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  1. There really is no improper way. Just don't move the actual Movies folder. Just move the contents of the folder.
  2. I am surprised that people have not found a way to add extensions or modules to applications that support them. For example, couldn't someone trick someone in placing a malicious "extension" to Safari when they install other software (if I am installing software, I just authenticate hoping it is safe)? Sure it would be easy to remove, drag it to the trash (I find it funny that it "could" be that simple compared to running 3 different spyware scanners on Windows), but an average Mac user wouldn't really know what to do. In Safari they could display ads or just about anything you could think about... Tell if this is just completely impossible...
  3. Renaming the hard drive... when it appears on the desktop just select it and hit enter. Rename as desired... About "moving" the movies folder... just move everything to a folder on the external drive and create an alias in the regular movies folder and "point" it to that external folder. Front Row will just follow the link.
  4. So I have never had Adobe Reader on my Mac before. The new version came along and I was like... maybe I will just try it. So I did. It is ok... But what I absolutely hate (and why I trashed it) is because I remember in the uninstaller it asked something along the lines of "do you want us to control all of your PDFs when you open them up?" and I knowing that Adobe makes the slowest Adobe Reader for the PC I unchecked the box. So it is true that it doesn't control you PDF files... however, it seems to thing that controlling your web browser (in my case Safari) is perfectly fine. What happens? When you click on a PDF it opens up Adobe Reader in the browser... to me that is wrong. So I go to trash file... of course when the browser opens up a PDF it asks where Adobe Reader is... I mean this is just as bad as the Windows Registry. So I am ticked off. I go re-download the installer, install it again... and then go in the Preferences of Adobe Reader to disable the browser add-on thingy. Then I trashed Adobe Reader again... I am sure I have a billion small files left over from that. (cause AppZapper only found files when I dragged the installer to it...) Point of my ramblings... don't install Adobe Reader unless you are A) an Adobe fanboy/girl, love remembering the good bad old Windows days where programs would take control of files, or C) you absolutely need it. But for real, how can Adobe get away with just adding shit to Safari, without asking?
  5. Neil

    Do Not Install Adobe Reader

    I don't have a problem with it as an application, besides the fact that Preview is lighting fast compared to this. But I have a problem when applications have a check box that says "Take control of PDF files" and you uncheck that but it turns around and makes it the default reader for Safari... if there was a check box for that I would be fine. BUT, it just assumes that I want to use their crappy software.
  6. Unfortunately, that does not work with 10.4.8...
  7. Neil

    Different Resoultion Monitors

    Hmm... Could you please tell me anyways? I am sure that TPB will come in very handy then.
  8. On Black Friday I bought a second monitor (19inch non-widescreen, LCD) to go along with my 20in Intel Core Duo iMac. Now I am not really sure why this is (I think it is because the pixel pinch is not as small as the iMac but I really have no clue). When I move windows from one screen to another they appear bigger on the 19in LCD. I get that the amount of pixels are the same, but the size and/or pinch of the pixels are bigger. Is there some type of software or way to trick the computer into scaling down the output the 19inch monitor in order to make the window sizes match up when I move them?
  9. Neil

    Different Resoultion Monitors

    There isn't much to do in there. The most I can really do is change the alignment with that monitor and the old one. And I can't go any resolution above the native resolution.
  10. Yes, that is the first thing I told them. This problem only affected Macs and if I didn't tell them that we would have been there all day going through troubleshooting steps for a PC. They told me that they were aware of this problem and asked me if I knew how to access my routers setup page and how to set up a static IP address on my Mac, I said yes, she gave me what to put in for the settings and we were on our way. Here is the transcript of the my support chat.
  11. I forgot to mention, but my router is the WRT54G, so I guess someone screwed up big time with this firmware update.
  12. I just resolved this problem too. I did a support chat with Linksys after trying every possible thing. Their fix was (like kswanders mentioned) was to do a manual static ip and enter in all the info. They also said there engineers are working to resolve this issue.
  13. Neil

    School Filter

    Our high school is a technology magnet high school. We are pretty lucky cause they don't block a lot of things. However, it is really weird because some rooms block certain things and others don't. In some rooms Gmail is blocked but in some rooms it isn't.
  14. Neil

    Turning Off FileVault

    You are cutting it pretty close on the space available. Because of that your computer may be fragmented and it can't move the files around.
  15. Neil

    Any good OCR software?

    Is there any good OCR software for the Mac? I would love anything that is cheap or free. I don't need anything to advanced.
  16. Neil

    School Filter

    You could prob. do a WHOIS lookup. However... I use, and almost always works, the Coral thingy. Just add .nyud.net:8080 at the end of the .com, .net, .org, etc. and it will bring you a cache of that site. For example, if you wanted to go to http://www.apple.com/imac/ and that was blocked you would type http://www.apple.com.nyud.net:8080/imac/
  17. Neil

    Bootcamp NTFS Partition

    Nope, I already tried that. It just wont add it to the list.
  18. I have bootcamp with a partition that is NTFS. Every I do a spotlight search it searches through that partition too. However, because it cannot write to that drive it can't save the index of that drive (am I correct), so the spotlight search takes forever and I don't even want to look on that partition. I just want my Mac partition. So I go to Spotlight prefs. and try and add the NTFS partition but it won't add (I think cause it must write to that partition to not search it). Is there someway to force Mac OS X to not search that partition? The only workaround that I know of is to do a search with Command-Option-Space and just select Macintosh HD. But that is a hassle.
  19. Neil

    Alternatives to Appzapper and Cleanapp

    You could fiddle with Spotlight...
  20. Neil

    Buttons now have the glowing ring

    The control-F7 fixed it. I must have hit that by accident. Thank you.
  21. For some reason now all my dialog boxes have one (usually the first) button that has a "glowing" ring around it. It never did this before, how can I fix this? Here is a example of an example (notice the "Never for this Website" button)
  22. Neil

    Ipod Refurbished from Apple

    Apple tests (I think) every refurbished product. Wheres, a regular product line they will test 1 out of n[/n].
  23. Neil

    Lost Topic on MacCast Forum

    A while ago there was a category and it was something to do with "10 Reasons". In there were posts that each had 10 reasons why macs are better and/or why to get one. There was one that had the title of something like "10 Reasons NOT to get a Mac" and it had 10 funny reasons of why not to get a mac and that PCs, such as "You don't have serial, parallel, or PS/2 ports. Sure you will never use them, but they are there just in case." Does anyone know where to find that topic? I am in need of some laughs.
  24. Neil

    Apple planning to port more iApps to PC?

    I am laughing right now cause on my Windows computer the new "software update" didn't even tell me that my itunes (7.0) is outdated and that there is a newer version (7.0.1). What a joke.