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    mac mail

    I am having a problem using mac mail, it seems it is choosing to delete old mail after 5 months. I am a web hosting reseller so I have access to the email hosting account cpanel, this is not the setting on my webmail account. This is what is happening on my local computer. I have my email set up as IMAP. I have checked the application preferences and the system preferences. I can't find any settings for how long it should keep files. If i log into my web mail account i can see email i sent that is years old. I am confused does the mail application seems too basic with not enough settings and controls. Am i missing something? BTW I use to use Entourage, which i liked much better, but I had so much trouble syncing with my mobile phone, i switched to mac mail and address book so i could use mobile me syncing. I know have an android phone and have this working ok. But I miss the more advanced features of a full-featured email application which is integrated with calendar and address book. Please help
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    audible interface

    I too am a subscriber to audible.com. I have been using this service for about 2 years. I love having my podcasts and audiobooks on my ipod for my morning walks and when i travel [much more convenient than many books and magazines]. Anyway, having said that i really dislike the audible's site interface. I think the search and sort features are very week, which makes you spend 15-20 minutes clicking page by page to find what you are looking for. You can't do advanced searches with much success. and the display screen for the results is very poorly organized. They seriously need a usability audit. I recently heard in a podcast about NetflixFreak which is a 3rd party app for improving the interface in netflix. Has anyone heard of a similar 3rd party app for Audible?
  4. graphicmatter

    Quickbooks and emulators

    Shepherdboy - you could not have given me a better reply - thanks so much!
  5. graphicmatter

    Quickbooks and emulators

    I am a business owner, Graphics. I need to share my quickbooks files with several people on Windows [accountant, bookkeeper] so i don't want to use Quickbooks for Mac, been there done that - it stinks. Has anyone been running Quickbooks on any of the emulators successfully. I prefer to use Fusion or Parallels so i don't need to reboot, but i will do what it takes to be successful. This is for a business account so i don't want to take chances. Any advise?