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  1. just-crosby

    force quit issue

    My Mac Mini to be sent to Stuttgart here in Germany, for further inspection and testing lets hope they fix the probelm! :shock:
  2. just-crosby

    force quit issue

    :roll: No such luck here they don't have anything like a PC World in this part of germany all the computer shops are what I call "one man bands" all the shops are closed on Sundays thats one thing I miss about England ,Sunday shopping at Comet and PC World
  3. just-crosby

    force quit issue

    Have you contacted apple support? How old is your G5? Colin
  4. just-crosby

    force quit issue

    Matt Thanks for all your help. the information on RAM was very helpful, When I go to the service center on Monday I am going to ask the technician if he can change the RAM . Ps I'm a xpat I originally came from Grimsby. Hope you soon feel better. Colin
  5. just-crosby

    force quit issue

    Matt I found your reply very interesting. When I ordered my mac mini I took advantage of apple upgrading my RAM to 1GB. I assumed there would just the one slot for the RAM in the mac mimi and it would be a case of them installing the 1 GB RAM, I've never heard of a "Random Module" could you explain more about this. Your correct in that I use mail the most and its the very first program to become unstable, once mail goes down the rest follow suit. I phoned apple and explained all I had done to try and solve the problem, they have worked with me for 2 hours! I have been told I need to drive the 50 Km to the service center here in Germany. Apple has given me a case number to quote at the service center, Your correct, my mac mini has these problems at random without any real known cause, software issues have been ruled out. Lets hope I get good service from the German store and at the very least they replace my RAM. Colin
  6. just-crosby

    I took the plunge !

    my Switcher story. I've been using computers for a very long time, I go back to the days before windows 3.11, In the main I was happy to sail along with windows, that was until I bought my last expensive windows machine. From day one there where problems to cut a long story short ended up needing a new motherboard and card reader and still windows XP would crash hang, let alone all those crazy time consuming updates using the IE browser which we all know have issues. I got sick and tired of the constant updates hangs and crashes. formatting was the name of the game. Often I would peek at the apple site to see what all the fuss was about, I was slowly going over the Idea to buy a mac , however at the time the price was off putting. However I hard about the mac mini, my friend Victor had just switched over to the mac and he told me about his experiences working with the mac mini. With baited breath I took the plunge and ordered a 1GB mac mini from Ireland, it seemed like for ever before the Mac arrived at my home in Germany. Straight away I started my mac , At first I thought " here we go plug and pray" however I was soon to be proved wrong the install and setup went like a dream, the mac even "saw" my Wireless connection, within minutes I was a mac user Setting up my windows machine to work via my USB wireless adaptor was like a nightmare. The only down side was that my windows experience was getting in the way of using my mac I kept on trying to do things the" windows way!" In the end though I have learnt to do things the mac way. One of the main things I notice mac users bend over backwards to help each other something that was missing in the Windows world, I think people where too stressed out with their broken windows machines and didn't have the time to help others ! So... here i am... a mac switcher, ! By the way my Windows machine finally gave up the ghost and has been retired on ill heath grounds Colin
  7. just-crosby

    force quit issue

    I have a new mac mini ( 6 weeks old ) with all the updates. my problem is programs are not responding I get "Force Quit" instead of "Quit" During this event Mail fails to open emails, all running programs and newly started programs indicate "Force Quit" Sometimes Mail refuse to quit this stops my Mac from shutting down and I receive "Timed out error, log out" On rare occasions have to hold the power button to shut down the mac . Rebooting fixes these problems for a variable amount of time I have reformatted my computer 7 Passes full new install. full erase disk. During the Install only the keyboard and mouse was attached to the mac Permissions have been repaired. This problem is intermittent in nature, sometimes programs will respond for quite a while but eventually stop responding, BUT effects the mail program the most. Is the problem hardware related? Note: Reformatting doesn't solve the problem, resetting the PMU etc fails to solve the problem There are no 3 rd party programs running on my mac at the moment. I have a USB hub, Firewire Extern HD,and Griffin iMic connected to my Mac. I have a DSL modem connection via a Netgear Router. 1GB of RAM has been installed at the time of purchase Being new to the mac any help would be most welcome. Colin
  8. just-crosby

    Recorder on the Mac

    If I want to make a quick voice mail without starting up garage band I use Audio Recorder 2.2 http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/17392 Greetings just-crosby