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  1. Ok finally figured it what was wrong. I wanted to post it here so it may help someone else. The issue was due to the ink preference pane in the system preference pane. The panel only shows up if you connect a pen device to the computer. This functions allows one to use the pen to write in a document and decipher your handwriting and turn it into text. I don't not use this but the preference was turned on. I do use a Wacom tablet from time to time. Turning this completely off solved the issue. Hope this help someone.
  2. Hello, I need some help and I can not figure this issue. I get different behavior when I use different machines. I have 2 Macs (Mac Pro and a 13" Macbook Pro) When I use MS Office 2011 many drop down menu items will not stay open on the Macbook Pro unless I hold down the left mouse button. An example would be the Fill Color drop down ribbon item. Most drop down item do work properly. This happens if I use the touchpad or use a mouse. When I have the same program on the Mac Pro I click on the drop down and it remains open. I have also tried this in Windows on the Macbook Pro and the drop down functions properly. I have noticed this behavior also happens on a few others programs on the Macbook Pro such as Thinkorswim when using some charting functions. I have searched system preferences and program preferences but I can not find a solution to this mystery. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. apparition

    Do surge protectors work?

    You can also look into a whole house surge protector. They run a few hundred dollars but are worth it.
  4. Last night I decided to rent a movie - The Usual Suspects (only .99 what a deal). The movie downloaded fine but before it copies itself to the right folder I get this message. "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation. There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try later." This is what I have done so far but nothing helped. 1) corrected disk permissions 2) read apple discussion forum 3) checked fold permissions for the music folder 4) rebooted (habit from the windows days) I am not sure what to do. Is there a folder the rental movie is trying to save to that is not in the music folder? Thank you for you help.
  5. apparition

    DVD+R or DVD-R?

    Here is an article on comparing + to -. Done in 2003 but should still be good. http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Why-DVDRW-...erior-to-DVD-RW
  6. apparition

    Converting video tape to dvd

    If you want to try a non Mac solution you might want to look at The Neuros OSD. http://www.neurostechnology.com/ This will allow you to get your media from your camera to a HD or a DVD. Downside is that is will cost you some money. Check it out.
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    I have been using Mozy since it started. I just recently switched over to the Mac platform and continued to use this service. I pay $4.95/month for this service and think this is a reasonable price. The first backup can take a long time (a real time time as I backup 19 G). I only backup documents, photos, etc. The service is owned by EMC. EMC knows something about storage. A nice feature is similar to time machine where you have backup by dates but it does not go back a far. This should NOT be your only backup method. I personally use Time Machine and Superduper. This is offsite storage only which is slow to recover (but they will send you DVDs for a price). I believe it is extremely important to have an offsite backup strategy in case you equipment is damaged or stolen. Other option is Jungle Disk powered by Amazon S3. I have not used this service but i know a few people who are happy with it. This service charges .15 a gig per month.
  8. apparition

    Online Storage

    I use www.smugmug.com to share my photos and videos. This is a photo site but can also show videos with a power user account. The site supports H.264. The power user account costs 59.95 USD per year. This is a higher end photo site that I am very happy with. I would also check to see the response time in both locations.
  9. apparition

    Aperture's Demise?

    Love the D300. I did not want to pay $5000 for a D3 as I am not a professional and I have not won the lottery yet. The D300 is very close (98%) to the D3. I purchased the battery pack so I get 8 fps. Main diff. are 1) D3 is full frame and thus more sensentive in low light. I have taken nice pictures at 1600 and ok photos at 3200 with the D300. The D3 takes great photos at 6400. I have seen a great 16 x 20 print at 6400. Seen tests result at evenhigher ISO. Of course proper exposure is very important. 2) D300 drops down to 2.5 fps if taking raw at 14 bit. You can drop the camera down to 12 bit and you get back to 6 fps or 8 fps (w/ battery pack) 3) D3 takes multiple memory cards. 4) D3 focuses just a bit faster. I think this is due to more processing power and/or faster motor. 5) D3 records sounds Those are the main ones imo. The metering, focusing and processing are the same. I have only shoot about 1000 photos so I am still getting use to it and trying out all the great things it can do. It would be a great upgrade from a D80. My friend has a D200 and much hard to justify spending 1800 on a new body. Ken Rockwell did a nice comparison http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d3/vs-d300.htm Also Dpreview also has a good review and Popular Photography named it camera of the year.
  10. apparition

    Best AIM Client

    I want to use ichat to communicate with a windows user. I want to use video. What is the best AIM client on windows? Anyone know? Thanks
  11. apparition

    Best AIM Client

    Played around with a few clients but I was not happy with the video quality. I decided to use Skype for video as the quality was better.
  12. apparition

    Aperture's Demise?

    Neil Jo, In the Raw Fine Tuning Setting in the adjustment window you can create pre sets and camera defaults for raw settings. This would allow you to add sharpening to all your raw photos as you opened them. Also I open photos in Aperture, Photoshop and Nikon Capture NX. Almost no difference between Photoshop CS3 and Aperture. I did not like what Nikon Capture NX did. Go figure as I have a D300 and it comes with Capture NX. While there are some cool tools in Capture NX I was not happy with the RAW file performance. I do not get any spinning balls of death but I have a new Mac Pro. Lightroom is a good program. The editing is still better then Aperture but Aperture allows me to get through my photos much fast and organize them. If I really like the photo I open the raw file in Photoshop and start there.
  13. apparition

    Which version of Windows should I install?

    I got Vista 32 bit version. Do not get the 64 bit version a lot of driver issues.
  14. apparition

    DRM'ed Adobe PDF on an Intel Mac

    There are two basically types of protection Adobe allows 1) password protected file and 2) user imposed limitations. The first one can be much hard the second one is not problem to crack. In the windows world there are tons of programs that will crack item 2. I got really pissed off when my financial service company started using limitations in MY STATEMENTS. I purchased a $15 program and the limitations were gone. Since I just recently switched I have not investigated the Mac programs that do this but using Google here are two links. http://www.soft14.com/Software_Development...886_Review.html http://www.dailysofts.com/program/934/31057/PDFRecover.html I do not vouch for this program but I would suggest you look around.
  15. apparition

    MacTheRipper question

    If you really want to crack all DVD's my advice is to duel boot into Windows XP or Vista 32 and use a program called AnyDvd (from Slysoft) plus any ripper. There are a few others best. Since I am a recent switcher this is not really a problem for me. I am use Slysofts MobileDvd Ripper and there Basic Ripper. The mobile one can easliy be replaced by handbrake.
  16. apparition

    Aperture's Demise?

    I like Aperture 2.0 a lot more then 1.5. I have been playing with it for one day and I will order it. In many ways it is superior then LR however LR is still better for edits. Of course for real power for edits you still need Photoshop.
  17. apparition

    Help Update Issues

    I am having some problems with updates to apple software. For example iPhoto. I have version 7.1.1 and the current version is 7.1.2. When I run apple's software updater it says I am current but in the software the version is 7.1.1. Version tracker also says I am not up to date. I manually try to install the software and it does not install. I have run repair permissions but this did not help. Any suggestions? Thanks
  18. apparition

    Help Update Issues

    OK figured it out. My wife moved the file to another folder with the application folder. I moved it back to the root of the applications folder and was able to update. There still is a bug in apple's updater as it should not say the program has been updated if it has not been.
  19. apparition

    Switcher needs help

    I used Plaxo at www.plaxo.com. The free version woul dwork for moving your addresses over. I pay fo rthe plus as I manage my address book from 2 MAC, and a few PC's. It does a good job of keeping them in sync.
  20. apparition

    iMac or Dell?

    I am a recent convert and hope I can provide you some insight. I completely got rid of the windows machines in my house and purchased an iMac and Mac Pro. The Mac Pro uses bootcamp and VM. 1) When I boot in to windows it is exactly like running a windows machine. My mac Pro gets a score of 5.9 out of 6.0 for performance. Most of my friends at best get a 5.5. Mac wins again. The native feeling makes sense as windows is made to go on many different types of machines with mullions of combination. While this is one of the falls of windows it is also a benefit. 2) I run VM Ware but if you really want to run games I would boot into windows. I only play WOW and use the Mac version. My general opinion would be that the iMac will not be a great gaming machine due to the video card. My Mac Pro is really fast but I have a good card in it. 3) I would choose windows Vista 32 bit. DO NOT GET 64 BIT. Most of the issues you read about are in the 64 bit version due to many driver issues. THe 64 bit version gives you access to more memory which can be helpful in photo, video and 3-D processing but then I would just use the MAC. Also Microsoft just changed there policy to allow you to use Windows Basic (DO NOT GET BASIC BTW) and Windows Home premium. 4) I created a boot partition first and then use VM ware to boot into this partition. THis will save drive space if you want booth bootcamp and VM ware. Not sure if Parallels can do this. Good luck.
  21. apparition

    Family Tree Software

    It came down between Reunion and MacFamily Tree. I selected MacFamily tree. Half the cost and looks really good. It is also very similar to the package I was using in Windows.
  22. apparition

    Family Tree Software

    Hello, I have just recently switched to Mac and I would like a software suggestion for creating my family tree. In windows I used Family Tree Maker. I was ok. I think on the Mac it is between MacFamily Tree 5 and Reunion 9 Any other suggestions? Does anyone have an opinion on which program to use. Thanks
  23. apparition

    Backing up iphoto images

    I also recently switched and have played with a number of options. I finally decided to use a folder structure and not have iphoto import into library. I choose this for two reasons: 1) Workflow 2) Backup 3) DB issues in iphoto 1) Workflow - I often use Photoshop on the photos. I like to have the photoshop file and the orginal file in the same location. Easier to do this if iphoto does not manage the photo files. You can flip a coin on this one but this is what I am use to. 2) I perform full backups, timemachine and use Mozy for offsite backup. I have more control over the backup with mozy if I keep the photo files seperated from iphoto. Timemachine is nice as it offers good integration with iphoto. 3) In performing a few tests after switching I noticed that iphoto does not always clean up after itself at the DB level. I have about 31 gigs of photos. After testing and doing a lot of importing, deleting, moving, etc. the photos were over 42 gigs (trash was empty). I rebuilt the database and got back to 31 gigs. I might change my decision if Apperture 2.0 offers complete integration. Hope that helps
  24. apparition

    Better DVD ripping program than Handbrake?

    I have tried that but the code is custom for IE only. Some of the code in on the computer so we are not just dealing with IE on the internet. A real pain.
  25. apparition

    Family Tree Software

    Oh one more item. I found this site http://macgenealogy.org/ Lists all the Mac Software on this subject.