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    I've used Fujitsu ScanSnaps for years, and they are rock-solid reliable. Never a service call, never a software problem, never a missed day of productivity after tens of thousands of scans. If my business were to burn to the ground, the first thing I would buy to restart work would be a Mac and the second would be a Fujitsu scanner. I've only used the Mac versions. The Fujitsu will ship with a full version of Adobe Acrobat, but my preference is to use PDFpen as the "scan into" app. It includes OCR. Since you are looking to scan entire novels, if I were you I would test both Acrobat and PDFpen and see which gives you the more accurate OCR. Good luck with your project.
  2. crossingwa

    Airport extreme speed problems

    Very interesting thread; thank you for the posts. What app should I use to do a "site survey?" I'm in a building with numerous other networks, and I would like to find out what channels are in use. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. crossingwa

    Stream Music Wirelessly from Mac?

    An Airport Express would be a good solution. I don't know why you experienced an internet slow-down in the past with Airport. For years I've used three different Airport Expresses of different vintages, along with an older Airport Base Station, that I have used individually and in combination as a WDS, and I've never had a problem getting the advertised ISP data rate for either cable modems or DSL. Maybe you had a defective unit?
  4. crossingwa

    Using Disk Utility to clone a drive

    Thanks, John, I appreciate it.
  5. My main backup strategy is to use two redundant Time Machine drives, a Raid 0 at my office and an ordinary hard drive at home. I run these every day. I also clone my hard drive about once a month, and I lock the cloned drive into a fire resistant safe when it's not being cloned. I used to use Retrospect for this purpose, but I recently tried Disk Utility and it seems to have worked fine. I know that SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner are very popular apps for this purpose, but I do not need the scheduling or other extra features. I just need a fresh clone every few weeks, and I don't mind letting Disk Utility run overnight to make the full cloned copy. Is there any reason not to use Disk Utility for this purpose? Are some clones better than others? Thanks for any input.
  6. crossingwa

    Old Mac stuff!

    Great thread! Thanks for starting it. The first Mac I used was the original 128KB machine when it came out. A friend in my dorm had one, but I could not afford one (not even close because they were big bucks back then). I eventually got a Mac Plus years later, which was the same form factor and a great computer. My all-time favorite, though, was my PowerBook 12 inch 1.5 GHz. Rock solid reliable. Fast. Portable in the extreme. I got compliments on that machine for the whole 3 years I used it. I replaced it with a MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz which is obviously a better performer, but it is not as much fun to use, and it's big at 15". As for vintage Macs, I still use my old 2001 Titanium PowerBook 15" 400 MHz every day. For my business I need an old program that only runs in Mac OS 9, and so that's the computer I use. I use the MacBook Pro 2.4 GHZ for everything else. That titanium laptop has been beaten to hell for nearly 10 years, and it still runs fine. The only thing that has been changed in it is the hard drive, and that was for a speed and capacity increase, not a hard drive failure. I also have an old PowerMac 9500 which still runs great. It has a G3 upgrade card in it and a better video card than it came with. I've got some other old Macs, too, but these are the highlights. Again, thanks for starting a great thread.
  7. crossingwa

    New Mac User.... Need Suggestions

    I think you've hit the nail on the head choosing a mid-level 15" MacBook Pro. This should suit you well both for law school and beginning the practice of law. As for software, I would buy iWork and Circus Ponies Notebook. Notebook is fantastic for note-taking, task organization, and more. With AppleCare on the computer, this will put you close to your $2,000 budget. IMHO, iWork is superior to Office. It is more stable, easier to use, and integrates seamlessly with the other data on your Mac. You can export documents to Word when you need to share them, although most documents in the practice of law are shared in PDF form. As to home theater, you can buy an Apple Remote and hook your MacBook Pro to your TV with a DVI-to-HDMI cable and an audio cable. This is what I do, but I will be buying an Apple TV when I get around to it. Biggest tip for law school: be friendly to all of your classmates and get to know all of your classmates. Ten years down the road after graduation, you will still be bonded to them by your shared experience, and it makes life much more fun to have some sort of relationship with your classmates because you will continue to run into them at random times. Best of luck in school. You may wish to check out the Macs in Law Offices group: http://groups.google.com/group/milogroup.
  8. crossingwa

    INternet Security Camera Solutions

    Geekbrief TV just reviewed the Avaak Vue Personal Video Network, and it looks good. I have not bought it yet, but I will unless something better comes along before the end of the year. Whatever you buy, please post a short follow-up about it if you have time. Good luck with your project.
  9. crossingwa

    Going past the Maximum RAM

    I had one of these 12" PowerBooks for 3+ years and loved it. Don't know the answer to your RAM question, but I had mine maxed out per Apple specs. It will run both Panther and Tiger like a champ. I'd go with Tiger if I were you. Same speed, better features.
  10. crossingwa

    Powerbook 17" - no sound, audio dead

    If Scott's suggestion does not solve the problem, try launching the Audio MIDI Setup utility and checking the settings there, even if you've never launched that utility before. Don't know why, but this solved a similar problem in my old 12" PowerBook G4 1.5.
  11. crossingwa

    New Audio Buzz from MBP

    Wow. Fascinating and very educational. I had no idea that one bad solder could affect another device so easily. Thank you.
  12. crossingwa

    can't get bast grey screen please help

    Things are indeed looking grim, but don't give up yet. Try resetting the SMC. Take a look at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1411. If that does not work, I'd remove the battery, let the computer sit overnight, then try restarting and resetting the SMC again (if necessary). The overnight thing may just be voodoo, but it's something I've heard. If that does not fix the problem, I'd take it in to a Genius Bar for an estimate. Please post your results if you have time. I have the same machine (but in 256 video and with AppleCare). FYI, I always buy AppleCare going back 12+ years with multiple Mac portables, but I've rarely had to use it. But the one logic board, one SuperDrive, and one case I've had repaired in that time probably would have exceeded the cost of all the AppleCares combined. Good luck.
  13. crossingwa

    can't get bast grey screen please help

    I'm assuming from your last post that you were able to get the laptop to accept the system DVD that came with the computer, that you then shut down the computer by holding down the power button, that you then restarted while holding down the option key, and that you were not able to choose a startup disk at that time. Is all of the above correct? If yes, I'd try restarting while holding down the C key. Not sure if that works on this machine, but you're trying to get it to boot from the DVD. Once you do that, you'll want to launch Disk Utility from the DVD and have it check out your internal hard drive. Do you have another computer handy? If so, try booting the MacBook Pro into target disk mode by holding down the T key at startup. It will display the firewire symbol on the screen. Then use a firewire cable to connect the MacBook Pro to your other computer, and see if you can access the hard drive on the MacBook Pro. Then use the First Aid panel in Disk Utility.
  14. crossingwa

    iMac G5 long in the tooth

    It sounds like something is awry. What OS are you running?
  15. crossingwa

    Printing Problems

    And can you compare the relevant printer driver on your computer to the driver on your wife's MacBook Air?