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  1. Do you have a image on your web site that demonstrates that distance?
  2. Now the lens included, is that the one that... "Using my Canon digital SLR, I can go to the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram and take photographs of my house 4.5 miles away. Naturally the photos include other houses in the area, but I can identify my house." If not, which lens would that be?
  3. Neil

    Clone Disk images for mutiple iMacs

    Now, I don't have a mac (I should) but I am good friends with the admin at my school. I watched her "clone" the image from the Mac that has all the proper settings (master mac). Then, if you can, take that "master mac" to one of the "slave macs" and connect them via Firewire. Have the master mac on and boot-up the slave mac in Target Mode. At this poin,t once it boots up, it (slave) should be running from the master. Go into "Disk Utilites" and at this point I forgot, so you will have to play around with this... Select the internal SLAVE hardrive and I think it is under the "Repair or Restore" tab, where you can drag the "Master" drive to the "Slave" drive and then click "Erase Destination" and then click restore or next or repair, something like that. Sorry, but I just can't remember.
  4. Yes, I am thinking about the Digital Rebel XT. I really want to get the combo pack from Costco just so I can get the extra lens (75-300mm). It also has a printer (I don't need it, but...) included. It is $1,184.99 with $285.00 in rebates. So the price would be $899.99, which I think is a pretty good price for the BODY, 18-55mm LENS, 75-300mm LENS, and a PRINTER. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?...topnav=&browse= Does anyone know if this is a good deal or not?
  5. Are you sure? 75-500mm coming out to "4 [x]" doesn't seem very good. Anyone else have any better assistance?
  6. Ya, I tried that, but it is too confusing. Just tell me: Does more mm mean more zoom?
  7. Neil

    Any digital camera advice?

    Umm ok. With the 20 inch moniter thing... I was going for a general quality idea (I don't want to compare the image quality with a little LCD screen)
  8. I am thinking of moving from a point and shoot digital camera and try D-SLR's. I would like some advice of a good digital camera. I WOULD LIKE RAW SUPPORT, affordable (lower than $1,200 preferably), good menu, good quality, and good battery life. Any ideas? I was thinking of the Canon Digital Rebel XT (with the lens kit).
  9. Neil

    Any digital camera advice?

    ok, so I am gonna go to the store and compare. BUT, if I choose to go with the Canon one, is that a good one? I can't really test the image quality on a 20inch moniter and stuff of that nature (ditto with the Nikon one)?
  10. I am wondering what the last port on the new iMac is. I have already know what the rest are, in order from left to right. Headphones, Mic, 3 USB, 2 Firewire, Giga-Ethernet, and THE MYSTERY PORT. I have never had a mac before and am thinking of getting this. I think it is a Moniter Out of some sort. Am I correct.
  11. Neil

    Skinning windows to look like a mac

    I don't have a mac. I still want one. The reason I skin my pc to look like mac is because I love the look of Mac OS X. But a) am not ready to get a mac (I want the ones with intel) have apps that run only on Windows c) Just wan't to show off to my friends
  12. Neil

    Mac Progress Bar Image?

    Sorry, I just realized I was calling this thing the wrong thing. I meant PROGRESS BAR, not loading bar. I found an example but am looking for a LARGER SAMPLE. It is the one in the bottom right.
  13. Neil

    Mac Progress Bar Image?

    Does anyone have a screenshot or something of a Mac OS X loading bar? I don't have a mac (yet) or I would do it myself. You know the one that looks like: --------------------- // --------------------- I doesn't need to animated. Thanks, +Neil
  14. Neil

    Mac Progress Bar Image?

    Ignore Previous Post. Umm, not like that. I think it is the one once you log in. Not turn on. It has blue and white and is at a slant. like: / / / / --->
  15. Neil

    Mac Progress Bar Image?

    That is a broken image url.