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    password to wake mac

    Hello. Great idea for this forum section. I am willing to pay $5 (via an amazon gift card) for someone to write the following automator for me: 1. open system preferences (Leopard 10.5.6) 2. click the security icon 3. check the box for "require password to wake this mac" 4. close system preferences 5. open apple menu (upper left corner) 6. select "sleep" and then another automator app to do the reverse, to uncheck the box for require to wake this mac. Actually, instead of creating the app itself, I would prefer to receive detailed instructions about how to create these two apps myself. Hope you are interested. Regards, Rick
  2. rickmacgk

    from flickr to iWeb blog?

    how do I send some photos from my flickr account to my blog in iWeb? or even better, how do I send an email with a photo attached directly to my blog in iWeb?
  3. rickmacgk

    how to find edited photos in iPhoto?

    RE: In the Modified Folder you will find all edited pics and in the origional folders all the origionals of all photos in your libary. That helps a little bit. Thank you!
  4. Is there a quick way to find edited photos in iPhoto? I want to create an album with all my edited photos, but cannot find a way to do it. Perhaps when you edit a photo, a comment or a keyword can be added automatically?
  5. rickmacgk

    need to enter admin id and password two times

    Thanks for your reply. I use a Standard Account, and probably you are using an Administrative account. For details on the pros and cons of each account, you may want to listen to show #150 of 07/20/2006, section "understanding mac os x user accounts".
  6. After I upgraded from 10.4.6 to 10.4.7 I noticed that: 1) to verify permissions I need to enter my admin user id and password. Before I did not have to. 2) to repair permissions I need to enter my admin user id and password two times. At first I thought I was entering them incorrectly, but that was not the case. Have you noticed the same thing and should I be concerned about #2 (entering info twice)? Thank you. PS: this happens both with my iMac and with my Powerbook G4.
  7. rickmacgk

    laptop monitor for a mac mini?

    Yes, I just tried an S-Video cable and verified what you said about the CRT TV's. A new $50 CRT monitor is a good alternative, but perhaps I can convince myself that I "need" a new plasma or LCD TV? :wink: Thanks to all for your good advice. I appreciate it very much.
  8. rickmacgk

    laptop monitor for a mac mini?

    okay. thanks for letting me know. My TV is a Panasonic Model CT-24SL13G that I purchased in Dec. 2003. It has S-video input and Component Input. One thing I can do to test it is to connect my laptop, a Powerbook G4, to the TV and see how the text looks like. If the text looks okay, then I would assume that the mac mini would probably be okay?
  9. rickmacgk

    upgrading and skipping upgrades

    okay. that is good to know. thanks. maybe I will go ahead an upgrade now to 10.4.7. One thing I could do is to do the upgrade in a clone first, try it for a few days, and if all is well, then do it in the real "parent" system.
  10. rickmacgk

    laptop monitor for a mac mini?

    Hey! Thanks for the advice! I will give it a try, perhaps sooner than expected...
  11. rickmacgk

    upgrading and skipping upgrades

    so if I wait until 10.4.8 then the combo updater will be used automatically by Software Update? If this is the case, is not a bad deal, indeed it is a very good deal. the reason I want to skip 10.4.7 is because all the problems reported for this upgrade in the apple forums. Some of the problems appear to include not being able to boot from an external drive, so even if I had a clone of my system, I would not be able to reinstall from there. I know that the forums report mainly the problems and not when everything works fine, but it seems to me that there are more complaints than normal for this upgrade. And it does not seem to include any security upgrades, and I don't seem to need any of the new features reported for 10.4.7 right now.
  12. rickmacgk

    laptop monitor for a mac mini?

    ahhh, that sounds very interesting... hooking the mini to my TV. Is that only for videos and photos, or do you get good resolution to work with text, or at least to ready clearly the file names in Finder, and things like this? thanks for your reply, Matt. regards, Ricardo
  13. rickmacgk

    laptop monitor for a mac mini?

    Hello. Is it possible to connect a mac mini to a laptop to use the laptop as the external monitor? In other words, I would like to buy a mac mini but don't want to buy a monitor, and I was wondering if I could use the monitor in my powerbook G4 as the monitor for the mac mini? thanks. :wink:
  14. Hello. I am considering skipping the upgrade to mac os X 10.4.7 (frm 10.4.6) and wait until 10.4.8 is released. When 10.4.8 is available via Software Upgrade, what is going to happen? Do I need to install 10.4.7 first, or is it going to show that 10.4.8 is available and upgrade from 10.4.6 directly to 10.4.8? :?: Thanks!
  15. rickmacgk

    intel powerbooks in january?

    thanks for you replies. I totally agree with both of you. It would be very bad if I waited until next year and nothing happened. So maybe this weekend...