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  1. tiiim

    mac otimization

    does anybody know any good software for mac otimization and all round system cleanout? need a massize late spring clean?
  2. tiiim

    ical sharing

    Hello is it possible to share an ical calendar between 2users on the same machine without subscribing over the internet? Or a script i can make to copy something accross or a prog that allows u to view someone elses ical on the same machine Thanks
  3. tiiim

    remote desktops

    hello couple things. is their a ultility out their that allows me to control XP Home edition from my mac? MS don't like people doing "advance" things with Home edition. Also how do i go about setting up remote desktop to another mac? thanks!
  4. tiiim

    Problem mounting Blank media (CD/DVD)

    ok have you got a different blank cd/dvd make just to make sure its not just the disk? Like a spare one hanging around you don't need to waste your money but if you have a different make that would help us remove some of the problems. in the mean time i will have to have a think. its prob not a major problem since everything else sees it accept the desktop....
  5. tiiim

    Problem mounting Blank media (CD/DVD)

    have you tried repairing permmissions? also if you have not restarted your comp in a while try that.
  6. tiiim

    Problem mounting Blank media (CD/DVD)

    make sure finder -> Prefs -> general -> show these items on the desktop and the correct box is ticked. if it is let us know.
  7. tiiim

    Backup 3

    do you have a trial or a full .mac account?
  8. tiiim

    COMIC Pict Software

    i own a copy of comic life and it is very good!
  9. hello Can anybody tell me or point me in the right direction on how to set up remote desktop. So i can connect to the PC from my mac via the Remote Desktop Connection program. thanks.
  10. tiiim

    Data backup

    Totally agree with Matt. Geting an exeternal HD is the best way and will be future prooth. But if its cheap or free then Apple way it is. I dont think you get any say on what Apple backups on behalf of you so if your looking customisation then its the HD way. I am looking to invest into a HD in the future because i am even finding the present generation of DVDs to limiting on space. :?
  11. tiiim

    Soon to be switched - Quicken data transfer?

    you will need to email them and ask what exactly will be missing..... :?
  12. tiiim

    Data backup

    Apple have a great archieve and install feature on OS X. I did it the other day i screwed my system up. Insert the disk. Push the achieve install button. It then installs OS X afresh then copy all your dater, settings, bookmarks, wallpaper EVERYTHING back into place like you never known it was erased! The only thing you will need to do is to delete the old system directory in the root folder once its done called previous system or something. A little drag and drop in the bin and you have your space back.
  13. tiiim

    How will Intel affect Xserve

    I agree. But for some high performance community the PPC platform is their fav. however i think your right apple will follow suit or grab the next big thing intel throw out. Apple server prices and software are extrememly competive for what you get. Consider server software pricing of that Other Company and Apple's. Apple beat on pricing. The bonus is also that it is open source and built on UNIX. I think once Apple get an Xserve Intel version we may see their server market grow. Intel have been leading the server market for ages, why do you think AMD had finally caught up because its big money.
  14. tiiim

    Love it! Just some quick questions...

    well under Mac OS Tiger i just simply select the files press command-i and one info window opens up with the info. What version of OS X do you run?
  15. tiiim

    How will Intel affect Xserve

    It uses Intel's IOP 331 chip, a derivative of the XScale processor. So no its not a funky brand that you see on the TV but it is technically made by intel. Remember this is for Xserve Raid, the current Xserve is a G5 however.
  16. tiiim

    How will Intel affect Xserve

    Well the Xserve raid is technically already intel inside but that was way before the annoucement. When they will do xserve it self i have no idea. But we can guess that their will be an Intel Xserve of some sort. However their is some speculations that Apple may keep the Xserve with the G5 to keep the sciencetiffic community happy and maybe introduce another server with a Pentium chip in? Or stick with the G5 only? Their is a lot of speculation it looks at this time nobody quite knows. But with the heat of the science community i dont think the server will be the first to change, if Apple does decide to completely ditch the G5 server then they will need a chip to convience majority of its server customers...
  17. tiiim

    iMac G5 1.8 Crashing

    i think you better email Apple with that one! If its the same issue as the powermac then they will need a firmwear update for the imac as well! We better hope that the problem has not duplicated to another model. Apple did ditch the 1.8 on the powermac very quickly because of this very issue...
  18. tiiim

    Downloading QT movies online

    while their are many tricks to getting the movie i must also note quicktime pro is very well worth its money. People who complain about the pricing are not realising the value for money it is. You can use your trick for the time being but it wont take long for Apple to remove that trick :wink:
  19. tiiim

    MSN Messenger for Mac question

    think the next version of msn for mac is due next year. But as always we have no idea what they will do next since the gap between the windows version and the mac version is widening they need a lot of work (but dont expect a massive catch up). I heard somewhere webcam is in the works but who knows when that will show. Also MSN had to be recoded for universal binary and since MS bussiness unit did not use xcode some of their products have gone back into serious recoding.
  20. Im not a G5 user but Apple have released a new firmware update. Does this fix the issue that has been driving you single g5 users crazy? let us know. Link to story and to links: http://www.macosxrumors.com/articles/2005/...irmware-update/
  21. tiiim

    Keyboard problem..

    ring up apple care and get a new keyboard. We did on one of our macs and they sent out another keyboard no probs.
  22. tiiim

    About 85% satisfied but...

    as for hotmail yes it does download this: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo...fo/macosx/18189 is a plugin for mail to let it do ya hotmail for ya.
  23. not forgetting you can get open office for the mac that opens those docs for you. However this is not an native app so does not blend in nicely with the OS but still works (just looks a bit windows like). The good news tho is the OOo team are working on a OS X native version of their suit so give it a while and that may surface. If your a student you can get office:mac at a very nice discount price.
  24. tiiim

    Love it! Just some quick questions...

    1. There is a program that will have to by to do this. You can do them by hand: Here is a step-by-step guide for setting a folder icon: 1) Select a file or folder that has the icon you want to use. 2) Press Command-I to bring up the Inspector panel. 3) Click on the icon once. You should see a gray border around the icon. 4) Press Command-C to copy the icon. Do NOT close the inspector panel. 5) Select the file or folder that you want to customize. 6) Press Command-V to paste the icon. That's it! If you don't see the icon immediately update, you may need to log out and back into Mac OS X for the change to take effect. There are also certain icons in the OS that cannot be changed. But to change the lot at once try this program: http://www.iconfactory.com/ i used in the past it is is very good. + they have a huge library of icons! Think prog is called candybar. 2. i dont see the problem here. Select all the folders you want info on. Press command-i and you will get the size. If you want the size of day Documents. Click on home select the folder (highlighted) and press command-i and you will see the size. 3. yup. simply highlight your desired thing to be a shortcut. right click and choose "make alias" then drag that shotcut where you want it to be. 4. well the easy is edit->copy then edit->paste on the thing. or highlight the file/folder and do command-c then command-v or to copy it you just select the file hold down alt and and drag and let go and it will copy it for ya. any more questions give us a shout!
  25. tiiim

    Firewire is fast... so what?

    to tell you the truth i use usb 2.0 on my nano and i have no complaints with it whatsoever for it is really fast! I wonder how many people look at usb 2.0 and assume is slow before given it a shot. In speed wise firewire will have the edge but usb 2 was a long leap from usb 1.