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    Printing on Ivory Paper -- Help!

    If you are able too... You might just want to change the color of the font in the app you are in. I not a colortoligest, however, you might want to experiment on colors. A dark-orange songs like might do the trick.
  2. If this is technically possible, my suggestion would be to require moderator approval for a new users first 5 - 10 (something like that) posts that the make. If won't completely cure the problem, but it will cause extra work for spammers to get past a certain post requirement.
  3. I would really like to play around with Apple's Inkwell but I don't have a tablet. Is there some kind of way that I can force OS X into thinking that I am using a pen inside of the Ink tablet?
  4. Well, if the entire world finally decides to adopt IPv6 (we use IPv4) then Mac OS 9 might be left in the dark. This is assuming that OS 9 DOES NOT support IPv6. Does anyone know if that is true or if does have some support for IPv6? Yeah, Apple can't just magically press a giant red button and just turn off the internet for all OS9 machines.
  5. If asked someone a few years ago they would say that Macs were only for graphics and thats all graphics would ever have. Is this "myth" still true? I mean not from a graphics is all they do, but are Macs the only system that are good for graphics? All of Adobe products run on Windows. QuarkExpress runs on Windows. Is there any software that depends on Mac OS X and/or Mac Hardware? Thanks
  6. Neil

    Are Macs the only thing for graphics?

    I am sure you have heard the hard core Windows users who hate when you try a talk about your Mac, and they say something like "Macs are only good for graphics," is this just because the Pro's use it (cause they always have) or is there another reason. Graphics in this statement being very vague, I am sure you could extend that into video editing department, or just take "graphics" at face value. At almighty_spork, I highly doubt large companies such as Adobe would adopt Core Audio/Video/Data/Animation just because it would break or not be compatible with Windows software, and I doubt Apple would make a Windows version. Same reason why Adobe doesn't use .NET (I am not saying that it is good or suitable for such an application), because it would not be compatible with the Mac and would be a nightmare to maintain two separate code bases with one being .NET.
  7. Neil

    Are Macs the only thing for graphics?

    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
  8. Neil

    Possible iPhone Release date

    I highly doubt they will start shipping the iPhone at the time of WWDC. However, at WWDC, if they decide to allow it, they might open up the iPhone and give some info for developers on how to develop apps for the iPhone. I highly think that they will announce the ship date however. Also, I don't think announcing the iPhone shipping at WWDC would take away from Leopard as it is only a beta, albeit highly anticipated. The media and press (aside from technology sections/tech sites) rarely make any big news of Mac OS X especially a beta version.
  9. Neil

    Camcorder/Firewire Impossibilities

    You might be out of luck if iMovie will not recognize the camera (make sure you have it in playback mode). I don't really know why iMovie won't support USB cameras (besides the so-so quality and reliability, as Windows Movie Maker, as bad as it is, supports USB cameras). By the way. People in the US almost always pronounce Nikon as "Nye-kon", I have never heard any one say it differently.
  10. Neil

    Apple online store is down!!!

    Please let it be: new MacBooks(Pro) (reasonable) or a featherBook (maybe) or even a tabletMac (pleading for this).
  11. Neil

    Joost beta invite?

    Does anyone have an extra Joost beta invite they are willing to give me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! Neil [dot] Here [at] gmail [dot] com
  12. Does anyone remember/have an idea when the Apple Store Online starts running that promotion for college students where you get a free iPod (I think a Nano w/ rebate) with a notebook purchase.
  13. Neil

    iPhone Bluetooth Headset

    If it was light enough, and the ear plug was large enough, I could see it sticking just fine.
  14. Neil

    Back up question

    Well, you could do that. Do you not like having your backups "split" as separate files. The whole point of incremental backups are: you can go back to any date that was backed up. Think Time Machine, only not as cool.
  15. Neil

    Back up question

    Regarding the .Mac Backup Utility: You cannot delete any of the backup files. Each file is linked together. So, lets say, you do a full backup (the first backup file (BackupA) that contains SongA.mp4. The next day you add a song (called SongB.mp4). It gets backed up to BackupB. The day after that you add SongC.mp4. It gets backed up to BackupC. If you were to delete BackupB (which is basically what you want to do) you would lose SongB, as that is contained in BackupB.
  16. Neil

    Slow Menu Icons

    It been slow for about 4 months. It just started annoying me cause I usually just sleep my computer.
  17. Neil

    Slow Menu Icons

    All of these items: Seem to take forever, ok a about 15 seconds. The Spotlight icon loads very quickly. I have cleared out all my user login items and all my system startup items to see if they had any effect on this. None. Does anyone know of some tips or reasons why these things don't appear (and almost lock up my system) when I log in? They may not even be the cause; is there any other place that I can check and/or clear to speed things up? Thanks edit: Would having a lot of fonts have an effect on this? Say about 1000 of them? I know having a lot fonts affects performance, but does it show in this fashion?
  18. Neil

    Slow Menu Icons

    That app didn't help. I think I just have a bunch of small crumbs that are loading at startup. I moved TWAINBridge and that kinda did something. I think I will do an archive of install sometime soon–that should help. I was gonna do a start from scratch and drag files from my backup when Leopard came out, and I still will, but that will have to wait.
  19. Neil

    MAC os maintenance apps...

    First of all, everything there are not maintenance tasks (debatable). They should only be used if you are experiencing problems with Mac OS X. They are generally safe to perform, but are just a waste of time and will most likely cause a temporary slowdown (as it must rebuilt the caches and databases). Rebuild Launch Services: This will purge out everything that Mac OS X knows about a file type and what to open with it. In a nutshell, when you right click on a file and go to open with, the apps that are there are put there by "Launch Services". The only real time this action should be performed when you see duplicates in that list that shouldn't be there. Cleaning the cache is not ideal unless you are having problems as it will slow down your system as it will rebuild or fill your caches up again. Again, these and the other tasks are issue related fixes, not maintenance.
  20. Neil

    Slow Menu Icons

    I have tried almost everything now. Disabling fonts, clearing out all my caches, disabling startup items. Any more ideas anyone?
  21. Yes, but they generally have a much better alternative on the Mac side, from a separate company.
  22. Neil

    keynote "something"

    Sure you can. What you want to do is: first animate the first section of text to your liking, including exit. Then select your second section of text and animate it to your liking, however, within the inspector at the bottom there is a button that says "more options", click that. Confirm that the second section of text is selected and choose "automatically after build [whatever the first section of text exit is]".
  23. Neil

    Joost beta invite?

    I already received an invite shortly afterwards. It is ok... I really like UK dance music video channel. Has some pretty good songs.
  24. Here would be my choice to prevent the changing of wireless networks. What you want to do is make sure the AirPort is on. The go to the Network section, in System Preferences. Select AirPort and then click "Configure". In the first tab, named AirPort, click the button called "Options...". From the pop up dialog you will want to check the option labeled "Require administrator password to: Change wireless networks". From there just make sure that the user account in question does not have admin privileges and that the Network preferences are locked. This will now require an admin password in order to switch networks.
  25. Neil

    Cheap .Mac?

    Does anyone know where to get .Mac for a lot cheaper than Apple's price? I would look myself, but searching Google/Froogle for .Mac is difficult, as .Mac reverts to Mac, and people don't sell things under dotMac. The cheapest I know of is 80 bucks from onsale.com. Thanks! P.S., unless someone knows of a good alternative to the iDisk feature (I really need drag and drop support and not restricted to individual file size) and syncing support, I would love to hear about those. I really don't see the motivation to renew my subscription besides these things.