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  1. Ya, as far as I know, the Mac OS has always handled window resizing only through one corner. It actually starts to make sense after a while, when you look at the user interface differences between Mac OS and Windows. MS Windows' windows have always have this 'border' or 'frame' around the entire window, it's thin, but it's almost always there. Mac apps (especially newer ones) are usually flush to the edge of the window and have nothing between it and the rest of your screen. A good example is the Dictionary app, where the left, bottom, and right sides of the window have no border; it is either a scrollbar or part of the definition display. In theory, there should be nothing to grab on too. Adding the ability to resize the window at the top would be inconsistent and unconventional.


    In my mind, this is similar as to why Macs have, in the past, only shipped with one button mice: it promotes developers to avoid context menus as the primary way to interact with an application. Whenever you shove functions of an application into a context menu, and no where else (which is how most Windows programs handle it) it then becomes a hidden function that either requires the user to figure it out or you must provide some tutorial, help file, or hints as to what you can do. Don't get me wrong, context menus (or right click menus as some people call them) are immensely useful and can increase productivity once you know about them. The hard fact is, most "average" computer users (like my parents) have no idea what the right click is and ideally, they never should have to know.

  2. OK, I love fonts. I love having them, I love using them. Identifying what a font is on like a sign, poster, brochure, object, w/e is kinda what I do when I'm bored. However, I came across this text and can't tell what font it is set in. Does anyone know what this is in?




    This will bug me, since part of it is so similar to Helvetica. The "D", "E", "S", "I", "N", and "U" are almost dead on Helvetica letters, albeit somewhat weird in-between-regular-and-bold weight. It's just the "G" and "M" that are throwing me off. I don't recall any font that has all of the characteristics, I know it's not Helvetica, Akzidenz-Grotesk, Univers, or something like Futura.


    I highly doubt it is a doubt it is a mix of different fonts. Because you could probably stimulate it quite well with Helvetica for mostly everything, Tahoma or Verdana for the "M", and maybe pass the "G" off as FF DIN.


    Thanks for helping a person obsessed with fonts.

  3. At close inspection, you can see that icon for Keynote '08 is actually the first three verses and then a few lines of "The Bitch of Living" from "Spring Awakening". Interesting text for "Q4 2008".


    God, I dreamed there was an angel

    Who could hear me through the wall

    As I cried out-like, in Latin

    "This is so not life at all

    Help me out-out-of this nightmare"

    Then I heard her silver call-

    She said: "Just give it time, kid

    I come to one and all"


    She said: "Give me that hand, please

    And the itch you can't control

    Let me teach you how to handle

    All the sadness in your soul

    Oh, we'll work that silver magic

    Then we'll aim it at the wall"

    She said: "Love may make you blind kid-

    But I wouldn't mind at all"


    It's the bitch of living

    (Bitch, just a bitch)

    With nothing but your hand

    (Just a bitch, yeah)

    Just the bitch of living

    As someone you can't stand


    See, each night, it's like fantastic-

    Tossing, turning, without rest


    (full lyrics http://www.lyricsondemand.com/soundtracks/...inglyrics.html)


    What do you think it means? Any significance? Or just random text from stressed graphic designers at Apple?

  4. I used to use the bluetooth on my mac to sync with my cell phone. I have an iPhone, I don't use that function anymore. So, besides the use of a wireless mouse and/or keyboard, there aren't too many widely used purposes for it.


    What do you use Bluetooth on your mac for? Or do you?

  5. I'm not sure this is really helpful for your situation. But you could always do this in Script Editor and just make an Applescript.


    Try pasting this in:

    say "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy brown dog." using "Alex"

    say "Then he ran all the way home." using "Victoria"

    say "But the fox got lost." using "Alex"

  6. OK, my day was very interesting... however, I finally managed to install Windows XP on my MacBook Air without an external drive. OK, I also had to use my iMac and my Windows laptop (briefly, and not really required).


    OK, so I'm sure every person is just dying to read about my engaging adventure (sarcasm) so here is what I did. My setup includes a MacBook Air, an Intel Core Duo iMac, an external USB drive (has to be big enough to hold you XP partition for transfer), and an existing Windows laptop (this really required, I just used it because I forgot that I didn't need too). I also found this free piece of software called Winclone, which was the key to solving this problem.


    The goal of all of this was to install Windows (I'm going to be using XP, but I would presume this would work for Vista) on my MacBook Air, without buying or borrowing an external SuperDrive or other external optical drive.


    At any point, when I use iMac, just substitute your Mac with an optical drive.


    - Create Windows Partition, using Boot Camp Assistant, on the MacBook Air.

    - Create Windows Partition, using Boot Camp Assistant, on the iMac (I don't think you need to make it the same size as the MBA, but I did).

    Side note: If you get a kernel panic while you partition any of your Macs (I got it on both of mine), you are kind of hosed. You could try to boot up from the install DVD (or bootable clone) and use Disk Utility to Repair Disk. That will solve that problem, but everytime you go to partition, it will do the same thing (I don't recommend trying... I went through this process 5 times). Just do a clone backup or have a full Time Machine backup and just restore your entire drive. It magically fixes the issue (might be from fragmentation).

    - When you iMac is done partitioning, Install Windows on it. MAKE SURE YOU FORMAT THE PARTITION AS NTFS Make sure it boots and it works. I wouldn't recommend installing any drivers while on the iMac (I did, and it causes problems later on).

    - Also, don't activate you copy of Windows while on your iMac, as it will register with MS and compare it's hardware with your MBA.

    - Boot back into OS X. Now, doing a simple Partition to Disk Image, then cloning that disk image to the MBA partition doesn't work. (you actually can't do this anyways with NTFS, but I had done this with FAT32 initially, so it was 'possibly possible')

    - Grab Winclone. I found this program while googling. It is designed for network admins who need to do backups and restores of Boot Camp partitions. This is exactly what we need (as you really can't clone a Bootcamp partition and then restore it with OS X itself).

    - In Winclone "backup" your bootcamp partition to a disk image on your external drive. Winclone only deals with NTFS partitions, so if this is why NTFS is important.

    - When that is done backing up, take that file and a copy of Winclone to you MacBook Air.

    - Using the restore tab, restore that disk image to your MBA Boot Camp partition.

    - When it is done, reboot you Mac, hold down alt, you should be able to select Windows.

    - Boot into it.

    - Ya, you have a problem, no drivers. You have two options, you can use a Windows computer to copy the driver/installer from the MBA Install DVD onto a usb flash drive or external drive. Or you can remember that you just made your iMac a Windows computer, so you could do it from there.

    - On you MacBook Air, you probably be able to use your trackpad... at all, until the drivers are there. So if you have a mouse, get it and a usb hub. Plug the mouse in the hub.

    - Once you have a copy of the installer and folder of driver stuff on your drive, plug that into the hub.

    Side note: You really don't need a hub or a mouse. You could navigate through the keyboard to install the drivers. (I didn't feel like finding my USB hub, so I first copied the files with the keyboard, then unplugged my drive and used my mouse the rest of the way.

    - After a restart, or a few, and after Windows updates, you should have a MacBook Air with windows on it.


    So in conclusion, this is a very technical thing that isn't for the faint of heart. By the way, if you already have a XP install with FAT32 that you want to convert to NTFS, open up the command prompts, and type "CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS" (no quotes), follow the on screen prompts, and it will restart about 2 times.


    Hopefully I didn't forget anything.

  7. OK, I am really too cheap (after spending 2,100) on a MacBook Air to buy the external SuperDrive. I have not been able to install Windows XP via disk partitions (I didn't really expect to be able to). But now I am getting a little impatient.


    Since I doubt I can install Windows XP from a USB flash drive/external hard drive, I have come up with this hypothetical solution... I use the Boot Camp Assistant to partition my iMac, I install XP on that partition (sans all the iMac drivers). I then clone the bootcamp partition to a disk image. On my MacBook Air (with the BC assistant already having created my partition) I simple apply the iMac boot camp disk image on the MacBook Air's boot camp partition. This is assuming that everything is FAT32.


    Does anyone think this will work? I really don't want to waste my time installing XP without at least some second opinions. To me this seems that it should work, in theory. I just want to know if anyone foresees any major/critical/obvious problems that would happen with this.

  8. Does anyone else with a MacBook Air seem to have problems with the Safari that is on it? For some reason I can install PithHelmet and Twicetab, but Safari doesn't actually use/see/enable them. However, Inquistor seems to work fine.


    Safari reports version 3.0.4 (5523.13.2) <- This is different then my iMac's Safari version (it has 3.0.4 (5523.10.6))


    So I'm thinking that either Safari has limited system wide SIMBL plugins even more for this (perhaps a special build with 3 finger swipe support?) or my system is just screwed up.

  9. By "add" I mean is there anyway I can have it sync files that I want (or folders) and not be limited to apps that sync them. I would put thins just on my iDisk, but I like having a local file that 1) will get backed up by Time Machine and 2) some are need by apps that have to be in a certain location.


    While backing up to .mac is nice, I don't really need it since my desktop is always connect to my external drive that I use for time machine.

  10. OK, I just decided to buy .Mac (I think it's overpriced, but I got it for 50 bucks on eBay, so I think I can justify it for that much) and I'm just wondering if there is a database of more than just the given syncing schemas. I know certain apps add themselves (like Transmit) but I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any other things that I can add that would be useful.

  11. The Dell monitor also turns me off because if basically eliminates the entire possibility to have more than one monitor effectively. If you get two of them to match, you have a giant gap in between. If you get this fugly Dell thing and another monitor, you not only have a big gap, but it just looks stupid.

  12. If they are mp3's then they are not DRM. They are most likely .wma files, which cannot be played on a mac. unless you run parallels or boot camp, or just use a windows box, you are out of luck. my local library district does the same thing.


    i always found it strange that people put DRM on things that you can get for free at the library... seriously, it's not like anyone can just download another "free" DRM'ed copy of an audiobook.

  13. http://www.dell.com/crystal


    People are saying that Dell hasn't made something that is fugly. I find this new monitor too "busy" and still shows that companies can't think less is more. Apple would never make (not now at least) something this busy. This really reminds me of the 20th anniversary mac, or at least really weird Apple designs from years past.


    Couldn't Dell simply just put the monitor there without any of the glass junk. Is there something wrong with avoiding extra stuff? In addition, I still prefer the Apple style "arm" stand and not the 3 legged thing.


    Finally, who want a 20inch monitor take up the same space as that does? It just seems like unneeded stuff.

  14. Then what would be the point of a touchscreen? I can get the same experience from using my Wacom tablet (even though a Cintiq would be closer to a tablet).


    I think people wouldn't give much fanfare if it was *just* a tablet. However, unlike Windows, OS X was designed to not require a right click, so I think it would be better for a tablet then a Windows based tablet. If you want a good example of what I mean, try doing something that should be seemingly simple, like deleting your recent items in Windows without using a right click... it can be done, but it will take you a while to accomplish that.

  15. So, assuming that the mythical mac tablet had multitouch... what use would it be? Right now OS X doesn't have any use for multitouch gestures, nor do any apps.


    They will have to do a lot more than provide an update to iPhoto to flick around my photos, iTunes music, and what not.

  16. If you think that you "want" a mac tablet (like I do).... what do you want it for? what would you use it for?


    Right now, there are no good notetaking apps that could utilize a stylus effectively (ie OneNote).


    Yes, it would be nice to already have a pressure sensitive display for photoshop and what not, but besides that, is there really a need?


    I want one... but I'm not sure why.

  17. As I switched from Windows about 3 years ago, I was all for the whole Firefox movement. Unfortunately, Firefox on the Mac sucks. It just does. It feels like a horrible UI mess that was ported to OS X. I felt like I was using a program who's UI was the equivalent of a Macromedia app. So, I tried out Camino, but (maybe it's just me) it seemed to "lock up" and become unresponsive all the time. I was like "screw it" and I have been a avid fan of Safari ever since.


    Besides, the actual rendering component of Safari (webkit) is open source too. Not to mention it is more standards compliant than Gecko's rendering.


    The one thing I wish Safari had was a really good adblocker (like Adblock Plus and the Filterset Updater, because those 2 together rock).