I took apples free shipping and boy did that take, what seemed like an eternity, in reality it was a little over a week.
  4. OddPrime

    When to buy (black imacs)

    Yea, after loosing my mac mini because I didnt buy apple care, I will be buying it this go round.
  5. OddPrime

    When to buy (black imacs)

    I think im going to end up holding off on the macbook, Im going to get Lasik surgery instead :-) But I belive im going to pull the trigger on the 24" iMac. My main concern is fear of running into a slow machine. Previously i had a G4 mac mini with 1GB of ram. I do a lot of digital photography and running Photoshop cs2 was a bit of a dog. When I get the new iMac im either going to pick up lightroom or apeture, and I want it to be as snappy as possible. So im looking at Maxing out the ram 3GB but at 750.00 bucks OUCH! But I will probably still end up with the 3GB ram but going with the slower 2.16 vs the 2.33 And keeping with the smaller 250GB drive. Tax man sayeth paycheck should be here tomorrow. So now I must ask the question. Where is the best place to make my purchase. I live in PA and want to avoid sales tax. But if I buy from someplace other than apple.com I need to be able to bump up the RAM to the 3GB mark, what reliable online retailers will do this?
  6. OddPrime

    When to buy (black imacs)

    I dont much care if the imac is black or not. But I am hessitant to buy a new mac until after leapord comes out, I dont want to have to pay 100.00 a month after I purchase the new mac in order to get leapord. But I guess at the root of my original questions were rather or not people felt there would be an update to the imac's or macbooks in the coming months? or is it going to be august before any hardware updates come down the line?
  7. OddPrime

    When to buy (black imacs)

    Its tax time, and I'm getting my normal large interest free loan from the government back. Im going to be picking up a few apple items in specific 24" iMac macbook ipod video but the question is when. With the rumor of the new black iMac's coming out the larger 15" macbook and the hope for a iphone minus the phone. Not to mention OS X 10.5 I currently dont have a mac, my 1st gen mini died late last year, so that just adds to my anxiety, but If they are going to be waiting till august to come out with all of these things then I dont think I could wait. but if its going to be late in march or april, then maybe I could hold out getting anything till then. What are your thoughts of when these new items are going to be coming out?