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  1. Think about this: Your iMac or MacBook(Pro) keyboard has the intelligence of the iPhone's keyboard. It knows that there are no words that are spelt "xat" and instead inserts "cat". I wouldn't want a touch-screen keyboard. But what if they put the iPhone's keyboard technology into Macs. It couldn't be that hard. Sure there would be problems when you wanted to type something else. But as I type this post, I have probably used the backspace key quite a bit. I'm a fast typer, but fail when it comes to accuracy. What if the computer would fix my errors for me. It would be faster than spell check, as you don't have to go back with your mouse to highlighted words. I suppose that Word's AutoCorrect is similar, but that isn't really the same thing. That is more about letters that are re-arranged. I'm sure some idiot could sit there and add corrections until the cows come home to match the iPhone keyboard. But would anyone else find predictive keyboards a useful thing for desktops and laptops?
  2. Neil

    Curious about upgrading

    I would say that you should keep a Mac for at least 7 years after it was introduced. During that time, "want" will probably overcome the "need" to upgrade. I know people with 2nd generation iMacs that keep chugging along with Tiger. They can't do much, but for browsing the internet they work fine. I think when the current version of OS X doesn't support your computer, it is time to sell it. Or put it to only small use, attach a bunch of external drives, raid them together (software raid) and turn it into a giant (or whatever it can handle) network attached storage device. Or if it is an iMac or Classic, nothing shows your inner mac geek like a Macquarium. Basically, keep a Mac for, at the least, 5 years, then see what you want to do with it. If you still have use for it, keep it for a few more years, then ask yourself "Do I really benefit from keeping this?" things to consider are increased power usage, dust maintenance, *cough* no multi-touch OS X *cough*.
  3. Neil

    iPhoto 08 Events

    Ya, I would like this feature too. I even wanted with rolls. For right now, it might just be best if you make Smart Albums, and have each one set to pick up the photos for each event. That way you can have access to all the photos in your event quickly. It's not perfect, and it can get very annoying to make a new Smart Album every time. But... they need to include a reason for us to upgrade next year.
  4. Neil

    Mac version-behind?

    Ya, I thought they were eventually going to have a 11.0, as I figured their point system was a traditional system where .10 is equal 1 and .11 is really 1.1. So in theory there couldn't be a 10.10 as that would just be 10.1. But when they rolled out 10.4.10 (which would really be 10.4.1) I see that that is not the case. If they do come out with OS 11 or OS XI, which I'm sure they eventually will, but it just sounds and looks weird. It would have to be a giant transition (like OS 9 to X). I'm sure that would be the multi-touch OS version. I just hope that they make it OS 11 and not OS XI... people call it OS X (as in the letter) and it kills me. It is officially OS Ten. Hearing OS X-EYE would make me go crazy. But I'm sure we would advance far enough where we can drag people into the trash can with finger gestures (how cool would that be? drag your garbage to the trash with your finger in the air.)
  5. Ya, but they are not very convincing. You would be surprised of the number of people who love and watch the ads, but are don't actually think that the Mac is virus free. I have to tell them that there are no viruses. They don't really know that Mac doesn't even run Windows (and we are talking about people who don't even know what Windows is). They wonder "How does it not get viruses" as if computers just get viruses and that is just accepted. We all know those kind of people of don't know what part of their computer is "Windows" and they just assume that Apple is just telling them lies and marketing fluff. The best way to tell people is to show people the product. Think about this: Toyota makes a commercial just like the Mac ones (assume the Mac ones never existed) and they had a Toyota guy (Mac) and a Ford Guy (PC). Now if all they did was talk, and make some jokes, would you consider a Toyota car more than a Ford as a result of this commercial. I would think not, you haven't seen any specifications or advantages (in detail) about a Toyota. Advertising isn't effective if you just talk about things. Yes, this might have some humor but you 1) have not seen the actual product 2) don't know what exact mpg you are getting 3) no price. I think I simulated the style of Get a Mac commercials fairly well in this mock up dialog. Macs are beautiful products. If Apple showed this: In their ads, people could honestly relate to it. People seriously don't believe me when I show them my iMac and say "That's the computer.", "No way. Really?" "Ya, see, look at this. There's no box, the speakers are built in, the optical drive is here." "Wow, that is really cool." "See this, it's a camera [i launch Photobooth]" I don't think duct taping a web camera on PC's head really demonstrates in any way that Macs have their camera built in. edit: about that picture. I love the people on the internet who say "Well, you could have coiled those cords up or something to make it look cleaner." and I just think to myself, "Ya, but one, people don't do that. And two, you shouldn't have to do that."
  6. i have this problem too, and I think it does it, because your personal photo has to be loaded into memory, and it just shows the one that is in cache (the blue aqua one) until your photo is loaded. this really doesn't bother me, as coming from windows (well I have been a switcher for a while) I really don't even expect much when I switch users. when the cube rotation works and i see my wallpaper just how it should be, i feel as it is a bonus. i always have Skitch to keep me bored, if I need cool effects.
  7. Neil

    Numbers Export Caveat

    Ya, I have had that happen too me two. I guess they really can't determine how your sheet looks like and they fall back to a verbatim copy of the tables and not the sheet. Notice how each table starts at A1 both on your sheet and on the export. I think they do as a separate sheet just to keep the formulas all nice and happy. I guess is what happens when you try and export to a file format that is almost as old as the Mac itself.
  8. Neil

    iWork 08 questions

    Regarding the ability to not being to actually work in the .doc(x) format. Think of it like Photoshop, you can't save a file with layers as a PNG without flattening it or going to Save As. Same with iWork. It would be very stupid to work with a format that doesn't support iWork only functions. Try working on .ppt file and not being able to do a certain animation, ideally it would just not let you pick it, which would lead to support calls wondering why they can't do something that is advertised. Some more examples of not being to work in the format you plan to export as, but seems to bother no one: can't actually work with a .mov file in iMovie, you have to make it a iMovie file then export it. You don't work with a DVD image in iDVD, you need to export to a DVD image to burn. Garageband needs to have a garageband file to do anything, even if you are just opening a audio file. If you need to edit word document natively then try TextEdit. It is pretty powerful, when you ignore it's seemingly simple look. You can work in a page layout view, you can embed photos. It isn't super powerful, but it is fast. Or use NeoOffice if you prefer. I could care less about having a save and open button in the toolbar. It just takes up space and time. It is much faster to hit command-s while I am typing instead of going to the file menu or toolbar. Ya the formatting bar is thin, but I love it like that. Allows more room to actually work. Especially now that wide monitors have less of a vertical space. Have you tried Office 2007? That toolbar is takes up a huge amount of vertical space. Keynote's usually loose a lot when they are exported. Obviously PowerPoint doesn't support a lot of those cool transitions and animations. The slides usually look pretty much the same (as long as the end result computer has the fonts that are used). If you really need to keep everything looking exactly the same, you can export as an _interactive_ QuickTime file. You can click through slide by slide, build by build, at your own pace with this special quicktime file. And it can be viewed just fine on windows computers with quicktime. I do it this was all the time and never have problem. I get all the ooohs and ahhs that you expect from people who have never touched Keynote.
  9. Neil

    Web page layout app suggestions?

    I don't even remember howo I picked up my knowledge of html and css. But I did it and I will always thank myself for doing so. It isn't very difficult to understand, which is the key, understanding. You don't need to know every single possible way to do everything (you have google, and copy and paste for that). The structure and basic format of html is what you need to learn. CSS however isn't much harder, you just need to know how to implement it with HTML. I'm not a personal fan of books, I just never felt motivated to read them. The best way to learn the basics, in my opinion is just messing with a basic WYSIWYG html composer and then look at the source code to see what is going on in the background. I mean really basic, don't go with iWeb or RapidWeaver (they make nice pages, but are horrible for expandabilty because a lot of stuff is image based, especially with iWeb). I (think) that I got a pretty good start with the old Netscape suite or whatever. Since that is a little too old and I don't even know if they have the old suite for OS X, I would check out SeaMonkey which is basically a countinuation of the Mozilla Suite which was based on the netscape suite. Fire up SeaMonkey and mess with the HTML editor. Add some images, bold some stuff, add a link to a website, just get a feel for it. Then look at the source code, see what happens when you change something in the WYSIWYG part and see how it effects the code. Then try and play with code and see what it does for the WYSIWYG part. You arn't going to learn how to make ellaborate web pages or sites, or even use CSS, but it will show you the structure and format of HTML. And a note about DreamWeaver: it is a really old application that probably makes the worst web sites. You can use it for the same purpose as SeaMonkey. It isn't a bad application (well kinda) it just has a lot of funtions for doing things "the old way" and unfortunately encourages you to use them. If you have it then start with one of there basic (I mean the really basic ones) and make sure you get one with CSS to start with. You will then see how html and css work together. But if you don't have DreamWeaver then don't bother with it. It is an ancient application that is held together with duct tape. edit: Just to add to all of this... real web sites (by real I mean sites that have more than 3 pages) are not made by drag and dropping. As much as iWeb and RapidWeaver would like you to believe, the web is not as nice as iLife applications.
  10. Neil

    Sudden loss of available drive space

    With the .Mac backup, if you ever change a file it throws that in the backup (and keeps the old one). .Mac Backup is a pretty simple and effective way to backup files because it does file versioning. Basically, it is like Time Machine but without the cool interface. You really should put those backups on an external drive, as having them on the same disk as your OS isn't very smart in case of drive failure or something. However, I don't think .mac backup lets you easily move your backups and not get screwed up. I would just make a new backup plan and put it on a external drive. Then trash (and empty) your current backups; or put them on the external drive and just put them in an archive (zip).
  11. Neil

    New iMac + keyboard August 7

    Whenever I get a new Mac with this new keyboard, I am definitely just going to miss the height and curve of my current Apple Keyboard. As long as you can press the key in pretty far, and it has the same amount of resistance/springyness as the current one I think I may like it. I don't know I hate change. Until I have used it from a week too a month... then I usually can't stand whatever it was replacing. I did this with the iTunes icon when it was changed to the blue note instead of the green that it had for so long. I really didn't like the blue, but now I like the blue a lot more. And now I don't like iMovie's new icon. It's OK. But a star? It just (I probably will disagree with this in about a month) looks too basic and doesn't look as nice as iPhoto and iDVD which are next to it. It just seems out of place, and cheap. I also don't like Keynote's new icon. The glass/plastic table looked better.
  12. Neil

    New iMac Announcement Tomorrrow

    They do offer discounts, but only by not by much. And seeing that they just axed off the $999 iMac, they are going to force districts to pay 150 bucks more (somewhere around there) then they would if they had a 17inch model. Most uses for the iMac in schools don't need a 20inch monitor. The eMac was pretty good computer for schools. It was compact. Cheap. And extremely funny watching students trying to find the power button.
  13. Neil

    New iMac Announcement Tomorrrow

    I highly doubt, I mean highly, doubt we will touch screen Macs for a while. Apple (unless they are drinking the iPhone Kool-Aid) would "have" to let their premium paying developers know about this in advance and have them start developing for it. Touch screen is almost as big as the Intel switch. If we do see any hi def format, I am pretty sure it will be Blu-Ray, I think that is what Apple said they were backing. That might have changed. I really hope they don't drop the $999 iMac. If they keep doing these price increases they are really jeopardizing their education department (for school and districts). A district isn't going to (or at least large ones) aren't going to go for the cheap mac mini's. And I think by chopping off the eMac they forced schools to spend more money on computers.
  14. Neil

    New iMac + keyboard August 7

    Is that it's only purpose? 2 apps? When you press it anywhere else you cursor turns into the question mark. Does that do anything? Is there really a need for a button that does next to nothing? Now I must say, in Leopard it does bring up the help menu (spotlight but for help) and you can also search through menu commands. So they will make it useful, but right now it is useless to me.
  15. Neil

    New iMac + keyboard August 7

    Personally, I have never typed on a MacBook before. But, I doubt for a desktop computer I want a keyboard like that. I love my iMac keyboard. It is as close too the old original IBM keyboards, in terms of feel. I like my "heavy" plastic feel of the current design. Everyone else, especially Dell, throws in the cheapest plastic keyboards that feel like they would break if you hit them to hard. Apple keyboards (the ones they have now, the original iMacs keyboard is an exception) have that classic sturdy feel that you can't find with keyboards nowadays. I do have to ask, what in the world is the function of the "help" button? I have never found an application use it except MS Office. Was it for Classic apps or something?
  16. Neil

    Fake iMac images

    Here are three of the ones that I made real quick. I'm not saying that I want this to be real, but I felt like drinking the Apple Cinema Display Koolaid. And my "I wish it was real..."
  17. This Script below wont work for me. What am I doing wrong. For example: tell application "System Events" set frontApp to name of first application process where frontmost is true end tell script "/Users/Neil/Library/Application Support/iPhone Remote/Apps/Uniremote.tapp/addons/Keynote/Play-Pause.scpt" What do I need to do to make this script embed itself within this AppleScript? I get an error that says "Can't make script "/Users/Neil/Library/Application Support/iPhone Remote/Apps/Uniremote.tapp/addons/Keynote/Play-Pause.scpt" into type reference." Also, is there a way to change the path where you see Keynote to whatever variable is set from "frontApp" in line 2? Thanks
  18. Neil

    Selfish Bookmark Syncing

    I thought it was very selfish and childish to limit what browsers people can use to sync bookmarks, especially on Windows. I happily run Safari (because Camino and Firefox don't feel very Mac-like) and this doesn't affect me. But what if I wanted to use Camino, Firefox, Omniweb, Opera, etc and sync with my iPhone? I really like Safari, so I that is somewhat ok. But on Windows... IE and Safari only? IE is the worst browser out there, and they support that. But no Firefox, probably the best browser for that platform. Safari is OK, and looks good and I like a lot of it's features, but it has a unfinished feel. I really think Apple should have included support for Firefox and maybe Camino.
  19. Neil

    The future of iSync?

    If I remember correctly, Leopard will is replacing iSync with Sync Manager. I don't know what that means, but I'm sure it is will be a Preference Pane, much like how .Mac was migrated from iSync to a system wide thing. I really do hope that they allow some basic bluetooth syncing to the iPhone in the future. I would really like to be able to tether the iPhone to a MacBook and use it for it's EDGE (even though it will be painfully slow).
  20. I am wondering if the Apple TV syncs up with one computer (and have the ability to use multiple user accounts and their iTunes) or will it just sync with one iTunes Library? My instinct tells me that it will be only one iTunes Library, but I would like a final answer.
  21. Brand awareness, altough important, is not key in trying to promote a product against giant competition. Compare Wal-Mart and Target. I think everyone in this entire country knows both companies. Then you wonder why Target is still in business, when almost everything at Wal-Mart is 3 cents cheaper. Brand Experience. I hate to bash on Wal-Mart, but I hate shopping there, I feel like I am participating in a giant yard sale. It is busy, dirty, and checkout times are horrible. Target usually excels in all this categories. Even the little stuff annoys me at Wal-Mart, having pallets in the middle of the isles is just really annoying and inconvenient. Targets have a stock room, which is why you don't see pallets on the isles during operating hours (most of the time). Wal-Mart, I doubt, will ever shed their "red-neck" stereotype. Windows I doubt will ever lose it's Windows 95 blue screen of death image. If Apple wants to make people try something new then just saying "I'm a Mac, and I am different. I hope you assume our site is Apple.com, because we don't really want to tell you, because that wouldn't be very Apple like."
  22. Neil

    Idea for iLife 07/08

    Does anyone else think that it would be great if Apple incorporated a compression format for iMovie, and possibly iDVD? I have 80gigs worth of iMovie home movies. I don't like trashing home movies or just burning them on a DVD and then getting rid of them. I think it would be very wise for Apple to incorporate something like ProRes 422, but as a home version. It should still be lossless. Even if it was no less than half the filesize of DV I would love it. Just my idea.
  23. I am not sure if I was the only one that had this problem, but, on Safari 2 whenever a Flash video was playing and I selected another application or went to another Safari window, the non-prominent Flash file would lag and be jerky. It annoyed me to death. Lucky me, that it was fixed in the beta of Safari 3, yet, I only noticed now, even though I had it since day 1 that it came out. I guess I went comma happy on this post... Did anyone else have this problem before?
  24. Neil

    Color me unimpressed.

    This isn't Macworld. WWDC is not for hardware releases. Everyone should have had thrown out high expectations for hardware announcements. I was however, very dissapointed with the kickoff keynote. I saw no new major innovations that could have been "Top Secret" for a year. I am sure stacks are great, but are far from Top Secret. I think the real killer was Time Machine, and we have known about that for a year. Yes Coverflow is neat, but again, not anything that was Top Secret. Translucent menu bar, yep, the innovation is flowing. Great a dock that is reflective... <sarcasm>there goes my productivity</sarcasm>. The things that we knew about are still cool, like iChat. Quick Look seems very nice, but, in priorety of "top secretness" it should have been very low. Vista has had this feature since some mid betas.
  25. Neil

    Leopard on 32 bit machines

    Yes, you can run Leopard on a 32 bit system (thank god). I can see where all of this confusion is coming from, Steve said something along the lines of "there will only be one version" or something. Compare that to a Universal Application. This is better than Microsofts approach (In Vista you must pick either 32 (more compatible, less secure) or 64 bit (less compatible, more capable and secure)) Leopard:Vista::Universal:PowerPC+Universal Note: 64bit does not mean that Mac OS X will be more secure, it makes windows more secure because it can run less viruses