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    Final cut pro and final cut express

    There really isn't much difference between Final Cut Pro and Express. Here is a page that explains the differences.
  2. Neil

    Windoze Viruses on Mac

    If it is in Parallels then it impossible for it to affect your Mac side. If you are in Boot Camp it shouldn't affect your Mac side (as it cannot read/write the Mac partition (unless you have something like MacDrive)), but in some cases it can. For example, it could reformat your entire Mac partition; rendering useless. So be careful when in Bootcamp. I recommend a free antivirus called AVG (the free edition). It is free, small, quiet, and effective.
  3. Neil

    Flash Not Working in Safari

    Nevermind, I got it to work finally. Followed these steps.
  4. Flash no longer works in Safari (works fine in Camino). Whenever I go to a page with flash it does not show, but instead, shows a washed out Quicktime icon with a white question mark on it. I have confirmed that the flash setting is off in Quicktime prefs. I have reinstalled flash. And I have repaired permissions. Anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  5. If I want to use my Cingular SLVR L7 as a modem for my mac (bluetooth), and I mean modem as in use the WAP, not actually dialing. What settings or steps do I need to get this to work? I have seen probably five different "phone scripts" or something that people say work and I am just confused about the whole thing. I was able to get it pretty close and then it just wouldn't connect to the network (I think that is what was wrong). If anyone has got this to work I would appreciate your input. I would assume that the steps would be the same for a RAZR as they are quite similar, but I don't know. Thanks.
  6. I was thinking, after the help of the forums in solving my disabling trash problem, and it came to me... Couldn't you make your Mac "virus" that would delete files with a little social engineering (none at all if you could get file location commands like "/" and "~" to work) by having them select files they thought would do something else. Then have the Automator workflow move those to the trash, then empty the trash. It wouldn't really be a virus in the sense of it doing it automatically as in Windows. But an unsuspecting user could in fact, lets say, delete an entire folder of photo's by thinking the program would do something like, resize them. If you could get "/" and "~" (which I don't think would be very difficult) you could easily the purge someone's Documents folder by just having "~/Documents" by having them just double clicking on the "fake application". Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Here is my really lame sample workflow:
  7. I don't want any of this stuff on my mac either. however, there really isn't much you can "fix" with this. Anyone could come up with this with some basic imagination... The real problem will come when someone (and I know they will find/know a way) to just use basic pointers like "~" and "/" and there will be no need to select files. It will just be an application (most likely written in Applescript for simplicity) and when you launch it there goes your files.
  8. I see what you are saying, but if you found out you just deleted your entire Documents, Pictures, Music, etc. folder by accident (assuming you could use "~" in the workflow and not a path with some other name) you would be pretty mad. You are right about it being a trojan. However, I am sure you could add something to send the file itself by Mail.app.
  9. Is there any way that I can disable the use of the trash on a given drive? I just want it to say that it will poof and not be in the trash after I delete it. I hate having to empty the trash after deleting a file on my flash drive. Windows can do this. Can Mac OS X do it too?
  10. While it isn't really isn't disabling the trash, I really really like that method. I added my own thing in Automator so it would ask for a confirmation to either keep files (cancel) or purge them. This will work perfectly for my camera's memory card. Thank you. 100 kudos to joe28753 for that solution. Here is what is in my Automator workflow...
  11. Neil

    Are there any good speach-to-text programs?

    MacSpeech is horrible, I tried it once, it was slow and gave bad results. I would never pay for that. I hate to say this, but if you really want a good voice recognition software I would look into the Windows program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I used version 6 for a long time and loved it. I haven't tried version 9, but I heard it is good. If you look around I am sure you can find it for less than the direct price. There is also IBM ViaVoice 10, but I don't think it is very good. It is prone to be buggy and is not ideal if you want to be completely hands free. For this subject I would really recommend using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  12. Neil

    iTunes New icon?

    Personanly, I like the previous green one. I think the mac has too many blue icons... Finder, Mail, iChat, Safari, iMovie, iDVD, Quicktime... and now iTunes becomes blue again. Then again I hate change... But I mean a lot of people associate the green note with iTunes.
  13. I am a horrible speller. I have been raised on computer... with spell checker and google. Does anyone think bad spelling has to do with being raised on computers?
  14. Neil

    New RAM Problem

    I just installed some new RAM in my Intel iMac. When I turn it on the screen stays black; the power light stays on; no chime; and the DVD drive sounds like it is stuttering or something like that. When I take the RAM that I installed out it boots fine. What could cause this? Can I fix it or is the RAM defective. Please help. Thank you.
  15. Is value RAM a safe bet to use in my iMac Core Duo? I don't want to pay a lot for a 1GB stick of RAM, and a 100 dollar piece of RAM seems like a bargain.
  16. All it does is this... (iMac Core Duo)
  17. Is there some way to have audio come out of both my iMac's built in speakers AND the headphone jack?
  18. Neil

    Can't Log In To My User Account!!

    If you had FireVault on you might be screwed. Do you have any other accounts on that system?
  19. Neil

    Learn-To-Type Software (for kids)

    When I was in 6th grade we used this program called Type To Learn (http://store.sunburst.com/ProductInfo.aspx?itemid=176646). I think it was an OS 9 application so it had to be run in classic. There current product page is confusing so I don't know if it is really an OS X application if you buy the CD. However, Sunburst did make a statement that they would be making it a Universal Binary in 2006 (I think they probably are behind schedule). The program it self is ok. You might want to download the Windows Demo (if you can) and try that out. There isn't much of a story, so that was good, you basically are trying to fix some timeline of history, nothing much besides that. They "games" are just kind of "blahh", nothing great but not bad compared to some typing programs (MicroType for Windows is the absolute worse, the games on that make you wonder if you are evening using a modern computer.) Again, you should really try it out and see if you like it. It really isn't that bad of typing application. However, I always found the best way for me was having our teacher make us type in dumb stuff like asdfjkl;asdfjkl;aqaq;[;[; (you get the point) in AppleWorks (thank god that is dead). But it helps to do that in combination with Type to Learn. Hope that helps a bit.
  20. As I am my own admin, I am asking you guys. There is not extra option in the accounts preferences. I was playing with this widget and got this message. Is this the reminisce of the iPod Home Folder thing that was supposed to be in OS X? Or is this just something else.
  21. I am real particulate when it comes to cleaning out un-needed files. My Application Support files in my home directory are getting out of control (to me). There are ones for apps I don't even have anymore. Then there are ones that have a folder name like " c êi®ø??`†}Ò|êkÿè¿ö(ø??¿ßÛ`§" and that kinda freaks me out. Should I get rid of the ones that look like that (there is nothing in them)? Should I not touch them? Is there any app that will analyze the apps that I have and check to see what application support files are there, and get rid of the un-needed ones?
  22. Neil

    Mighty Mouse!

    I had this problem also. It was an old mouse pad that was the problem. I would recommend getting a new mouse pad because my desk it made out of that "fake" wood stuff and it has that artificial grain look, and that actually throws my mouse of too.
  23. Neil

    Deleting Screensavers

    It depends on where you picked to installed them. It would either be in /Library/Screen Savers/ or in ~/Library/Screen Savers/ To delete them, just drag them to the trash
  24. That is correct. Unless you specifically say not to include them within the file they will be included. If for some reason it needs file it will just bring up a dialog and you just point to the external drives Movies folder.